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Rose, Amber



September 18 - 2019 A Voice From Inside Human Kind The rich taking from the poor, a story as old as time. How do the rich get away with what they do? How do we allow these things to continue to happen? The love of money is the route of all evil, money changes people. It sounds crazy doesn't it? I mean, how do you make money off of broke? If it isn't there, it isn't there. You can't squeeze money out of nothing, zero, 0. Let me tell you... Pretend to be doing society a favor, cleaning up the streets in Idaho. Ridding society of the lower class addicts, putting them in prison. Idaho laws allow IDOC to warehouse/hoard inmates for extreme amounts of time. Why? Drug crimes in Idaho are given as much time, if not more time than child molesters, and murder charges, does anyone know why? Money!! Idahos' prisons are capitalizing off of a disease and they're doing it at the expense of the tax payers, and over families. Tax payers pay thousands of dollars a year to house and support more than 8,000 offenders in Idaho. IDOC and their contracts are receiving all the benefits. TKC Holdings (Keefe Commissary) J Pay Corizon Secure Tech Access Corrections The list is long... These companies are making billions of dollars a year, why does no one care? Idaho is allowing this to happen. Why does Idaho not have good time? Why are we day for day, 100% of our time? Why do we not have treatment? With more than 14 correctional institutions in Idaho alone that in no way correct the addictions or behaviors of the citizens in Idaho. I believe IDOC is in fact furthering addiction on purpose, as well as contributing to creating new addictions. I feel that if someone would take the time to look into the officials who are running IDOC, as well as the contracts that are contracted through Idaho Department of of Corrections, they'd find a corrupt system victimizing the lower class, tax payers, and our families, for money. I'm just one opinion in a world of billions however, I have a voice and I'm determined to be heard. What IDOC is doing, and what Idaho is allowing to happen is nothing short of human trafficking. The only difference is IDOC is abusing their position of power, and authority, along with the badges they've been given by using them as tools to continue to victimize us. Addiction is a disease, without treatment this disease can become fatal. Addiction doesn't discriminate, once an addict you will always be an addict. 8 to 88 as long as you're able to participate, addiction doesn't care your race or anatomy Man to woman, or age, it just infects, and without treatment you'll have very little chance at recovery. IDOC doesn't care about helping us get well, they would rather keep us sick, and keep us coming back. With more than 8,000 offenders in the system in Idaho it makes me wonder how many of them don't belong in prison? While the director of prisons was doing a walk through here with the deputy warden, Mrs. Shewmaker I decided to ask some questions. Josh Twalt the directory, was kind enough to give me a few minutes of his time. Mr. Twalt told me that his plan is to help make this the best women's facility in the nation... He also said to me that if they had more bed space they'd just keep filling the beds. Listen, like any other offender in prison I do appreciate the idea behind commissary, property, phone time, emails, and music, even hobby craft. All of these things work together in order to lessen the struggle while we're away from our families. IDOC is banking on it. Our families money is how this system is making money off of poor people. Again it sounds crazy, but it's not. As an addict I'll be the first person to admit I've done many thing's that I'm not proud of, and that I'm even embarrassed to admit that I've done, I'm human. I'm here now attempting to right my wrongs and move forward from my life of addiction. I'm not here because I got caught. I'm here because I have started to make the decisions in my life. It's time for change. If I always do what I have always done I will always get the same results. Insanity! That's not for me anymore. Hopefully doing the right thing will count for something. In the eyes of the law they view me as a criminal. In gods eyes we're all sinners the same, but in real life we're all soldiers in a battle called life, and soldiers don't roll to battle we march to war human kind is worth fighting for. I've decided that at some point I have to stop living life only for myself, and start living for more. God is good, and my cause is worthy. #101 agencies now that I've contacted with this letter. The more people that know about whats going on the more chances we have at getting help. Prisoners are people too... Thank you!

Author: Rose, Amber

Author Location: Idaho

Date: September 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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