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Crump, Chernikko L.



January 20th, 2020 Item #SSH-02-102 .60 Second Housecall By: Chernikko Crump Spit Fire Nation January 20th, 2020 Item #SSH-02-102 Page 1 Greetings, A.P.W.A. Contributors and Audiences. Spit Fire Nation is Honored to have an opportunity to share with you our thoughts as well as first hand experiences on major issues and areas of concern we face in the American Criminal Justice System. I am your Host Chernikko L. Crump and I think it is now time for us to check in with our Criminal Justice Housecall Doctor to find out just what remedies have been recommended... 60 second Housecall is brought to you by Spit Fire Nation, remember always spit fire to inspire the world for change... Empowered by Fire Spittaz Productions. This is history in the making. "Just What the Doc Ordered" First up... California Lawmakers finally manage to muster up enough strength to summons their super powers, and through a combined effort and combination of their forces they created.......Captain Planet??? No, its Senate Bill 1437. Thats rite Senate Bill 1437 to the Rescue. In 2018 lawmakers in the State of California enacted SB 1437 and made it Retroactive. This Bill is changing the way the Judicial System is conducting Business in courtrooms across the state by correcting a law that January 20th, 2020 Item #SSH-02-102 Page 2 made defendants liable for murder when a death occurred during the commission of certain felonies such as robbery, even if an individual did not intend for a killing to occur or aid in the killing in any way. Senate Bill 1437 was written by senators Nancy Skinner, a Democrat, and Joel Anderson, a Republican. Some are calling this bill "The Messiah" as they begin to witness its ressurection and restoration of fairness and Justice to the criminal legal system. Senate Bill 1437 corrected an unjust law which treated the Criminal Justice System in California for years. Now individuals can only be held responsible and punished according to their own intent and their own conduct. This has restored the concepts of individual responsibility, proportionality, and equity into our law. Will Medi-Cal Benefit Finders Be Keepers?? Medi-Cal benefits are asked to be given a stay before they are executed. With Gov. Gavin Newsom putting a halt to all executions in the State of California. Advocates here in the Bay Area are pushing to put a halt on the execution of much needed Inmate Medi-Cal benefits. Medi-Cal extended stay... Thats rite, The call to help inmates keep Medi-Cal benefits was made by a Group of local January 20th, 2020 Item #SSH-02-102 Page 3 Churches late last year as more than 1,000 participants handed over a signed petition to the Alemeda County Board of Supervisors. Currently under State Law, Medical recipients who are jailed or in Mental Institutions have their benefits suspended when they are taken into custody, and Benefits are terminated if their incarceration extends beyond the one year period. State Law currently prohibits County Supervisors to designate someone or an organization to meet with inmates Before their release to help them submit an Application so that their Medical Benefits are re-instated. Rev. Jim Hopkins, Pastor of Oakland, California's Lake Shore Baptist Church, told supervisors "simply having Medicine Available to former inmates upon release is a very important first step for Justice and Humanity. Bob Britton, Chairman of Live Free -- Faithin Action, A non-profit that Advocates Around issues involving incarceration, said inmates with Mental illnesses are likely to re-offend and End up Back Behind Bars if they are released without Access to Medication. Britton also went on to say that people accused of serious crimes, or who cannot Afford to post Bail, usually spend more than a year in jail as they wait January 20th, 2020 Item #SSH-02-102 Page 4 for their case to get resolved, putting them in especially at risk of losing Benefits. Rev. Majorie Matthews, Pastor of Plymouth United Church of Christ in Oakland, California, made A Cry for help and stated "We are here Asking and trusting you to do Justice. Among the demands of those who circulated the Petition Are that of County Officials is who want to Ensure that Medi-Cal Benefits are Restored Before An inmate is Released, that they provide help to those who may be Eligible for the Benefits, But are not yet Enrolled, and that every inmate needing prescription Medication has a 30-day Supply when Released from jail. The Board took no formal Action, but Supervisor Mr. Richard Valle said the Board will consider this issue at a future meeting. Just how many individuals could be affected by the change in Policy was not immediately Available. "Peek a Boo I See You" Finally that closet that many corrupt Peace Officers have been hiding in is Transparent And All of their Dirty Deeds Are now visible thanks to California's New Transparency law". Ha ha Silly Rabbit Tricks Are For Kids" As this new Transparency shines the light down January 20th, 2020 Item #SSH-02-102 Page 5 the old saying still stands "Theres no Need to Hide because everything is out in the open", With that Being said taxpayers of the Great State of California are finally Able to view files of Misconduct, and or misuse of force and unearth California's Rogue Cops and hold them accountable for their Actions. On Janruary 1st, 2019 Senate Bill 1421 went into Effect. The State's New "Transparency" law makes public All internal Records Related to Peace Officer use of force, dishonesty and sexual assault, Senate Bill 1421 was written by Sen. Nancy Skinner and Enacted by former Gov. Jerry Brown. Public Records Act Requests are being made from nearly 500 law Enforcement Agencies Across the State, via The Bay Area News Group, KQED News, and the UC Berkeley Investigative Reporting Program. Well Folks...Thats gonna wrap it up for this Edition of 60 Second Housecall. Stay tuned and find out just how these housecall Tips are Being Administered And find out if these Remedies Are the Antidote to the American Criminal Justice System's Major issues And Areas of Concern next on Spit Fire Nation's Go Ahead and Talk Broadcasting Narrative Series. I Am Your Host Chernikko L. Crump saying goodnight from Santa Rita Alemeda County CA. January 20th, 2020 Item #SSH-02-102 Page 6 This is another Fire Spittaz Production. Spit Fire to Inspire All the Criminal Justice News you need to Know. Next... Rougue Corps "Thuggish Ruggish Bustaz" State Lawmakers in California to consider joining 45 other states that can Revoke the Badges of Officers who commit crimes and other serious misconduct. The call for Action comes After a six-month investigation from a statewide coalition of News organizations, including the Bay Area News Group, that revealed More than 80 law Enforcement Officers working today in California have A prior criminal conviction. With Senate Bill 1421 enacted lawmakers in California, set the stage to Regain Public Trust by Demanding More Accountability from Police officers. Plus.... Rogue Cops True Stories -- As this Revelation and series of Rogue Cops Thuggish Ruggish Bustaz begins to unfold dont Miss My chilling Tale of coming face to face with a California Rogue Cop in Santa Rita... Coming up... Home Alone "Ridin Solo" part 1 During this series, we will expose the use of solitary confinement in prisons And jails Across America And the harsh conditions And treatment that these inmates Endure. Hear stories from survivors of solitary And January 20th, 2020 Item #SSH-02-102 Page 7 the tatics they used to survive the psychological warfare inside these Death Traps. Plus... Find out what 3 Counties in California Are Doing to Combat the overuse of solitary confinement in jails. Contra Costa County, and Santa Clara County to name a few are said to Be putting the softer-touch on its Harder Criminals. It is rumored that Inmates And Deputies there were seen doing the Jail House Rock out of Joy. It was Also reported that there would Be extra Milk And cookies as they work on transforming these savages into Mighty Tinker Bells. Thats rite Make America Great Not Again But for the very First Time. Plus... Home Alone "Live from SHU" part 1. Find out what The Sheriffs Dept Officials Here At Santa Rita Alemeda County Are Doing to curtail the use of its Administrative Segregation Unit.... Be sure And stay Tuned As Spit Fire Nation Brings you First Hand experience live from Housing Unit 8 Here At the Santa Rita Detention Facility in Dublin, CA on Home Alone True Stories part 1... "Extra, Extra Read All About It"!!! Be sure to check out Spit Fire's Criminal Justice Chronicles, coming to a front lawn Near you. This New Edition to Spit Fire Nation will Bring you Nationwide January 20th, 2020 Item #SSH-02-102 Page 8 Criminal Justice Coverage, Local whats Happenings, And Shocking Tales of An Deadly Uprising At the Infamous Mississippi State Penitentiary At Parchman when five inmates died at the Hands of fellow inmates. Two of the State's largest prisons were Rocked by what corrections officials called "Major Disturbances" Between Rival Gangs... Hear More from Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant And what Mississippi Leaders Are Doing to Reform the system. Real People, True Stories, The Best In-Depth coverage on Spit Fire. Spit Fire To Inspire remember always Spit Fire To Inspire the World For change... Fire Spittaz Productions... This is History in the Making... 1,2,3 and cut End of Report Re: State oversight of problem officers by Robert Lewis and David Debult, The Bay Area News Group, The East Bay Times. 2019 Re: Foretold uprising hits cash-starved prisons by Jeff Amy and Emily Wassler Pettus, The Bay Area News Group, The East Bay Times 2020 Re: Call to help inmates keep Medi-Cal Benefits 2019 by Peter Hegarty, The Bay Area News Group, The East Bay Tmes By: Chernikko L.Crump January 20th, 2020 Item #SSH-02-102 Spit Fire Nation Empowered by: Fire Spittaz Productions Spit Fire Remember Always Spit Fire to Inspire the World for Change... .60.......

Author: Crump, Chernikko L.

Author Location: California

Date: January 20, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 10 pages

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