A white liberal male federal called me (Fitch) a racist

Fitch, Lamont



"A White Liberal Male Federal Called Me (Fitch) A Racist" I arrived from a kangaroo court to an awaiting trap here in the federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) over 21 years ago. The thing is for my jailers to pit their inmates against me, as well as their colleagues, and then prosecute me, or attempt to, after I defend myself. This has been the unrelenting hate that has followed me from jail to jail, non-stop. I documented the trap that awaited me at USP Leavenworth in 1999. My so-called "Muslim" brothers (whom I didn't know prior to my arrival there) coordinated with the FBI and BOP staff against me. This goofy plot failed but it began to open my eyes... Malfeasance followed me from Leavenworth to USP Pollock in Louisiana (2002) where a minority female LT. stole a clear trash bag of my case papers while the white captain posted-up outside of the cell I was assigned to. I was later accused of "insolence" by this minority (African-American) female Lt. and placed in the same cell with 2 other white prisoners in the SHU. Her, and the powers behind her, didn't know, but the main white prisoner, Philly Red, was my friend. After several days, staff placed another white prisoner in the same cell with us. So that's a total of 4 people in a one man cell. This prisoner was known as Horn-Head. He had notable tattoos on him which included swastikas and life-like tats of Hitler, Timothy McVie(sic,) etc. After 5 days, or so, federals came to the cell door, "Fitch, pack your shit. You're moving to another cell." I'm soon after cuffed, my bundled property collected by staff, and I'm removed from the cell. Once outside the cell, and a little way up the range, staff stops me, "Fitch, nothing was meant by that," he pointed back at the cell I was being removed from. I said, "OK." I was moved into a cell with another prisoner from Newark, New Jersey, where I'm from. From the USP Pollock I'm transferred to USP Big Sandy in Enez, Kentucky (2005). The pitting continues (Note: I'm transferred from USP Pollock after a year in the SHU after I assaulted an inmate-operative from Palestine, an Arab who did some coward foul crap behind my back) and I catch an assault charge on a federal who was trying to pit more white inmates against me. This occurred on June 16, 2006. I was immediately removed from the prison and taken to USP McCreay in Pine Knot, Kentucky (Another prisoner named Harry Wheeler was transferred also). From USP McCreay the US Marshal Service collected us and transported us to Grayson County Detention Center in Leitchfield, Kentucky. Here at Grayson County Detention Center (GCDC) more pitting matches awaited me and I documented this misconduct via grievances and a suit to one of the colluders in my crises. Finally, on November 11, 2007 I was found not guilty on count 1 of a 2 count Indictment, which carried 20 years. Count 1 was assaulting, or impeding a federal official while performing an official duty. Count 2, which carried 6 months, was assault. I was fraudulently found guilty of this count in a joint effort by judge, prosecutor, court reporter, and last minute defense counsel (Note: I didn't trust this lawyer so I kept him out of everything until the last minute, the day of the trial.). I arrived back to G.C.D.C. and shortly thereafter I was struck from behind as I argued with a deputy. My jaw was broken in 3 different places. After 2 surgeries I was further harassed by deputies and placed in a small isolation area of the jail. Here I met a white prisoner nick-named Cowboy (Donnie Daugherty (sic)). Cowboy was a federal detainee from some where in Kentucky. He'd possibly been brought in on a raid if I remember correctly. He was a member of the Hell's Angels' Motorcycle club. After covering with him we learned that I knew one of his Hell's Angels brothers, Joey, who I met up at USP Leavenworth. Joey was the first white prisoner who advised me, subtlety, to get away from the "Muslims," who performed false flag operations and carried out other tasks for staff, FBI, and even least expected organizations. Joey had given me books to read hat made me re-think a few things here in America. Now, I'm the first to admit that I don't know anything about the Hell's Angels other than their being a known motor cycle club. However, I know for fact that Joey was the first sincere prisoner/person that I met here in federal prison after I was railroaded, and he's a white Italian. Cowboy basically quizzed me as to Joey, making sure this was his Mohawk brother with the Hell's Angels tats on the sides of his shaved head: "Hell's" on one side, "Angels" on the other. After I told Cowboy what I believed Joey was in for: beheading his girlfriend and taking her head with him across state lines, he laughed and simply said, "yea, something like that." So for the next 4 days or so we talked about all types of crazy shit the feds pulled. Then one day the feds dooped his girlfriend and was able to enter his house and seize property of his. I could hear Cowboy going ballistic over the phone, arguing with his girlfriend. He slammed the phone down and called me. He began telling me about the move the feds pulled, and cussing his girl out while he did. I just listened. Later this night, the deputies and the nurses came and told Cowboy that his girlfriend was dead, that they were sorry. He asked what happened and they told him it was suicide. I didn't hear from him for the rest of the night. The next morning he called me and told me to shoot him a line. (Note: We pass notes and commissary items under the cell door with a line made from bed sheets). I did this. He sent me a note that said these people wanted him to kill me, "get out of this jail, I don't go against any of my brothers" (Joey). I mailed this note to a member of my family under legal mail letter file #D-4-08. The next attempt to pit white prisoners against me occurred in 2014 at USP Terre Haute in Indiana. Here, white male staff harassed and plotted on me. They'd lock me up and through away my property. On one occasion I was accused of tampering with a locking device after I pressed the medical button located on the cell's wall. I was escorted to lock-up. On the way there we had to pass by elevators for death row. Staff stopped me before the doors and told me they do "unofficial executions as well." Upon my release from lock-up, white prisoners came to me and told me that staff offered them stacks of pornography for a knife they could "find" in my property. A white prisoner (Chris) I knew from N.J. State DOC system shut down this plot. (Note: My property was being inventoried by the housing unit officers in their office, after I was escorted out of the housing unit). This recruiting and "deputizing," or attempts to do so, is the main avenue of attack against me (and other targeted prisoners). From jail to jail for 21 years straight, staff and their inmates have been pitted against me. I'm then punished, prosecuted, or attempts to prosecute me are made, for successfully defending myself. There has been no break in the chain of misconduct leveled at me since my arrival to the FBOP. The foregoing descriptions are events where I have proof that state, county, and federal officials have attempted to instigate altercations between me and white prisoners. (These practices are not limited to white prisoners/inmates. Arabs, Hispanics, and African-Americans have also been recruited). In response to a slander that I (Fitch) am a racist, I drafted this expose, if you will. I was falsely libeled this by a white liberal federal male on Dec. 27, 2018, during a 4:00pm count. He told his African-American female co-worker "this one is a racist," and continued counting. I never engaged this federal, and I never spoke to him (other than about cleaning supplies). Where ever this staff member got his false information from, it's the root of the harassment that's following me from jail to jail. Federals are assassinating my character and recruiting others to partake in the campaign against me. With staff, it's been about provocation; provoking you to perform a certain way. If a prisoner is not careful he can find himself baited into a trap. Submitted by, Lamont Fitch [ID] USP Beaumont LFITCH4050@emailinterface.org A Prisoner of American racism and social control 1-11-19

Author: Fitch, Lamont

Author Location: Texas

Date: January 11, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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