A short commentary on religion (or life is full of wonderment)

Dugger, Philip



A Short Commentary on Religion (or Life Is Full of Wonderment) There is a smart, shrewd business consultant by the name of Clay Christiansen who helps companies stay competitive in our wonderfully competitive society. When it comes to his religion, he is convinced, after much heartfelt & prayerful seeking, that Mormonism, which happens to be the religion he was raised in, is the One True Faith. It is his assertion that modern Christianity broke from its genuine roots in the 3rd & 4th centuries. At your nearest Buddhist temple you will find folks who are peacefully content in being 'at one' with the universe. In the mosque you will come upon the devoted follower of Mohammad, the Real Prophet of God, with all of his necessary rules to obey. As for myself, I grew up listening to Christians preach and testify to the fact they knew that they were saved. My mother gave me the middle name of Graham, after Billy Graham. This leads me to wonder how much of religion is simply a mind game. My parents neither provided guidance or shared any wisdom they may or may not have acquired during their lifetimes, only that if I followed the Bible, I would be okay. 'We are spirits in the material world.', as the song goes, and a commentary on religion might necessarily include the fact that while it may give one the confidence that God has an open ear to them, it doesn't put food in his stomach and clothes on his back. I discovered this when it came time for me to provide these essentials for myself. I wondered why I had spent the last 12 years of my life in public school if I couldn't get a job or if I could, it didn't pay enough to meet my most basic needs. I might have just pitched a tent somewhere and scrounged as best I could, but every piece of ground I stepped on was owned by someone else. What was I to do? Sleep on the sidewalk and steal food until they threw me in jail? This country that I had been told I was a part of, this America, which in school I had to say the 'Pledge of Allegiance' to, suddenly appeared no only alien to me, but nearly an enemy. What was this society? Who had made it? Shrewd business men like Clay Christiansen? In an environment like this, a sweet little preacher's kid can be turned into a werewolf. Need I say more? Yes, I was lost back then, after all, there was no Earthborn Party. There was no government office I could go to and sign up for a piece of the land of my birth, pitch my tent there, start growing crops, raise some chickens & rabbits, maybe build a fish pond and work on a more permanent habitation, separate and independent from the greed and exploitation of the 'civilization' around me. Step aside, you do-nothing Democrats & Republicans, getting paid to bicker endlessly, we can no longer hear your empty rhetoric, the is rising on a new day. I don't know if there will ever be freedom, justice, and equality in America, but the Earthborn Party is here to get it started in the right direction. [illegible] November 10th 2013

Author: Dugger, Philip

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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