A tour of prison incarcerational life

Crawford, Monte A.



(A nonfictional essay): A tour of prison incarcerational life! Toward our quest for solace of our crimes, an incarcerated tour doing time! First-hand testimony to the living and working conditions experienced via incarcerated individuals residing in American's Prisons! Living conditions" Good morning Crawford," "Good morning CO!" being mutual, we inmates reciprocate the hereditarial famous quote greeting norm of salutations. One day starts with breakfast, then lunch & dinner, snacks from the Canteen [illegible] by us inmates in between hours of the days, thereof. Afterward, we return the CO's their breakfast, lunch and their dinner trays. We brush our teeth and properly take care of all our hygiene needs not to mention proper etiquette when eating as being connoisseurs of edible food consumption for our appetites. We start our day, Yard time, 1-on-1's with available Clinicians, Committee Meetings, Group Meeting, GED education preparedness to graduation, and vocation Computer class time. With this program we await and patronize for the day we're able to walk with a swagger. As we thrive to survive with ambition, no cocaine drug fixing, living a life of nonfiction, that's our mission with no mental tension! Prison life here in California is structured, powerful strategies for penitence, respectful with sorrowful feelings and behavior physically [endurement?] via amending, self reproach and shame. Hypothetically speaking, as an example of the Holy Bible New Testament giving shame to another. Respect all people you encounter and if you don't receive it back the other person experiences shame, and they will eventually give respect, reciprocated jester. While waiting for our emancipation to arrive we try and put forth a good effort to being in exceptionally good towards with our behavior, in one another. Prison is a place to practice penmanship, learn educational arithmetic and academic curriculum, a GED, College Degree and a vocational certificate in computers with the latest operating system. In contrast, the hypothesis, an associate degree from a Community College without the fraternity or Sorority patronizing. From freshman then sophomore, the graduate, graduating time. Degree Acronyms: AA. Associate of arts; AS. Associate of Science; BA. Bachelor of Arts; BS. Bachelor of Science; MA. Master of Arts; MS. Master of Science; MBA. Master of Business Administration; Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy; MD. Doctor of Medicine; ND. Naturopathic Doctorate; JD. Doctor of Jurisprudence, etc... Theories of Needs: One may need to check the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, McClelland's Need Theory, Schechter and Singer's Theory of Emotion, Cognition and Labeling; [Trigheric?] Theory of Intelligence, Carol Dweck's Theory of Motivation. These theories are so necessary for and for life, for inmates to grasp for reentry back into he civilized community of Societies, thereof... Via being incarcerated or confined in a Fortress of Solitude amongst other staff and inmates housed or residing here. A lot of inmates here are not anti-social due to EDP groups with Retention Therapists one on one with their Clinician Doctors who are available for usage. Men inmates here sing or rap with metaphors like Military Cadence, a cappella style of rhyming, baritone or either soprano or both. Pronunciation of pronouncing enormous vocabulary strengthens the inmate morale. Fiction or nonfiction rap style is the norm of speaking with a story, anecdote line of drama!. This way of life takes place of the fellow inmate Afro Americans to feel good and powerful with the manipulation of the English vocabulary, frankly or firmly toward rhyming with or without acappella. A feeling of euphoria is experienced, too! There's diversity here, too. It's so nice everybody gets along, as we are well-grown men inmates with understanding toward Correctional Officers, it's only the way... The Afro-American master plan is to patronize the studio, lay down some tracks of flows or rapping to be on sale or distributed to the younger generation. Serious financial money can be made with contracts or royalties via a producer and a manager. Maybe one can even own his or her own record label which one earns more of a percentage of royalties. Regular royalties are $1.00 to $2.00 dollars per CD sold. Owning your own record label you can earn $5.00 to $6.00 per CD sold dollars. So what is better, it adds up you know. We Afro-Americans try to physically build our muscles so to stay or get into great shape energetically, that's our heredity we inherited from our ancestors in history. If you desire a shave or a haircut, inmate Barbers are available on the Blocks or at dayroom time or yard where you're located, either or. Living conditions here are well. First you-ll get a supply of clothes, bedding, and hygiene items, and stationery items, 2 blankets, 2 sheets, 1 pillow case, 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, 3 pairs of socks, 3 boxers, 3 tee shirts, 1 jacket, 1 pair of slip ons shoes, 1 pair of work boots, 1 towel, 1 laundry bag, 2 rolls of tissue paper, 2 bars of soap a week , 1 shower a day, library book novel check out privileges every two weeks, breakfast, lunch and dinner or chow-small portions offered for not getting overweight, fat or obese. Please, remember, the Holy Bible, states in the New Testament, Gluttony is a deadly sin. Yard time is two hours a day. From 8 am to 10 am every day. Dayroom time is 2 to 3 hours every other day, too. Psychiatry and psychology Doctor Clinician Practitioners are available at an inmates discretion Monday through Friday. The meeting place for the Doctor Clinician Practitioners is the Treatment Center where we inmates go daily Monday through Friday in the mornings and afternoons for Groups to discuss of inmate ailments diagnosed by a Physician Doctors, etc... Personally, I already hold two college certificates, 1 Information Technology, Microsoft Office, 2 Fundamental economics, 3 high school diplomas and currently earning an Associate Degree in Sociology. Also, I hold an honorable discharge from the US Army-Military, an Airborne Ranger SAW Gunner Soldier, Private E 2 Rank. Prison life here isn't so bad and negative here at Folsom-Sacramento. Fights break out, however, the correctional officers are at their best, in careful watch especially at yard time. Participating in fights will get you sprayed with pepper spray, no ifs-ands-or-buts, it's firm. Fighting is not tolerated at all, you might as well have a forecast or projection of going to the hole, or a S.H.O.E. term in the hole. Time is subtracted from your parole date if found guilty via a Lieutenant hearing of the circumstances thereof. One of the difficulties maybe or not, CO's messing with inmates mail, it messes with inmate morale giving an inmate a hard time via COs. Inmates patronize class action civil lawsuits. 602 Forms to correct any difficulties via Correctional Officers, a plural or singular. We, inmates, look for an equilibrium of treatment conduct via Correctional Officers! Moreover, California State Prison-Folsom has a Geese or Goose problem or difficulty. the prison is besieged via Geese Birds, a plural, not a singular. They lay their droppings all over the place and walkways marking their territory. We have Yard Crews to pick it up, it should be hazmat picking up Bird Droppings. The Yard crew can't be paid enough for their duty tasks regarding this phenomenon "situation" event. It's like walking on a minefield, or playing the board game slipping and placing hands on all colors, sort of speak! That's the status quo routine, at large... Working conditions: Job pay here is $50.00 dollars a month, after 55% restitution is taken out, $22.50 is what you have in your JPAY account each month. The facility no longer takes money orders. JPAY is located in Los Angeles, CA where money orders are to be sent. All work areas are well organized and supervised by Staff and Correctional Officers, too. So no one gets hurt, all tasked duties performed and all inmates do home to their unit blocks tired and money well earned for the day. Doctors or Medical Staff are here if needed. The work is not too strong and the pay is even adequate and moderate, not too mediocre. Available jobs are 1. Yard Crew 2. Kitchen workers 3. vocational clerk 4. Library Clerk 6. Canteen Clerk 7. Block Workers 8. Kitchen Block workers 9. Treatment center clerks, assisting Recreation Therapist and Correctional Officers if requested, etc... In contrast, to having money orders sent to JPAY here in California, Washington State having money orders sent to the actual prison itself. In Washington, restitution is taken out of the inmate or trust account only if he or she receives money via outside money orders. If you work a correction job of employment as an inmate, it's not taken out. In California restitution is taken out both ways either of money orders sent in or an inmate’s job work pay. Also in California, it takes a lot longer to receive or obtain a job of work as an inmate due to the full capacity of inmates at hand. In Washington, it's fairly quicker and more organized, too; same DOC Department of Corrections, slightly different rules and laws, rest assured! To get a job here in California Prison you have to talk to Correctional Officers and ask if they have any openings or vacancies available and if they will consider you for one. Also, ask vocational staff, too. Conditions are very safe here in Folsom Sacramento Prison. Everyone here almost are well respected, free-hearted neighborly ambitious and oriented, time prison sentence, time of parole date, or life without the possibility of parole, conditions are very well till they meet their maker or just pass away... The goal is to learn not to engage in any more criminal activity again, or it kind of will be habitual and you come right back to do more time, like as if you learned nothing at all. The question is are you rehabilitated? You'll ask the Judge or District Attorney to be lenient in the reciprocation process of patronizing the Court Proceedings in your town, city or any state in the United States of America... Personally, I did incarceration time in Washington State. I've worked a great many Prison jobs from April 2002 to August 2008. I was a Custodian Janitor; kitchen worker, laundry worker, laundry porter, Chapel Clerk working for a Catholic nun and a TA; teacher's Assistant. Second I'm serving the time of a tour of incarceration here in California, grant or wish me enormous luck, okay? Finally, a joke to lift my spirits. Question: I went to a Seafood Restaurant in my Cadillac Car Eldo. Vehicle. Before I left I put and S in the hood, doors and trunk. What was the reaction when people seen me go, pass or drive by? Answer: Look at that S Car Go= a car vehicle with S on the hood, doors and trunk. Esgargot= an outside snail used as a seafood delicatessen to consume or eat up as an appetizer. S CAR GO and ESCARGOT= are juxtaposed vocabulary jargon words for the jokes punch line. Bon Voyage!! Adieu!! Adios!!

Author: Crawford, Monte A.

Author Location: California

Date: January 5, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 10 pages

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