A page from the cage

Tex, Twisted



American Prison Writing Archive Twisted Art Production April 1st, 2016 "A Page from the Cage" To with all & any; greetings & good day. My name is [redacted] (The Twisted One). I write to you from the infamous Lucasville prison, home to the 1993 11 day prison riot. I write to you from the cruel confines of 23 hour solitary isolations in the warped world of reform and rehabilitations! May my letter be received in the same context from that in which it is written. I have sent to you one of my many masterpieces of creative writtings "Rehabilitation Control". Such compositions are directed toward the cruel savage way in which I reside... the cruel inhumane way in which to many American prisoners are forced to reside also! I hope my inscriptions are able to give the receiving party a feel for this solitary confinements' torement, as it is written from within... I have spent the past 4 years in such cruel confinement and the only way I have maintained some of my sanity is by creative writtings & work! I would love to share some of my more indepth compositions. However I only sent one to first see how my style of writting is received by this agency. Some of my more detailed writtings go to vividly depict what this form of residence is like.. I would love to share some, inorder to give society a better understanding to the cruel inflictions! I can only hope that my creative writting piece is received well and acceptted! I have many more I would like to send to you - "Captered Captives" & "Desperate Diets". Please, if you will be so kind as to relay your interest in such so I may make the necessary measure's in sending such to you! I am gratefull for your services and appreciate your time & assistance. I will patiently await & anticipate a response from this agency. Until then I remain residing in cruel 23 hour solitary confinement. Respectfully & sincerely [redacted] Ohio Prisoners United Sempre Avanti

Author: Tex, Twisted

Author Location: Ohio

Date: October 19, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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