4 year old nephew travels across the state to visit, but is denied by prison staff

Bell, Shane



4 year old nephew travels across the state to visit, but is denied by prison staff About a month or so ago I made arrangements with my family about when they would visit me. I was excited to meet my 4-year old nephew named Carter for the first time ever, as well as my 6 year old nephew Keegan. I needed to get my 4-year old nephew Carter on my visit list so my parents, who were traveling across the state of South Dakota to visit me with him could get in to see me. I contacted the Unit Coordinator named Angela Steineke to find out what to do as I was told that the prison made new changes to visits lately. I was told by Unit Coordinator Angela Steineke that new requirements to get people on my visit list required a copy of a birth certificate for anyone under the age of 18 years old. I had my mother send my the copy of Carters birth certificate and handed it into the unit coordinator with the visitor information form. About a week later and a few days before my visit, I was called to Unit Coordinator Angela Steineke office. I was told by her that my 4-year old nephew cannot come visit me because only the biological parent or legal guardian can bring him into the visit room. I was told this was "per prison policy" which I found out was a lie. The Unit Coordinator and I have never gotten along and she really hates me because I have done prison grievances on her in the past. i thought this last requirement was just retaliation because I have had my parents bring in my other nephew who is 6 years old and they were allowed to visit even though my parents aren't his biological parents or guardian with no problems. I went and did some research, looking up the prison visitation policy 1-5-D-1. On page 3, Section 2A, eligible visitors; it states "Minor children (under the age of 18), must be directly supervised for the duration of the visit by a responsible accompanying adult on the inmate's visit list." There is nothing about a requirement that it must be the biological parent or legal guardian. The Unit Coordinator Angela Steineke lied to me and prevented my visit with my 4-year old nephew out of retaliation and spite. I even told the Unit Coordinator the policy section and page where it state that my parents, who are on my visit list can bring in my 4 year old nephew. She simply was rude to me as usual and again stated it was prison policy. A few days later my parents and my 2 nephews showed up all day across the state of South Dakota to see me at the prison. They showed up at the South Dakota State Penitentiary, Jameson Annex only to be told that my 4 year old nephew Carter can't visit me. My step-dad and Carter stayed outside while my mother and my 6-year old nephew came in to visit me. As you can probably guess, I was pissed off that my 4-year nephew was denied to visit me. I had a good visit with my mother and 6 year old nephew Keegan, but the denial by the Unit Coordinator because of her retaliation was in the back of my mind the whole time. I ended up filing an informal resolution on the Unit Coordinator Angela Steineke for lying to me about prison policy and denying my 4-year old innocent nephew Carter. She did this purely out of spite, retaliation that shows how vindictive she is. I got the informal resolution response (grievance) back today and it states "Your parents can bring in Carter Krameck." No apology or explanation as to what she knowingly did. The damage is already done. I get few visits and when my family spend the time and money to travel across the state to visit me, denying their visits out of retaliation is wrong. This kinda things seems to happen more often, I wonder what will be the excuse next time to deny my visit. Retaliation rampant here.

Author: Bell, Shane

Author Location: South Dakota

Date: August 25, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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