Don’t laugh, I’m human

Day, Reno



Don't Laugh, I'm Human I'm a regular guy who gets into trouble from time to time. I'm not anyone special. During this pandemic, people in charge change. They forget that inmates are human beings. This COVID-19 has everyone all messed up in the head. People are dying and it's no time to forget your job or treat people badly. It just ain't right! In August, they told a bunch of us we got COVID. I was scared. Other guys, too. So, they tell us to pack stuff and tell us we got a "little" walk. Halfway to the quarantine area, a couple of cops see us getting tired. They laughed and said, "If you're gonna fall out, let us know!" My head was all messed up because I might die, and I didn't get a chance to call my dad. To let him know where I'd be for two weeks. I didn't get email, or get to call. That ain't right, either! So, we're locked up and told nothing. No paper or envelopes to write my dad to let him know I'm sick. Once a week, they let us out for a 10-minute shower. The nurses do okay and are nice, but the cops are scared to be around us. I sent a message form (kite) out, they didn't pick it up for six days. One day, I had to wait until the next day for toilet paper! People change. I'm not so good a writer, my buddy here told me to write my story. My point in writing is if your job is to take care of people, take care of them! Don't leave them hanging and not let them know what's going on. Let the prisoners call their people. It might be the last time they get to talk to them. And if you're not sick, don't make fun of the people that are. Just don't laugh at me, I'm human, too! Thank you all, hope this is okay. Reno Day

Author: Day, Reno

Author Location: Washington

Date: December 15, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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