A soup

The Wordist WAM



A Soup In here is maybe more important than a new pair of state boots See it's viewed as being more than just a meal Because a certain amount of them could seal or break a deal Their legal tender and a tangible currency Far more that sustenance for when one is hungry They control how the population reacts Right next to nutty bars, honey buns, and cookie racks But yet and still Rhaman remains at the top No doubt that without which all the movement would stop Everyday with the passing of every hour Something as simple as some noodles gains so much power And everybody seem to have their favorite seasoning pack That will either land you on your back or get your blood pressure out of whack So as long as you know me remember that if you owe me Find you some so you can "Pay me my monies!" Because if you don't I just my find a foul mood Then don't worry about the starch and just eat you like some food And if you're more than a mouth full I'll call out the troops... That's right partner all that over "a soup" The Wordist - WAM

Author: The Wordist WAM

Author Location: Georgia

Date: 2016

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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