A.D.C. The beast

Hagen, Daniel Thomas



Title: A.D.C. The Beast by Daniel Hagen The Public's "keep them locked up" mentality leads to a distorted view of incarceration and the perceived purpose of an objective correctional system. The sex offenders situation draws attention to the stagnated state of human sexuality, natures and suppressed sexual instincts whose opportunities in life have been permanently diminished by the loss of rights, morally policed by the same system that the delusionally institutionalized penal staff, who are corrupted in and of themselves. The stigma they suffer from legislatures, congressional panels, and ordinances created thereof unfairly target the suspect class. It is my heartfelt intention to shed light on the injustices that are too often hidden from view, through knowledge, personal experiences, logic and inductive reasoning, The Arkansas Department of Correction parole board is the primary focus of this article. The public at large would take The Arkansas Department of Correction in uberrima fides, but alas, I know different. So please, for a moment set aside potential biases and prejudices that the words "prisoner" and "sex offender" conjure up. Through my eyes, from within the A.D.C. --the Beast--I speak. The majority of the employees here at the North Central Unit at Calico Rock spend their working hours oppressing the inmate population at large. Correctional staff can, at any given time, exercise arbitrary power over inmates in any unjust manner. When an inmate speaks out at any decisive moment, retaliatory tactics are often used to shut the "dog" up or at least disrupt the equilibrium. When prisoners file grievances, the chain of command usually upholds the original decision because correctional officers don't want to go against another officer in favor of an inmate. So much for legitimate grievance procedures. They degrade, dehumanize and demoralize us. The enmity abounds unchecked. Incoming books, soft nudity, and magazines that have catchy phrases, or content deemed undesirable are considered contraband. A peace sign in any magazine, especially an African-American magazine, is considered a "gang sign." They suppress that which is healthy gender material, an aggravated neurosis sets in, the lobes become disaffected and atrophy sets in. Cynical, isn't it? The administrators know that the majority of the population is functionally illiterate. Most Hispanics cannot converse in English to the degree needed to get help, or complain for that matter. The rest that are capable of seeking outside help are afraid of losing trustee status, visitation and commissary rights, or parole; or are being brainwashed and/or manipulated into doing the bidding of "the system:" They grovel at their feet. The psychology behind this stratagem is not ingenious, but harkens back to the psychological emasculation of the slaves during the slave era. Go down to "the farm" or "the big house" and you become a "darky." This is a microcosm of the greater society as a whole, where the same draconian principles show themselves adept at making inroads upon our free speech, religion, belief system, and freedom to pursue healthy psychological happiness. In effect, all rights in general. The IRS scandal and the NSA practices appear to be clothed in Communistic and socialistic principles sugar-coated in democracy. The state penal systems give them a test bed for martial-law tactics. The new administration's tactic is to suppress, interfere with, and prevent positive information thereof, or erecting barriers. Knowledge is power, correct? Then they do not want us to learn to think for ourselves to become liberated from them and keep us psychologically and emotionally retarded (Dehabilitation is the word of power.) So we come back when we get out, to keep the system going. Dehabilitation is, in fact, the secret agenda. Why do you think recidivism is so high in Arkansas? The ethically, morally and financially corrupt system does not want us to become whole, but to remain broken. We are cut off from the enrichment of the female. On a large scale, society may not care and pass it off as "They shouldn't have committed a crime" or "They got what the deserve." In reality, this is not a logical stance. While hatred, chaotic states of mind, and other negative stimuli are repressed remember that every cause has an effect. Look to nature for that truth. Reality is bent and warped, and true [morals?] and virtues such as caring and kindness that should be prevalent in any society is let out of the equation and guess what you have left? All that is basically experienced in the confines of oppression devoids a prisoner of reason and replaces reason with irrational logic, annihilating the true objective of rehabilitation. Eventually, the successful tyrannical system of "we rule" will seep its way out into the free-world settings. Everyone will get his/her due because people say "They deserve everything they get," Good job A.D.C. Through the projected illusion perpetrated on the public--the menace that the A.D.C. was to correct through manipulated data and statistical fears-- a more heinous agenda was born. The state correctional system shuns or obscures any negative media. Public opinion creates political agendas that in turn spawn legislative enactments, "to protect the public" from murderers, rapists, and child molesters, but that also adds fuel to the agenda on the war on drugs. The drug-making sorcerer, the criminally insane drug addict gets a relatively free pass with the shield of justice as their cloak and do what? Rob your house, sell drugs to newbies and get your son or daughter hooked on drugs for sexual payment or gratification. Imagine your daughter swimming in shame, accepting the socially provided notion that it was her own decision, and not peer pressure that led her to recreationally try drugs. She is ashamed of the social stigma and scared of prison due to the legislation, she begins a downward spiral and while in a drug-induced state...well you can let your imagination run. The Modus operandi, it appears, by the practices of the Parole Board who deem sex offenders a socially acceptable target, will make the illiterate borderline retarded, mentally challenged offender flatten their prison sentence. Anyone for that matter. Ladies and gentlemen, the primary reason for such practices is because every sex offender is a potential re-offender and based on the Parole Board's pre-conceived ideas will re-offend if released from prison. The recidivism of sex offenders is less than 3.5%, but if a released sex offender commits a new crime, the Parole Board can deflect the public outcry by saying, "We are not liable. We kept him imprisoned to the fullest extent of the law." This is somewhat different than a home robbing drug addict who gets out only to resume robbing a selling drug to children, time and time again. Maybe the suppressed sexual neurosis that incubates in prisoners mind during the prison sentence he is forced to flatten will be the catalyst for future unlawful behavior. Whether consciously or, more aptly, in the form of seeds long planted in the subconscious mind by the stigmatization, hatred, and bias the person in question has suffered at the hands of employees, inmates and their own objective fruits have no help. The so-called "treatment programs" in the name of rehabilitation are damaging and appear to be tools to put the "clients" in oppressed psychological states of mind. The guise of rehabilitation is a funnel by which the A.D.C. sucks allocated money from the state legislature and federal government sources--the taxpayers. It's all about money. The state gives $60 plus cents per day for each inmate. A year equates to approx. $21, 600. A questionable inmate or an administratively disfavorable one appears before the Parole Board. The Board's commissioner steps outside his ministerial duties undoes statutory mandates and then decides to deny parole based on personal biases and prejudicial motives and engenders a [vehemenced?] type outlook towards the wronged prisoner. An objective standpoint from the Commissioner's eyes could be surmised by the following scenarios: The Commissioner entertains the notion that the prisoner generates a monetary value of $21,600 per year. If it's 2017 and a prisoner goes flat in 2028 that is 11 years at 21,600/year or a total of $237, 600. This satisfies the Board's prejudices, keeps prison beds at the max, furthers any hidden agendas, and in a snickering, satisfying way, plus it gives the public what they want. To date, I Daniel Hagen.....have been imprisoned for 23 plus years now. Without justice in the eyes of my heart, moreover, it is a travesty of justice what I've observed happening not only to me but to my fellow prisoners. THE DEATH OF JUSTICE is death equally for all. Ps. APWA. Please, if you can, let me know when this essay--well, article gets posted. Please? Truly look forward to it and I greatly appreciate it and hopefully others will too. I'm the 1st I believe to come out and raise my voice. Thank you for such an opportunity! Sincerely, Daniel Hagen

Author: Hagen, Daniel Thomas

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: August 16, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 9 pages

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