Radford, Fredrick L., Sr.



(666) Essay by, Frederick Radford 7/11/2016 One reason I chose to title this essay “666”, is because I’m thirty six years old and 36 = 3 / 6’s = 666. Even though I am a peace maker, I’ve been battling the beast for so long that it has literally put me in beast mode! Like I said, I’m thirty six years old, on this day and I thank God that death hasn’t conquered me yet. From my understanding, I feel like “life” is designed to-program-all of us into pawns. We live in a system that is designed to keep us oppressed and completely under control. Living "life" whether inside or outside of this prison system, will always be a battle of the mind. Allow me this time to ponder and express my current living conditions. The rules and regulations of this tier program was formed to make the simple minded man weak and or to drive a man mentally insane. Not being able to flush the toilet from inside of the cell it’s a battle with corrupt smell (pollution) Not being able to plug fans up inside of these hot scorching cells, to keep some kind of cool air circulating is a battle with heat. (hellfire) Being totally dependent on others to supply you with your personal needs or want's, it’s a-battle-with-insecurity. Peers beating and kicking on the cell doors day in and day out, abusive and verbal language being shouted aloud, constantly. Officers walking around, patrolling the dorm with the volume on their walkie talkies turned up to max…..are all battles to keep a peace of mind. Being handcuffed and escorted by two officers or more, every time you leave the cell for any reason what so ever, it’s a deeper form of incarceration while imprisoned. Being locked down for twenty three hours a day through the week and twenty four hours on the weekends it’s a battle with reality. Having the opportunity to go to the small yard, throughout the weekdays, for one hour, only to be escorted to an outside cell, it’s a battle with what is really going on, within this tier program, which is a battle with actuality. No physical contact with nobody, not even at visitation and no verbal communication with nobody outside of the dorm is a battle with humanity and emotions. Living within these living conditions for almost two years now, have opened my minds eye and forced me to gain patience. Even though I can pinpoint different forms of struggles, I must admit… it is the struggles that provided me with all of my strength. From turning negative situations into positive opportunities has always been my motive. Establishing a writing career while I’m incarcerated, for my future and freedom will always be my objective. Teaching my son through my testimony, so he can gain perspective, without experiencing my struggles is my destiny. I invest alot of time into perfecting and mastering my skills and gifts because I’m trying to incorporate them into my vision. If anyone is wondering or care to know about my mind state, heart, or what stage my spirit is on right now, at this present time, you can just ask me and I will tell you the truth. =“I am in beast mode”! “From the mark of the beast” (666) (Foundations) Poetry by, Frederick Radford 8/29/2016 We deserve, so make way! Some people turn evil, then again, some times.. night turns into day. This road is one way that I travel, I peddle-through hurt from the dirt and level with gravel. My options are several, I stick to the script, while using my mind and muscle to hustle, my grind is to flip, zips with no tips. Guilt with no fear, strength of a bear, swift as a deer, eye of the eagle, heart of a lion. Stripes of a zebra my ego is giant, my appetite hunger. Agitation of thunder as I wonder, why drama is quoted with commas instead of quotations? Sensations in karma as I ponder donations. I sow seeds like a farmer, in God’s cultivation. On grounds of plantation- if love is an honor, that’s an honest foundation.

Author: Radford, Fredrick L., Sr.

Author Location: Georgia

Date: July 11, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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