A double standard system of justice




"A Double Standard System of Justice" According to the political propaganda I belong to the worst of the worst human beings that deserves to be locked up for the rest of my life. Once, the prison system was incorporated to the country's economy (i.e. created jobs); all rehabilitation went out of the picture. The lockdowns became longer, riots, attempt to murders, and murder became regular and normal. All of California's level four maximum security 180 degree design were and are active zones of war! The chaos reached its pinnacle when even peace officers formed their own gang. - "The Green Wall" - Since; they have the automatic weapons; soon Black and Hispanic bodies began to drop dead; under the pretext of a yard integration policy. [Corcoran State Prison's Killing fields] The prison's violence only served to the propaganda to build more prisons, hire more staff, and sell out; the worst of the worst song. The violence resulted in longer sentences; and millions spent to prosecute prison related crimes. The prison's environment is so vile and stressful; that I had cellmates literally asked me: "How can I do time without getting high (heroine); or drunk with the prison made alcohol." I don't have the answer to that question, I just know that I can. And I truly understand, why they feel the need to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. It is an escape to a predicament; so sad and inhumane; that some of us, simply take the easy way out. (Suicide) After, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision giving the States carte blanche to hold on to lifers; until, they die. All hope for freedom; vanished; no room for redemption. [Swarthout v. Cooke 131 S CT 859 (2011)]. Not only prisoners are lawfully 21 Century slaves- forced to work for free; or for a few cents per hour. But, their whole lives literally belong to the States. The $18 - dls. prisoners' monthly pay check pales; when compared with 1/4 of a million dls. yearly salaries of some prison employees.^1 Part of the prison's daily routine involves 24/7 lockdowns inside a cement box. If lucky; sometimes with a nice, well grounded cellmate. But; if unlucky, imagine being celled up with a schizophrenic, violent, delusional individual. Then, one has to get used to the lack of sunlight, fresh air and forget about ever again eating fresh vegetables and fruits. The constant strip outs, butt naked, bend over, squat, and cough are so common; that all trace of embarrassment is completely gone. A man that willfully submits to such a degrading treatment, eventually gets the message: "You are nothing; you are not human". I don't know about the rest of my comrades; but, I can only speculate; that at some point-during these endless hours of solitude. One has a duty to ask oneself: "How did I get here? and if truly guilty;: "Was it worth it?" And if these two questions are a tough "chickarron peludo" (i.e hairy pork skin to swallow and digest) for the guilty ones. I can barely touch, the surface of the multitude of feelings and emotions felt; by those arrested, tried, and convicted for crimes; that they did not commit. And what about those literally rotting in prison; because, they refused to become "snitches". (state witnesses) Sentenced to die behind bars; for being at the wrong place, at the wrong time; when someone else decided to kill, or rob a victim. After deep thought and analysis; I have come to the conclusion that the USA's criminal system; is not a whole lot different from those of its neighbors down South. In Mexico money and political connections dictate the rules of the game. The level of mayhem and savagery are almost on equal levels; but Mexico takes the first place in impunity. The USA's criminal system is more civilized, subtled, organized, and demonizes all accused defendants as "dangerous criminals". Although, the law clearly says that one is innocent until proven guilty; the opposite is true. When, the defendant is poor, uneducated and represented by a public defender the whole process becomes a farce. However; when a defendant has the means; he can walk away a free man after committing a murder.^2 And if convicted, money can earn a rich defendant three jury trials.^3 This brings me to my next question: Why is it that district attorneys are capable of obtaining convictions 98% of the time, with barely enough circumstantial evidence? But, are utterly incapable of doing the same when the accused defendants are police officers men allegedly sworn to protect and serve. The mystery thickens; yet even more, when the men in blue are caught in video taking the lives of their victims or beating them, as part of the arrest process.^4 (Rodney King 1990's) Now, in all fairness, not all cops are psychopaths; the same way that not all prisoners are a danger to society. Such fairness in thought or spoken word; is not given to prisoners. Child molesters, rapers, killers, drug addicts, robbers, kidnappers etc., are categorized into one kind: "Dangerous criminals". (Arnold Schwarzenegger's t.v's commercial (-year 2004) Being a man of deep thought and quite observant to contemporaneous events; there is something that bothers me. How come in the richest, most democratic country; in the whole world and preacher of equality for all. (14th Amend. USC.) A man can be sentenced to 25 years to life for stealing a couple of pizza slices; a literal death sentence. But, a man in blue that shoots another man on the back and kills him; is allowed to continue his daily life, as if he had killed, a street dog. Such, a disparity, proportionality and quickness way to deliver justice leaves me with a bitter mouth taste. The last time; I saw a similar case of injustice was back in April or May 2015. A Long Beach, California Hispanic mom said the police shot her 20 years old son. While, he was being carried away into the ambulance, he reached out his arm, and perhaps knowing the end was near. He called up to her, like a child: "Mom"! To add insult to injury; she wasn't allowed into the ambulance, to be with her son in his last seconds of his short life. And the murders keep adding up, the excuse is always one and the same "I fear for my life." For one to truly grasp the magnitude of the monster and systematic illness of inequality; one has to step out of the box and look at the whole picture. The job of a police officer is to make arrests, collect evidence, investigate and deliver the case on the district attorney's desk. The D.A's job; then is to prosecute and convict the defendants. Thus, the police and district attorneys are a team that depend on each other to make their jobs easier. And like every other group of workers in other professions; they socialize, party and form lifetime relationships. Under, such a scheme; is not surprising that district attorneys are extremely reluctant to charge psychopath officers caught red handed. Such an approach to justice has created a sense of impunity and complete disregard for the safety and lives of those; that do not belong to the ruling political and wealthy families. The double standard can be seen in a weekly basis at nighttime t.v's news. The victims of police brutality are mostly uneducated, unemployed, homeless, mentally ill, poor black and hispanic members of society. Rarely, or almost never a police officer will behave in such a murderous way; in an affluent neighborhood. This disparity of police's treatment of individuals based in their poverty or wealth and skin color; leads one to conclude that the USA's society is not as far above in civilization to its down south Mestizo neighbors, as once thought. Early, in the 20th century; President Theodore Roosevelt once said: "For the Black man to be on the same level as white man, thousands of years will have to pass." These beliefs, dogmas or indoctrination have not died down; a little quick research can produce proof of a sick society. As for example, the San Francisco Police Department texting racist statements to each other. As a cruel joke or irony these same officers are the same ones testifying and literally sending thousands of Hispanic and Black men to prison for life! In a system, where not even the president dares to openly speak up against police brutality. There is little or no justice for the victims' families; and since is not fair to expose a problem and offer no solutions. I dare to offer a non violent project to bring down police brutality. Balance of Power History is such a great teacher; that one can't afford to lose sight of its daily lessons. In 1996 - Los Angeles Detective Mark [Furkman?] was caught committing perjury in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Mr. [Furkman?] career as a police officer was over. If police officers committing perjury are no longer able to work as officers of law. The same could be done to those that are running around shooting at unarmed civilians, and beating them during their arrest. Maybe is just me, but psychopaths should not be allowed to testify in a court of law. A web page offering information (name, DOB, picture, and brief description of the incident) kind of a data base for the worst of the worst in the USA's police force. The benefit of this web page will provide juries, defense attorneys, and the public instant information on the officers; who are sending them to prison. No police officer that commits any type of brutality against those, he swore to protect and serve; should be allowed to testify. And, if the district attorney insist in using their testimony; their juries should know about their trail of police brutality. No district attorney would want to use a police officer's testimony with this type of rap-sheet. Soon, the district attorneys will be telling police chiefs to tone down their police brutality. Victims of police brutality must file their police misconduct complaints. Even, if these are useless tools; at least is a paper trail, that will follow the offender forever. The rotten apples at police departments will be recognized in the community; as to what, they really are: "psychopaths". If they don't like their newly acquired celebrity status; then perhaps; they should not be committing police brutality. Under, the current "status quo" this outlet may be the only justice a victim of police brutality will ever get. Be strong, don't be afraid, speak up; you are not alone, silence will only encourage them to keep up the pace. If, we don't do it nobody else is going to do it for us. 06/20/15 1.-Former Board of Parole Hearing Commissioner Robert Doyle in 2007; he pulled a meager $309,000 - dls. 2.-Robert Durst acquitted in a Galveston, Texas murder. 3.-Cal Harris - three jury trials and counting. Owego, New York 4.-Shonatan Cuevas killed 2010; at Lynwood, CA. Francis Puzock beated up by 4 to 6 San Bernadino Sheriffs on April 15, 2015.

Author: Pulgoso

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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