A boy who was lost, and grew up fast

Carabajal, Ray Morin Fuentes



Title: "A Boy Who Was Lost and Grew Up Fast (Faith in Believing; God is Waiting for Us)" From [Car BA] Hall: Never learned this world's education. Never knew English. He only spoke in Mexican and was given and gifted voice. He didn't know his purpose of why he was born and it took 35 years of street life to become known, to of why he was born. He was given the test of time and to perform every sinful act on this earth and only five sinful acts he was forbidden to do: 1. murder 2. rape 3. child molesting: 4. hitting Mother and Father & 5. child beating shacking syndrome: But never doubt the wicked world we live in. I have been accused of many sinful things of these five. There is no man or woman perfect. We are all sinners and we will all die with our iniquities. There is no person on earth who will believe another's life story. Because there is two Gods that are running our lives. Yes, the God of Heaven who is writing, wrote our past, present, and future to come. And he gave Earth to the little God, AKA Satan, to rule Earth, and Man has been following his ways all this time. God has given Lucifer all this. To help God remove the wicked evil, Holy Angels from God's Kingdom. Genesis 6: 1-7 It's why God is telling us Lucifer's sin all flesh and blood transgression toward God. It's Lucifer who talks to us through our flesh and blood. Genesis 3:1-7. And here's God telling us? Revelations 2:14 and Matthew 16:17. Lucifer outleashed God and Second Law of God's Existence to the world. "Our eyes of soul is the desire of good and evil." This is what's making us slaves to sin and liars. Who am I? To be given the knowledge of God's understanding, without education or knowledge. In 2005 while in prison God fully revealed Himself to me, while Satan's followers were trying to murder me; and when I committed this sin anal homosexuality: that's when God saved me again: and He opened my mind heart and eyes: to His knowledge: He put me in lockup max custody and gave me three days three nights dreams: Hell first a river of red hot lava in the center of our earth: I was the light in total darkness: and God's voice told me to go where you see these huge cave openings there was 12 total: God told me to look: He said I changed Lucifer's holiness and turned them to into demon [mammals?] and [mammals?] with flesh and blood. I made their holy voices to talk to us humans through the air. And now they are punishing the human flesh down here in Lucifer's den: Look and see: there they are with huge penises ramming them through bent over men and women: & the Voice told me to look over to my right side: they had them strapped onto crosses and whipping them, just like God's Word was whipped, this was the white flesh; & God told me to go see the 12 caves of colors of the 12 tribes of Israel; at the end of the last cave a demon came toward me: I turned off the light: I hid myself to the top of the dark cave: I woke up when the demon grabbed my right ankle: I left a wet print of my body on my bunk mattress sheet: I was sweating from the hotness down there: I couldn't go back to sleep after that: The next night God took me to heaven: I was in front of a huge wall: like looking at a King Kong movie: I look on both sides as far as the eyes can see: I then thought to myself: Why am I here? One huge side door opened, and an old man glowing white as the sun shines, came out, long-bearded long hair he told me Ray come in: I told him Who are you, He said I am Moses: I dropped to the ground face down I told him Moses please forgive me of all my iniquities: he told me get up Ray: do not bow down to no man: I told him then who do we worship: he told me only God the Father: I told him you mean Jesus Christ: He said yes; He is the Father: He then told me to follow him: He told me this is the reason why you are here Ray; God wants to talk to you; As I am looking at beautiful walls of embedded gems engraved with God; I was thinking I am about to meet Jesus Christ: Moses took me to another section and told me to sit here and wait: then God was coming in a little cloud that had the shape of a king's face: I could hear a little thunder noise coming toward me: this face cloud stood in front of me and a voice said Ray DJ Wolfman Jack: I said yes my Lord: He said I am God Almighty. I dropped to the ground & stated again 'Please Lord forgive me of all my iniquities: God told me - Ray get up it's not time for all this: I got up and told him; But Lord where is Jesus Christ? He told me Ray why do you want to see my twin it's me doing the talking: this is the reason why I brought you here Ray to understand why I created you and to know all my secrets: I will embed it into your mind and & heart and give you remembrance of your entire life time: you will share and preach this as I am witness to my Word: Then God said Ray when you was born a twin holy angel was born: the same size as I created Adam Big: He stated Ray Morin Fuentes Carabajal AKA D J Wolfman Jack appear before me: and there I was an angel with holy wings a face & voice just like me: Then God told my twin to go back to my job in a cell in a prison kingdom up in heaven: This is why there's many rooms & kingdoms in Heaven: Then God said Jesus Christ appear and there he was & God came out of his hiding place the cloud: white hair blue eyes & pitch dark black: Jesus had God's face and voice: Then God said Ray I'm going back into my cloud I'm embarrassed to show my true size: & this is also the reason why Lucifer wanted to assassinate me & take over my kingdom: Then he told his Word to go back to his job He disappeared: God stated I am a jealous god Ray: He stated All my holy angel minds are all individually self-controlled Ray if I knew what they are thinking I would be talking to myself: & Ray the only reason why I chose white to be my favorite color of flesh: is because earth is the third planet: Lucifer has been deceiving me for millions of years: the first planet was my black color Lucifer had murdered all my color: so I wiped out all flesh: & the second planet you all call the moon: the same; I wiped it out: & in reproducing holy angels through human flesh holy voice vessels & the punishment through the woman who took the forbidden fruit: I want you to know Ray: what did you see embedded into the floor cement in your cell: 213: I saw a picture of your cloud with a kings face: & up on top I saw Mother Mary with her left hand over her eyebrows looking straight up at me with a smile on her face: & right behind her was you - your twin Jesus Christ looking straight up at me: & I saw a cartoon lamb in front of you - Lord with prescription glasses on & a pen & a long scroll: He was writing down all that you spoke Lord: Yes Ray I embedded this vision for you - to see the lamb who revealed to me my deceiver Lucifer: & how he took one third of my holy angels with him: & it was the time when I went down to see Adam & Eve & they both were hiding from me: my lamb writes down all the dates of the flesh to die & he also brings me both books the Book of Life & the Judgement Book to all flesh living on earth: These are secrets I've not revealed in the book you-all call the Holy Bible: & that's why there's three Holy Bible books three planets: Ray I left out why I put Adam to sleep: Because I had to come out of my comfort zone & blow my breath through Adam's & Eve's nostrils: & after my lamb told me who deceived me all this time I entered two new commandments one if any of my holy angels think iniquity, they are to turn into demon holy angels ugly: & two for holy shackles to appear to hold them in bondage: that's when I found Adam & Eve hiding from me: they both heard me coming in my thundering cloud. Men had changed it to say I was walking: No if you read from the beginning I was "My spirit was hovering over the deep: you need to understand my voice is the Holy Spirit that keeps me sustained forever : & it keeps the whole world in suspended mid air: turning to keep gravity: I only show my true self to those who will love me: & only a few humans will be chosen: now Ray the third dream I will reveal to you - how Lucifer deceives & all flesh & what you must do for me in your future: I woke up: My heart was warm & very happy All the scriptures God embedded into my mind & heart: & my third dream was my whole life testimony of how Lucifer wanted to murder me at birth: & how I received the gifted voice: of DJ Wolfman Jack: & how Lucifer deceived my voice spirit: to commit every sin Lucifer committed: & God gave me my future to come: I paroled & was given the Holy Spirit: I began to heal all the sick in hospital all over the earth: I went to certain churches in Suisun City, CA, Fairfield, CA, & Vacaville, CA, & then I told them what's defiling their walk with God: & then I went to New York City: to a talk show & I turned on all TVs & all radios around the whole world & in all languages: & showed them everything then I burned all crosses, pictures of all saints & destroyed all image status: & then I disappeared: I ended up being at Edmond, Oklahoma. Philadelphia Church of God PO Box 3700 zip 73083 As a priest baptizing new born people who need to confess to the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit that you are a Hebrew Jew: So God will write you down in His Book of Life and when you participate in Sabbath Saturday & worship: It's the sign God knew His people Ex 31:12-18; & God knows Ex 32:32-33; I woke up & God cleaned my mind & heart no more erotic dreams & no more dirty words comes out of my heart & mouth Amen write to me if you need any questions Ray Carabojal D, PO Box 5248, Corcoran, CA, 93212. Pry for me as I do for U - Peace be unto you - Bye...

Author: Carabajal, Ray Morin Fuentes

Author Location: California

Date: June 15, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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