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Keiter, Jacob A.



SUBJECT: 100 Days Article DATE: 05/29/2021 03:08:20 PM Did you know you could probably erect a single family home from the ground up in under a hundred days? Or maybe you've considered a cross country bike tour from right here in Sun Country to San Diego, California in under a hundred days. Feeling creative? Try writing and publishing a best-selling thriller novel in under a hundred days. While you are out attempting to achieve one of these accomplishments, one thing's for sure. In under a hundred days I will be released from federal prison, and officially beginning the next chapter of my life. Why does it seem like life's just one giant countdown. We count down how many days are left until Christmas. We have a mental countdown and calculation of when our next payday will be. We even countdown each individual work day, carelessly staring at the clock from start to finish. I often fall into this trap of counting down literally every minor and major event in my life, but I am currently experiencing the most nerve racking yet exciting countdown of my life. But this is so much more than any other countdown, this is my opportunity to perfectly choreograph my future. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Since day one of my incarceration I've been strategically crafting and molding myself into the very best me that could possibly exist. Not only did I have to create a "me" to adapt and survive in this hectic atmosphere, but always keeping in mind that I do in fact have a release date, creating a me most suitable for the free world. For this reason I've kept a strong focus and motivation on whole person health. But these last 100 days are finally here, and it's really time to buckle down! I have never been the most fit, active or physically healthy person in the world. Quite honestly I love pizza and movies way too much. But lately, I've had a specific strong focus on my physical health though. Between limiting my sugar intake, intermediate fasting, and dedicating time each day to a ridiculous amount of burpees and pull-ups, my body's finally slowly going through a positive transformation I never dreamed I could achieve on my own. I have no desire for a six pack or any sort of bodybuilders physique, but I strongly desire the energy and strength to go home have some children and be able to keep up with them for the years to come. While I still have a little ways to go, this last hundred days is the exact amount of time I need to really tighten things up. Planning a future job or career has been a non stop constant worry of mine since the beginning. Luckily, lately I've been able to alleviate some of that stress with the help of my strong support system and their constant encouragement. While continuing to wrote for The Sun is a guarantee for my future, I have other dreams and aspirations pertaining to writing such as publishing novels, and possible some self-help books I have mapped out. I even have an article being featured in an upcoming issue of Referee magazine! On top of writing, I've been slowly taking the time to master the comfortability and skill of driving and operating a forklift. In the next 100 days I should have multiple books ready to publish , as well as be able to ace any forklift course thrown my way. Holding on to the ones I love and letting go of the ones who damage me is a major priority as well. While I haven't officially written off any harmful relationships that have damaged my life, I have a pretty lengthy mental list of who I shouldn't and will not associate myself with. While I have been reaching out to old friends, employers, and any one else who I feel may be a positive support team for me upon my release. And of course my wife, my queen, holds the top spot as my support system so I continue to work on our relationship as I get closer to the door. It's sad to say, but even going through this we have a more powerful relationship than most couples we know. And in a hundred days the world will witness our true love once again! My spiritual health is by far the most important to me. While my physical, mental, and emotional health are all key to a sane life, I don't think I'd be anywhere without 'my dedication to my spiritual awakening. Welcoming God into my life was the single greatest thing I've done since I began this incarceration. As I remain humble and steadfast in my daily prayer and weekly fasting, I know everything will be answered to His will. Without faith in a positive future, I have nothing. I just need to keep the faith of the seed of a mustard. After discussing with several inmates who have experienced this countdown in the past, these next 100 days are going to be by far the longest, and toughest to get through. While I staying counting down the months, weeks, and days until I depart, I will continue to evolve into the best husband, son, brother, friend, and most importantly me that I can possibly be. In less than a hundred days I will be a free man, ready to take on the world!

Author: Keiter, Jacob A.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: May 29, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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