A proposal: The death penalty

Hicks, Gentric A.



A proposal: The Death Penalty Contract. Who: Incarcerated individuals serving a term of Life without the possibility of parole. Eligible applicants must have served a term of no less than 25 years. What: A Death Penalty "contract." This is essentially an agreement to return to the community under lifetime supervision. If another offense is committed (intentional homicide, kidnapping or sexual abuse) the Death Penalty shall be utilized after said individual is convicted in a Court of law. The appeals process would not be applicable. Why: The sentence of Life without parole is burdensome to the State and tax payers. This is especially true for elderly inmates with health issues. Statistics reflect that the overwhelming majority of homicides are “isolated incidents.” This will also allow the individual to return to the community to contribute and pay restitution in a timely manner. Where: The State of Iowa. To be eligible individuals must be in the custody of the Iowa Department of Corrections and have no pending Appeals. This serves as an acknowledgement the incarcerated applicant has taken responsibility for their crime. When: After a period of no less than 25 years of incarceration, the individual may apply for consideration to enter into the “Death Penalty Appeal Contract.” Applications can be rejected by majority vote of the parole board or Governor of the state of Iowa. Individuals will be measured by a similar standard applied to sentence commutation. How: Lifetime supervision will be carried out through available methods including but not limited to implant and/or nanotechnology in conjunction with a parole officer. Violation of the contract will result in the death penalty executed by fair and humane means in accordance with modern standards. Gentric (Abdullah) Hicks

Author: Hicks, Gentric A.

Author Location: Iowa

Date: May 19, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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