A woman’s worth

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



"A Woman's Worth" by Richard Atkins Jr. High Desert State Prison May 12, 2019 A woman's worth. The worth of the world and for all mankind. 'cause without a woman having us men backs we will not live in peace. We have to embrace their strength, their beauty from within and the unconditional love they represent. When I think of a lion, the king of the jungles of Africa, I think of the strength that all women possess. My beautiful mother gave me beauty as an African-American soldier in this world and taught me that a woman's worth was more purer than virgin blood. More sacred than the male species could ever comprehend. Men think of sex and control, while women think of the family's survival and well being. What's deeper than a water well? A woman going through child birth. Do you know how sacred child birth is? It's biblical, to the fifth power! This is the work and worth of a woman from the highest of levels. Life on earth without the female species is no life form on earth... at all. A woman is all things. Like with the walk of a godness goddess. A woman is pure poetry under palm trees in Hollywood. A woman is the back bone of every powerful man. And when I say powerful, I'm talking about Jay-Z, Diddy, Tyler Perry, Oprah and Shonda Rhimes. Powerful. There's a stronger woman than a man the backbone of this man. Why you think so many men harm our precious women? 'Cause she's given him her mind, body and soul and he stepped and walked all over her. So therefore, she tries to end the relationship. But this insecure man commits murder, killing the woman he claimed to love before turning the gun on himself. Cowards... That's the strength, the deep-gutted love of a woman. And a man fortunate to receive the love of her love needs to cherish the woman, love her unconditionally and give her your soul... She's every reason for us men to exist. She's my mother, my grandmother, my aunts, my sisters and my cousins. She's the fruit off the tree of life. So we must respect, adore and love thy woman. Wet leaves on the trees in the garden of the heavens that resemble all women. That resembles each breath, each talent, each and every kiss by the lips of beauty. The woman is our planet's fertilizer. She's our seeds that grows and nurtures planet earth with her birth. A woman's worth stems from her beautiful blessed birth. A gift from God the almighty. To respect a woman is to respect ourselves and allow God to not be caught between his decision on us receiving heaven/or hell... I tell you this story about a woman's worth which is non-fiction, which is poetic, innocent and sacred. To cherish, respect, hold, learn from and love like no other. A woman's worth can be worth no price at all. It's not currency, it's all in the heart. So play back the story of a woman's worth and discover her worth. Only then can you truly learn to value the woman's worth...

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: May 12, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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