2nd chance program

Brownell, Charles A.



2nd Chance Program P1 RD2 I'm currently incarcerated in Arkansas Prison System the Arkansas Division of Corrections formerly the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) as a "slave" to the State of Arkansas of whom is "proud" to create new criminals from everyday normal People for slavery purposes. "Come to Arkansas for vacation, leave Arkansas on parole." Arkansas doesn't want to rehabilitate and reform their slaves of which are supposed to be incarcerated People, not slaves or property. Nope! Instead, Arkansas loves, if not to the point of getting their jollies off, to "punish," "torture," and "abuse" their slaves and refuse to protect the incarcerated People and/or the People's personal property. Arkansas enjoys dishing out "retaliation," "punishment," and "retribution" to their slaves and say "If you don't like it, don't come to prison!" Don't ever go to an Officer or ADC staff member about any abuse or torture by Staff of ADC Slave because the staff on all levels will get the word around to all People who told what (snitched). Several "snitches" have been murdered by both Officers and Inmates and many ADC murders are made to appear as "suicide." Arkansas prisons offer very few meaningful classes or programs that truly benefit the Inmates. All the ADC-owned and managed programs are worthless, pointless, and do nothing for the benefit, rehabilitation, reform, or behavioral correction of the people because these People have low recidivism and that's not what Arkansas wants. Arkansas wants "criminals" so much so they enjoy creating them not helping to correct or fix them. Two Colleges, a GED program, and Riverside VoTech, all externally owned and managed programs are the best and most meaningful programs. But P2 there are few 2nd Chance Programs... so very few and the majority of them cater to Federal Prisons and not state. I offer a Proposal for a 2nd Chance Program that I fully plan to work hard at and on upon mine own release, thus I would like to offer you an opportunity to know some of my background before my proposal. if you aren't interested please feel free to ignore the next two chapters. I'm the owner of Brownell's I.T. Solutions and Brownell's Tech Tips and other organizations. I've worked in Online Sales and Inventory for Cheapo's Pawn, Floor and Store Maintenance for Walmart, Warehouse Loading 1 shipping for Walmart, Retail Cashier and Stocker for Walmart, Game Floor Cashier for Cherokee Nation Enterprises at the Cherokee Casino, Apolsterer for La-Z-Boy, Line Supervisor / Line Technician and Laboratory Technician in the metalurgical Lab of American Castings, Auto Mechanic at Brownell's Garage, Tech Support and Customer Service at Rocket Gaming Systems LLC, CNC Machine Operator at Gates Rubber Company through 1st Employment, Wood Router Operator/Trainer and Sew Operator at Leisure Tire Products through Staff Mark, Tech Support for VoIP Installations at CompuCom, Team Lead / Project Lead and Technical Documentation Writer / Planner in I.T. Server Support / Tech Support at HP through Randstad, Lead Facility Tech / Night Manager / Systems Administrator at HP Inc. through Randstad, Systems Engineer III at Walmart through Hewitt Packard Enterprise, and I.T. Security Analyst III / SEIM Engineer for Walmart. I've been doing side computer systems support / repair from age 11 to incarceration. Please 2nd Chance Program P3 RD2 do feel free to verify all above information if so desired. Like so many People, I do have mental health disorders being Aspergers, Bipolar Type I, Psychosis, PTSD, General Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, and Staring Seizures which do not define me but have been special challenges of their own. Like so many other People, I've made and am paying for a very stupid one brought on because of love and passion. In Prison, I've been appalled by what I've seen and experienced. The racism towards me from State Officials and Prisoners just because I'm a white-skinned Native American of the Cherokee Nation Tribe of Indians out of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Even my own tribe is like "You're in Prison, pfft... forget you!" because why not kick a person whilst they're down on hard times. It's the "American way" right?!? (See the other essays I've wrote to really get a grasp of things.) Now that you know(ish) a bit of the background, the 2nd Chance Program... I plan to start and work on a Prisoner, or more politically correct term Incarcerated Person, program. I also work to get other Businesses and Organizations to get involved. Through an initiative called #AllOfUs. I dream of seeing read "free world" job or career opportunities to be offered to incarcerated People. To see Businesses and Organizations of the Nation willing to and happy to train these Incarcerated Persons and to give them real applied career skills and life skills allowing them purpose, reason, and connections to the world and society. All of this done through real and meaningful jobs and careers that all started while this Person was incarcerated and follows them through release, through re-entry, and hopefully through a much easier transition into society. Incarcerated People P4 are real world talented People and are Valuable individual resources to society fully capable of great things in real jobs making real money supporting their families on the outside, contributing to society on the outside, and not being a drain supporting themselves on the inside while incarcerated. They, these amazing People, would take on real responsibility learning new trade skills and work with a life coach and/or mentor to learn and have accountability, self-disciplinary, and behavioral skills to succeed in the free world upon release. These incarcerated persons deserve opportunity to contribute and do something with their life and time no matter if they have a short or life sentence. Discrimination based on Race, Gender, Charges, age, or anything should not be allowed, only on behavior and attitude which affects performance and possible disciplinary issues. I want to see this dream a reality. This 2nd Chance Program would give everyone the chance to participate in something exciting and bigger than themselves. It would give the Incarcerated the opportunity to work in the free world making a real difference while earning a real income and not being forced into slavery by the Prison and State like Arkansas and other States Unconstitutionally and Illegally do. Today, Prison is nothing but "white slavery." Why not give the Incarcerated People the opportunity to give back to Society, to Community, to support themselves and their family, to have funds to live on and survive on upon release, and best of all, to already have a career of positive work history with a correction to the rest of the world in a creative and positive way. This gives the Person of great value the chance and ability to contribute to society, humanity, 2nd Chance Program P5 RD2 and their own rehabilitation and reform. Each Business retains normal right now to terminate employment or to educate and promote position at any time for any reason. Incarcerated person must be able to pass regular random drug tests and maintain class in prison staying disciplinary free while working for businesses and organizations in this program as this enforces responsibility for choices and actions. Incarcerated Persons must also be punctual as anyone else in the free world would with understanding of excused absence. To Start, the Person should have their class and have been disciplinary free for at least 90 days. Businesses and Prison Administration must maintain contact as to the activities and progress of each Incarcerated Person/Employee. Most work can be and should be done from inside the Prison Walls whilst successfully maintaining Security and Safety for all. Only "work release" should be allowed off grounds and is its own already existing program that has extreme restrictions and discrimination. Again, in this 2nd Chance Program, Gender, Religious Belief, and/or Charge Discrimination should not place nor be tolerated. as all should be allowed equal opportunity. Help them help themselves to gratefulness by helping others through their own contributions to society and the world as well as themselves and their own futures.

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: May 13, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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