A sad truth

Harper, Bednago



A Sad Truth Bednago Harper Black, White, Hispanic, race don't matter. None are exempt. Neither are the countless and rising numbers of innocent misfortunate people who have fallen tragic victim in their wake. The new breed of Grim Reapers are no longer the city gates.... They are in the city! If life was fair, this world wouldn't be such a violent and deadly place to live in. But since life isn't fair, you read about it every day, or hear about it in the news. Every day this city turns out situations you hear about each day in courtrooms. A simple twist of fate here, or a break in life there, and so many lives could turn out different than court cases purport them to be. But a cruel fact of life is circumstance. The majority of circumstances dictate the course in life we take Circumstances dictate our choices in life. Only in theory could we control our own destiny So right or wrong, good or bad, life altering circumstances are endured each day by troubled people on troubled streets in troubled homes throughout troubled neighborhoods in our troubled cities. If placed in the same situations of having to survive on a daily basis in practical war zones of gangs and drugs and violence, do you think you could make it? Think about that, before you rush to pass judgement or condemn someone else. Bednago Harper

Author: Harper, Bednago

Author Location: Illinois

Date: July 3, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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