A convicts prayer

The Wordist WAM



A Convicts Prayer Oh God please hear this convicts plea And continue to lay your hands heavily upon me For shive and shank equals my rod and staff But if death should call, will you intercede on my behalf Will you touch my spirit and hold my soul Keep me program enrolled and eligible for parole Take me off the docket of any further days in court While at the same time keeping me secluded from the disciplinary reports Make my environment safe and friendly Whether at a level five state prison or a privately owned facility Don't let my family forget or abandon me Help me remain connected to the land of the free Protect me from the throws of depression and doubt And don't let me become institutionalized or get jointed out Keep me strong in this dark place of stress---- And at the same time not allow me to be abused or oppressed Shield me from the violence and block me from the hate While I pay this debt and clear my slate Because sometimes doing this time is in no ways fair..... So have mercy on me and answer this convict's prayer The Wordist - WAM

Author: The Wordist WAM

Author Location: Georgia

Date: 2016

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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