4A4L – unsensored

Pennix, Ladaro J., II



Ladaro Pennix CA written 4-21-14 Positive Greetings A.P.W.A.,... This essay will be called "4A4L-unsensored," where I will unlock a reality into the abrusive abhorrent crimes against the captive soul's within "4A4L," by wicked correctional officers who's abuse is as noteworthy as Corcoran's gladiator fights in the '90's and early and mid-2000's... So without further ado allow me to introduce you to 4A4L's insideous world of corrupted officials unsensored. "4A4L-Unsensored" 3391. Employee Conduct. (a) "Employees shall be alert, courteous, and professional in their dealings with inmates, parolees, fellow employees, visitors and members of the public. Inmates and parolees shall be addressed by their proper names, and never by derogatory or slang reference. Prison numbers shall be used only with names to summon inmates via public address system. Employees shall not use indecent, abusive, profane, or otherwise improper language while on duty. Irresponsible or unethical conduct or conduct reflecting discredit on themselves or the department, either on or off duty, shall be avoided by all employees." Quoted from California code of Regulations Title 15. Crime prevention and corrections: 3391. Employee Conduct Professionalism in (4A4L) of Corcoran SHU is an abstract thought; meaningless, nonexistent as an empty threat dissociated from the validity of truth that brings substance to the merit of such a threat. It is said that the correctional officers set the tone in each building backed by their "sergeant" who gives them the authority to regulate the condition that effects the attitude of each buildings milieu. Such authority when abused creates a cruel and unusual environment where the lunacy of the correctional officers shenanigans becomes a hazardous threat to the physical safety and security of all captive souls confined within the topsy-turvy swells of unsolicited abuse. The one who officiates this abuse "Sergeant Perez," leads the charge through strategic bully tactics and intimidation and threats of safety of self and that of the captive soul's family as a means to terrorize, dispirit and break the will of the captive soul's to subdue any tolerance that gives grit to the enduring fortitude of internal resilience. The building of (4A4L) resides predominantly SNY-SHU (Security Housing Unit) inmates... The G.P. (General Population) - active SHU-prisoners who are sent to this building are usually sent here to exclude [us] from where we belong as well as retaliate against us when we file 602's on the abuse that the officials force upon us. They not only keep us around "Debriefers," but also use the mentally ill SNY's to throw feces at the G.P.-SHU prisoners for sack lunches, T.V. appliances, and other trivial amenities that appeases the comfort of the SNY-SHU inmate. It is a common routine that our mail ends up in a SNY's cell and officials encouraging those mentally ill SNY-SHU inmates to write our families and/or get out and do harm to them. The floor officers in (4A4L) create a hostile environment by not feeding us, daily searches that ends up with them throwing away legal and personal property, or giving us 115's for altered sheets/clothes when such altered linen was issued out to us. Skipping us for yard (the one time of the day we get to step out of the torture tomb of the cell and experience nature). Not supplying us with the basic human necessities such as mattresses, toothbrush, spoon, clothes, cup and etc., until they feel we should have them. Even from the use of (excessive force) spraying us with pepper spray for reason's like fishing or complaining about the injustice being done to us. They do not follow protocol, so using us as punching bags while we are in handcuffs has recently become the issue that caused most of the G.P.-SHU prisoners to cell extract on March 27th, 2014. Afterwards those who participated in the extraction were finally able to obtain mattresses, clothes, etc., but all their personal property got confiscated. Fortunately the captive soul's who cell extracted documented the reasons as to why they did what they did, and right now those that got beat up are filing a 602 complaint. It is imperative that we no longer sit on the vocal cords of our voice and go unheard. When injustice takes place that is when we should document, speak out, and give voice to the sounds of our abuse so that those who abuse us get recognized for the cruel and unusual punishment they inflict upon us. Do not allow these officials to cower under the cloak of their bully tactics designed to making you keep your mouth shut, intimidate you, make you seem like an irrational impulsive adolescent or make you appear crazy. You are none of the above and you are actually smarter and more equipped to battle the injustice than you realize. For over a month, the staff/correctional officers have been putting medication in my food regularly. On Wednesday April 16th, 2014 the evening shift 3rd watch officer's laced my food with Ibruprofin. That is a medication I am allergic to. My celly attempted to call man down along with the other (3) cell's of G.P.-SHU-prisoners, but the control officer refused to come to the window. I layed on the floor after drinking copious amount of water calming my mind and my body through meditation for over an hour. Once I was "still," I over came the allergic attack. When the LVN passed that evening I called out to her and both the correctional officer and the LVN appeared shocked that I was alive. I told her I believed I had been given medication in my food that I am allergic to; she said she would be back after her rounds but never came back. Prior to that on March 6, 2014, I noticed sensitivity and soarness in the nipple region of my chest. Soon after when I would receive my magazines the correctional officers would draw in marker (which we are not allowed to have) nipples on pictures with the words (I tingle) and (sensation) and hormones. I filed a complaint on this issue but around here your (22 forms) and 602's get thrown away on a regular basis. This is how the correctional officers like c/o Hernandez, c/o Buckner, c/o Bautista, c/o Jurado, c/o Galindo, c/o Portillo, Sgt. Perez protect each other from the scrutiny of their abuse, corruption, and various acts of sadistic and malicious cruel and unusual punishments. I have "declarations" from each cell that called out man down for me that day. This has been an ongoing problem in which I have filed both 22 Forms and 602's, all gone unheard. I have also put in medical request bringing the issue to the doctor - (Dr. Gill), who seems to attempt to challenge one's sanity as a means to protect and protest the allegations of 4A4L-staff's mischief and attempt to take my life. I believe that if staff put medication in your food that they know you're allergic to and the outcome could possibly lead to "cardiac-arrest," that is conspiracy to commit murder- right?! My latest bloodwork showed that my creatinine levels were extremely high which prompt the doctor to ask me was I taking an excessive amount of Ibruprofin? I told him I'm allergic to Ibruprofin so if it's in my system it's because the staff has put it in my food. A lot of us G.P. SHU-prisoners have been experiencing mysterious medical issues that seem to pop up out of the blue. Being isolated in this environment and out-numbered by SNY-SHU inmates the correctional officers boldly strut around in their self-conceit calling us (bitches) and using (homophobic) explectives to emasculate us and any stance we attempt to take. The correctional officer's juvenile taunts seems to be a reflection of a overcompensation in the lack of their I.Q., and masculinities substance that is denoted in the behavior of their absence of character. "I find it quite intriguing that to be correctional officers who hate prisoner's they surely emulate the role and conduct of a criminal in a textbook performance that could lead them in the same situation of the prisoners they abuse." Ironic isn't it? Maybe this attention will be the very vehicle that drives them in to the spotlight they deserve and give them the recognition they have campaigned for so that they may know the justice of reaping what you so. In Unity We Endeavor... Written by: Ladaro Pennix

Author: Pennix, Ladaro J., II

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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