Abuse of discreation

Welch, K. D.



Abuse of Discretion By K.D. Welch Abuse of power is abuse of power, "regardless" of whether the "Victim" is an Animal, an Criminal or those "Incarcerated"! The great cruel, inhumane, inhospitable E.S.P. in Northern, NV, whom is there "not" afraid of the Ely, NV officials & their vile towns creation of ESP max facility? The ruling families here most born & raised in Ely, NV, control w power ESP & (all) within this town's <perimeter>; racism, threat, bullying & violence is the order & way in Ely State Prison & Town. While an inmate within this "dungeon" of torture, to witness verbal threat & reprimand unto this facilities "own staff" by its admin; unto c/o's & free staff; the indirect fear held by free staff & c/o's from this dept head's is most disturbing. Having addressed the NV, Dept of Correction's "Top" officials & offices, NV legislator's, legal-counsel's & org's within & outside of Nevada with concerns of the widespread - injustice, civil right's violations, wide neglect of med-care, unsanitary practice of food-serv & handling, storage & SHR [illegible] et. al, in operation at ESP, all has been met with same <response> simply no reply & or evasive "it will be reviewed or looked into" to no avail. No entity has any desire to take on the challenging task & the ruler's in & of the small nthrn town in NV? Why? The inmate whom occupied the cell K.D. Welch now currently resides is now deceased do to lack of med-care for critical disease, death in April, RIP Sir. Question: What are the legal dept's, law officials & governmental dept's hiding or afraid of? what is really going on in this little NV draught & gloomy lil town? Personally in receipt of death threat, threat to be unlawfully liquid fed psychotropic drugs for detesting, protesting about this cruel & inhumane treatment & action's here; has & continually met with silence, retaliation; while no assistive or corrective measures have been applied to curb correct or STOP the blatant abuse & total disregard for NAC, NRS, state, fed or Constitutional violations stuffed together here at ESP facility. Final question: How & why is this possible? Who can help "us"; can you today? Thx for time, energy & effort with opportunity to post this written plea! Thoughts, comments, luv, reply's & correspondence (support) send thru A.P.W.A. website - www.dhinitiative.org Solidarity, justice, peace, equality, love May the lord Jesus Christ bless you & your families today. Amen. Thx APWA Editors

Author: Welch, K. D.

Author Location: Nevada

Date: January 29, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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