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Brownell, Charles A.



Unfortunately and Thankfully with todays social media, news travels fast be it accurate news or fake news. The actual News Media is also quicker to run stories and post current or "Breaking News" especially of bad or tragic events. Mass shootings or sexual allegations have become of the "top" or "front page" news stories which supports the agenda. Sexual allegations, especially of "big" names and the frequency of reports of them be it sexual assault or rape have increased dramatically since 2016 dubbed the year of sex allegations and the #MeToo movement despite the fact that the actual frequency of sexual assault crimes and rape have been declining for several years. 2016 was followed closely by 2017 dubbed the year the United States people became offended by everything especially the Confederate Army and U.S. History about the Civil War. So we saw mass growth of people rallying to destroy historical monuments and make the Confederate flag illegal which is absurd but there was also big growth of the #MeToo movement. Many females, males, and males perceived as or like females started boiling out many claims and accusations against a lot of people especially many people of both money and influence and yet 98% of all allegations were against men... The sad part is that the U.S. Government, the media, and OTHER organizations put forth a LOT of measures to block as much of the stories of actual false allegations. "They" have also worked very hard to stop stories of heterosexual, everyday males that come forward with very real sexual assault allegations and rape allegations against females and gay males especially those of "money and influence." "They" halted and blocked the stories of the females that were actual active participants and/or flat out lied to destroy a person socially or financially and a few gay males did this too. As is not surprising for many movements and activist activities, there are "special" unspoken stipulations for what qualifies and there is a double standard so this movement should have been #MeToo... Just Not For You or #MeToo... If I Got Money Too... It's scary the people that honestly think that people, the government, and organizations won't or don't lie. Think again as people, government, and organizations have been justifying the torturous mistreatment of, the murder of, and the extraneous holding or detention of people convicted of sex crimes all because of lies from organizations and the government that offenders are 80% likely to reoffend because of false information that they are "monsters." Sexual abuse of any kind has no excuse, no valid reason, and is a horrifically terrible atrocity and because of the views society is unfortunately used to "justify" victimizing other people through other "official" forms of abuse and trauma such as beatings, RAPE, murder, confinement in barbaric and archaic conditions, binding, chemical torture, threats, mental abuse, emotional abuse, separation, and slavery... and this is done to those people under lies to the public from the government and OTHER organization that they are supposed to be "Dangerous Predators." This truth turns the #MeToo movement into #MeToo...Let's Kill You and the "sexual allegations," be them true or false, turn into a massive "witch hunt" using the government court trial or judicial system in exactly the same mannerism and method to the Salem Witchcraft Trials of Salem, Massachusetts in which "many" people were "convicted" on "allegations" of witchcraft and/or being in league with the Devil... The people convicted were tortured, raped, and all were murdered. Turns out all allegations were false of which greater than 80% of the accusations were from females for the purpose of humiliation, social destruction, erasing of the person by means of death by accusations and allegations with false testimony and NO evidence or need of evidence for conviction. The scary truth is that today the government has artificial evidence by means of very inaccurate devices known to be greatly inaccurate such as the Poly Graph, Stress Analyzer, and Voice Stress Analysis... These devices are so inaccurate that they are NOT admissible in court EXCEPT in sexual allegation cases and ONLY against sex offenders but it will not be used if it proves their innocence. There are quite a few studies on allegations and on bullying as well as the tendency of people to lie. The results of those were disturbing to say the least. People lie roughly 70% of the time and if they feel they may be in trouble or could get out of trouble will lie greater than 80% of the time. A person that is aggravated or mad at another person may lie 90% plus of the time if they feel they may be able to get back at a person. People tell small lies the most and when hurt by another person NEVER lie that a person has hurt or wronged them but are 85% plus likely to lie to make the wrong seem or sound worse than it really was... Yet at the same time, there are people tell the absolute truth and only lie less than 5% of the time and they are so rarely believed. This is very common with people that have certain mental conditions of which Aspergers (Autism) and any issue that effects the creative side of the brain that lessens their activity will compulsively tell the truth. False allegations of abuse are a "common" issue of females whom are social bullies. Per hundreds of years of studies, as the podcast Brain Stuff puts it in their episode, "Do Boys and Girls Bully Differently," it was well stated through evidence YES! Girls and boys bully and do so very differently as males simply tend to be more physically aggressive while females are mental, emotional, and social bullies... Some males may be mentally, emotionally, and social abusive and some females may be physically abusive... but that some is only about 10 to 15% crossover. Teens are social NIGHTMARES whom try to socially DESTROY other peoples and Females are very much more manipulative knowing how to get EXACTLY what they want and how to cause the most DAMAGE especially socially if they do not get what they want. Female bullying is much more damaging than the usual male physical bullying. In sexual assault stories, RAD Parenting podcast states from various sources of information including RAINN.org, that 2% to 5% of sexual assault claims are false and 75% of sexual assault victims are 50% at fault for the assault that took place and only 25% of all sexual assault cases were actually unprovoked. By all means please do the research yourself. Podcast Brain Stuff episode "Do Boys and Girls Bully Differently" podcast RAD Parenting episode "Sex Ed," RAINN.org, CARE.com, and Google.com - search engine... A person simply accused of any sex crime is treated worse than a serial killer that has zero regard for human life. Total treatment as a "monster" is what a "sex offender" has to look forward to and the sad truth is that per our current LAWS everyone is a sex offender... you just haven't had charges put against you through allegations yet. For a small fee to a family and/or a child female along with the free assistance of The Child Advocacy Centers, a person can pay a girl and her parents or just the girl to make an allegation and the state along with the Child Advocacy Center will do the rest in court to destroy you and your life be you male or female but it will be much worse if you're an adult male. We as human beings, as people, and as society, should NEVER be so DARK or EVIL as to overshadow or make light of the very true tragedy and treachery of the sexual abuse of any person, any gender, any sexual orientation, any age, with our own sick and/or corrupt desires of money nor to get out of our own trouble, or to destroy another person. Sadly victims are revictimized all the time by the legal system and other organization all to obtain money and sickly to victimize the alleged assailant under false pretense of "criminal justice." RAINN.org is an organization that has done oodles of studies and statistics gathering on sex crimes and the results are disturbingly scary and tragic... 1 in 5 of our children in the U.S., regardless of gender, will be sexually abused. The likelihood of such atrocious and heinous act lessens as people age but the statistics differ for each gender. Sexual abuse is an epidemic of large proportions and ANY time a CLAIM or allegation is made, we must take it very serious and actually perform a full investigation. At the same time we also need a good education program for prevention to reduce the likelihood of our children and adult people placing themselves in a vulnerable "dangerous" or "risky" situation. My heart so truly goes out to everyone that has ever been the victim of sexual abuse as I was a victim too multiple times over. My prayers go out for you that you may get your life in order and move forward with good support and therapy that you have a happy and wonderful life. For all of you that have never been sexually abused, my prayers go out for you too that you NEVER will be a victim. Those that want help, sexhelp.com and traumahealing.com In an article published in the New York Times in 2017, research was done that proved the United States Government has used falsified information and documentation to very harshly and egregious punish those accused of and convicted of sex crime allegations of torturous imprisonment for long terms of endearment and/or permanent committal to imprisonment because of false allegations of information that 80% of all sex offenders WILL commit another sex crime or sexual violation against a female or child. It's also a scary but common MYTH that only men commit sexual offenses to the point that per older laws in their wording only a male can commit RAPE. The research done shows that sexual offenses are about 60% male to about 40% female per what is reported and the real evidence has shown that the "actual" rate for sex offenders of committing another sex crime is 3.5% and of those that do are usually KNOWN sexual predators... Sex offenders have THE LOWEST same crime recidivism rate indicating that majority only ever commit a single offense in a mistake and NEVER get in trouble for a sex offense ever again. But that very false data is still used to "justify" giving the accused a very excessive prison sentence, subject them to a very unconstitutional registration blasting personal identifying information publicly for angry vigilantes to attack them or identity theft to happen, unconstitutional tracking requirements, and placement in facilities where it is KNOWN the offender is in danger of attack and possibly murder for their alleged crimes irregardless if they are innocent or guilty. A sex offender's entire life is ruined, tracked, monitored, and they are treated worse than even a serial killer or murderer with complete disregard for the value of a life that was senselessly released so they could kill again. Many accused of a sex allegation will be attacked and murdered in prison because of discrimination for their charges. This discrimination will follow them into the free world if they live and jobs will be nearly impossible because law allows this form of discrimination and deem it "justified"... Sadly the offender must also worry about the killers that come after them because our government will deem their murder "justified" because of previous charges and the government GIVES them the addresses and information to find them. With the way these charges are being passed to many like flyers or tabloids YOU may want to be concerned so you know the dangers your son or daughter faces when they get their sex charges or when you get yours. It is never OK or funny when it happens to or effects you. It speaks unspoken volumes when a vast study indicates that roughly 98% of this countries sex offenders were sexual abuse victims in their youth. I've done studies and interviews with sex offenders myself in both prison and county jail and have also gotten to interview a few female sex offenders and have found the exact same results. This research was done for a rough draft of a book I've been working on "Anatomy of a Sex Offender..." (Hope to have published in 2025). Coincidentally 98% is the exact same percentage for offenders with mental disorders... This is supporting evidence that there is a serious lack in care of and diagnosis of mental health issues as well as the very sad truth that abuse victims if not helped so often become the offenders. "Hurt people, hurt people." The remaining 2% have serious mental defects and may or may not have been victims themselves as well. Another sad fact is so many sex offenders both male and female are also or actually are "sex addicts" that acted out in a bad way. Current studies today show how a ton more facts are coming forward of a twosidedness double standard exists and how false accusations of all crime types exist at or approximately around the same rate. Here is a very real classic example of this "double standard" that happens all the time in today's society. A woman in her mid 30's has sex with a 14 year old teenaged adolescent male. This sexual contact is consensual yet because this male is classified as a "child," this woman is automatically guilty of the "act" of RAPE of a minor child. But if and when people find out, the woman is revered as a Goddess and the 14 year old male as a "HERO"... 99% of the time, nothing will come of this consensual sexual contact. You take this EXACT same scenario and make the adult a male and the teen a female or male and suddenly the adult male is a "predatory monster." It is so sad that this really is an EVERY DAY and is most commonly between a step-parent/step-child relationship. Most interesting is the fact that a sexual affair or relationship is ONLY possible if the step-parent and step-child actually care about and love each other. The second most common is a teacher/child relationship. There are a lot of false allegations especially with teens who are in trouble or get into trouble and use the accusation as a means to get attention and to get out of trouble. It is proven fact that adolescence 12 years of age to 14 is the usual normal age range for our youth to begin experimenting sexually and being fully sexually active with a partner by 16. All adult parents must be vigilant with their teenaged kids. It is a very scary sad and dangerous fact that there ARE sexual predators and sexually violent predators that actively hunt and prey on kids, teens, adults, geriatrics, males, females, anyone to abuse and use for their own sick self gratification. These people are very sick and very dangerous with no self control and are PREDATORS in every meaning of the term. These predators are true criminals and are very REAL monsters and threats to society! All of our children and adults should be taught and made very aware that these people do exist and the fact that a predator may appear very normal, friendly, and likable and can be either male or female... most important is how to identify a "PREDATOR" and how to protect themselves and avoid being in a vulnerable state. We must have them ready to fight for their lives by all means necessary. (Per the Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, Predator - n - 1: one that preys, destroys, or devours. Predatory - adj - 1a: of, relating to, or practicing plunder, pillage, or rapine b: disposed or showing a disposition to injure or exploit others for ones own gain.) Current studies of great psychologists today have discovered a big connection in sexual addiction and sex offenders as well as the fact that often their alleged "victims" were not the "helpless" victims they were made out to be but were often instigators and/or active participants. They have proven that a mass majority of sexual assault cases were COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE and that a person that commits a sexually deviant act is actually a very normal everyday person no more dangerous than any other person and through therapy, group support efforts, addiction therapy, and if necessary the right medication, the person and others may understand themselves better and be very normal everyday people functioning in society. If one has ever took the time to look up fetishes and normal sexual desires one would learn EVERYONE is sexually deviant. By current laws today, especially of the state of Arkansas in which two people having sexual contact of any kind commit rape and/or sexual assault in the 1st degree as this is more true if the pair engages in intercourse. All one must do is make an allegation. Now to further expand on this fact is that ANY contact with the butt, crotch, chest, inner thighs of any person that can in any way be misconstrued or viewed as sexually gratifying IS sexual assault in the 1st degree. This means ALL PARENTS that holds their child just like everyone else does with their arms across their child's legs under their butt where the child is semi sitting upon their arm is guilty of sexual assault in the 1st degree... All someone has to do is make an allegation and you will get prison time. Any "unwanted" contact that can be misconstrued as sexual, even if you are married and your partner/spouse says "no" or was NOT in the mood is sexual assault in the 1st degree and ALL penetration with a person who is asleep or unconscious or that said "NO" or was not in the mood is non-consensual and IS RAPE! Remember that all penetration or intercourse is rape if an allegation is made and people need to better learn the language of consent. Sex offenders are NOT born but "made" by the system and OTHERS and because of lies, more and more are made all the time. We must STOP making victims of ALL people of all abuse types and be ALL inclusive with the #MeToo movement. Most of all we must end all forms of sexual victimization and end all offender victimization because of a very real 3.5% "chance" a person "might" reoffend! Do your own research because the numbers, the laws, the research is all there. Listen to victim and offender stories pay attention to the very commonality of majority of their testimonies. Listen to the podcast "Thriving After Addiction" and "The Mental Illness Happy Hour"... Research how often affairs happen between step-parents and step-children. Do very informed research on all aspects of it. Look up organizations like NARSOL and CURE-SORT. Most important is to know how to teach others, especially our youth, to protect themselves and how to direct victims and offenders to real and effective help and not systems whom look to exploit them. To know ANY sexual abuse IS NEVER OK or EXCUSABLE and to STOP VICTIMIZING the victims and offenders that must deal with enough challenges of their own because of tragic traumatizing events that both sides must live with. 3.5% is the LOWEST rate of recidivism of all crimes and yet sex offenders are punished worse by forced torture, suffering, and regret from that point forward, especially if they survive prison and live. (At our current rate of sex crime allegation and conviction, by 2050 half the country will be sex offenders with nearly 3/4 of our country having felony charges and what's worse is today our rate of incarceration is greatly increasing while the actual rate of crime is going down or remaining unchanged!) Charles Brownell Tucker, AR 72168-0240 March 21st, 2019 A.P.W.A. c/o Hamilton College 198 College Hill Rd. Clinton, NY 13323 Dear A.P.W.A. Editor Team: I hope I've not driven all of you nuts but I have yet another piece for you. This one titled 3.5% which is the actual recidivism rate of sex offenders. This piece is all about that 3.5%, victimization, REAL information. REAL research, and help information for BOTH sides. Sex offenders are the most discriminated against incarcerated persons all arounds and many are murdered because of their charges...and they have the LOWEST recidivism rate of all crimes and criminals. I've already filled our your questionnaire/permissions sheet and am author of many works sent to you with the first two being "Life In Hell" and "K2; Chasing Death." Thank you all so very much. Sincerely, Charles Brownell

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: April 3, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 13 pages

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