A whole lot deeper then anger

Folsom, Brian Nicholas



"A Whole Lot Deeper Then Anger" By: Brian Folsom 02-21-2020 Prison life can break anyone. When loneliness and fear drive a man or woman too deep inside themselves, faith shrivels into hopelessness. It feels like the last piece of red beating heart finally solidify's, and an infection of bitterness intensifies tenfold. The deep dark become's a very sacred thing. I truley believe when the need for somekind of meaningful human contact become's an impossibility, a soul can become tainted with madness and allow violence to rage forth as the only mean's of 'real' relief. A last kind of expression of being alone that make's me feel something in the most immediate and brutal form. I'm now a shadow shooter, the obvious disfigured son of lunatic's who broke my spirit and threw me away. It is what it is. A whole lot deeper then anger.

Author: Folsom, Brian Nicholas

Author Location: Colorado

Date: March 4, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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