A bitch slap to Nieztche

Torres, Eduardo



A Bitch Slap to Nietzsche If you don't know who Nieztche is, he's a famous thinker from the late 19th century who is famous for deeming God as Dead and believing immorality is power to those who seek it and morality destroys individual lives. He believes apparantly that humans are not in any kind of spiritual battle exept with morality that "always" destroys people's lives, he must not believe in evil or aliens or supernatural balance is needed for existence He is in need of a slap to take all his hate out of him. Nieztche calls Christianity "religious neurosis" how foolish is this man. I guess he grew up educated enough to not live as dangerously as he claimed to be live. The devil is not found in books he is found in life, parts of the world, certain groups of people. I'm in prison and only 23 but I was gifted to struggle with voices that allowed me to see the universe and a battle in Gods name. Vitality has a way of reproducing but some people who may be like Nieztche reap what is not theirs. Im talking about property that is not theirs, people's lives, countrys, worlds, all, to make a profit. Aliens, of course, destroy worlds. I've seen a UFO and an alien face to face. Astral planes exist so I believe in God in order to help my planet and not be subject to a devil for eternity. Nieztche either chose to be evil and trick people or was a unrounded person with demons since childbirth. I like to read his work because now in days so many people are like him. I don't read the bible much, pray, but I do spend a great amount of time in my mind fighting and coming to revelations of psychic mentors who are evil but, recognize good and the product of despicable devils. Families are coded I'm asking to decipher the truth in your family and friends, some of them are demonic and sociopaths its very common at this age and era. It took me prison to see the truth. So I don't expect the same

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: December 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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