A da in the SHU

Bomani, Diallo



A da in the SHU I awake this morning to my pitiful predicament. The instant my eyes popped open I shuddered from the reality of harsh environment. Suddenly I stood and move to the center of the of the cell to perform a simple test. Sure enough standing in the [modd?] middle I was able to touch opposent walls with outstretched arms. The cell was about about eight by five. Five feet wide and eight feet long. A cement box smaller than the size of a home bath room. The cement walls, floors, and ceiling remain cold as ice, as does the steel bars and steel mesh that front the chamber. Imagine that your home bath tub is a bed. What you might visualize is living in a bath room, except the tub is a bed. My meals are delivered cold, and I eat one foot from where I defecate. To save money toilet flushes is computer controlled and limited to two flushes every hour. Any timing miscalculations may result in raw sewage floating beside you while you eat. The prisoner next to me is dynamic! He sings, he cries, he prays, and shouts at volume ten day and night. It seems murders are the most "religious," prisoners. Is his outcry a quest for salvation or a demonstration of his psychosis? Only God, can judge that. In the cell on the opposite side with me in the middle, a seventy year old prisoner languishes strapped with a sentence of 25 years to life for driving a car under the influence of alcohol. He's a California three Strikes victim of the states draconian sentencing policy. He's eligible for parole after service of the minimum 25 years when he'll be 95 years old. Down the teir a prisoner wails, "the dentist sole my teeth!?" another prisoner whose had all of his teeth extracted because [ODCR?] dentist extract teeth rather than fill cavities. No root canals are performed! An extracted tooth never requires future repair. Fiscal concerns trump dental care. Treating prisoner inhumanely, stigmatizing them, as social leapers, terrorist gang member or associates, aggititing society like spectare in the Roman coliseum clammering for blood..thumbs down no reprieve for the disenfranchised, non-wealthy marginalzed-everyday people. Its strange how american society communicates its acrimony for the powerless. Scores of poor people, prison class, are murdered everyday in America. Yet, look at 48 hours every Saturday night and the television show speaks to justice issues for the rich privileged, business, and University classes. Likewise its always the poor who are sentenced to death. Answer this questionable sham; How many times, if ever, have you saw a news story of a group of african american police officers gunning down and killing an unarmed 14 year old carcasian youth? Whow! In my 65 years I've never heard of that. Cops who kill unarmed citizens seem to always have the same explanation. I feared for my safety they say. A craven coward is always fearful, even when Its abnormal to fear. Armed to the teeth, protected with body armor, trained to shooting excellence or proficiency, shotgun, rapid fire pistol, chemical weapons, night stick, untold military back up. Helicopters, and cops fear unarmed youth or people of darker complexion. New York City official policy of racial profiling is an example of criminalizing skin color. American Exceptionalism is a code phrase for superiority. I'm better than you it says. Truth be known, countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, switzerland, live in highly social advanced political environment far superior to supremist United States. This dicrocian government, records all communication, political, personal it don't matter. The information is stored in coils like a spring waiting for the opportunity to spring forth and expel all our most, private affairs. J. Edgar Hoover had files on the powerful. The New World Order has files on every. Remember the movie Escape from New York? Well the premiss is the same, but the reality is america, the United States of America as a nation is a prison. Multiple layers of "prison guards," keep the "prisoners," in check drones already fly above our cities. Soon drones will rain live fire on inner city and rural communities, and "collateral deaths," will be explained away as the new normal Trippin' wit' my own thoughts [redacted] AKA Bomani CA

Author: Bomani, Diallo

Author Location: California

Date: March 3, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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