$3 million a month in taxes prison won’t release “low threat” seniors it can’t protect from CV-19 virus

Azreal, David



Date: 4-12-2020 *You have full permission to use this* $3 Million a Month in taxes Prison Won't release "Low Threat" Seniors it can't Protect from CV-19 Virus By: [redacted] aka David Azreal Warden J. Fikes recently gave rejection notices to senior prisoners who had filed for compassionate release on the grounds that the prison could not possibly keep them safe from CV-19 virus. The prison, Sandstone F.C.I., is considered a "low" and cost tax payers $3 million every month to house mostly middle age "unlikely to re-offend" prisoners. The overcrowded prison houses 162 inmates per unit in just 30x90 ft of space, where inmates must share sinks and showers and are forced to double bunk in 6x9 ft cubes. The living conditions are abysmal, with open cubes and inmates not required to wear masks while in their cube, meaning the entire population is vulnerable to disease quickly. Hand sanitizer and masks are not purchasable to inmates, and sickness and disease are rampant in the units. Nurses will just tell inmates to "sleep it off." As looming posed by the CV-19 pandemic increases, inmate families have growing anxiety about the threat. Especially for those with pre-existing conditions or those not in the best health due to drug or alcohol abuse. Sandstone has "no adequate plan for confronting coronavirus." If the prison was infected, inmates would not be able to "social distance". It would be an explosive infection of the transmission of the disease, risking vulnerable populations lives. What is most disturbing though is that the decision not to send seniors home is based on a "human dollar sign" and not a concern for the safety of the community. F.C.I. Sandstone receives $107.00 per inmate a day in tax payer money. The census of the Sandstone population is from 1100-1200 inmates average. That means every ten days Sandstone Prison makes $1 million dollars and makes over $3 million a month, from tax payer wallets. But humans are not a dollar sign, and filling beds by a prison enterprise is not more important then human life. This is a whistleblower report exposing what the prison has become, an enterprise, not concerned with rehabilitation but human profit. -David Azreal

Author: Azreal, David

Author Location: Minnesota

Date: April 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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