Abused again

Richter, Robert



July 22, 2018 Robert John Richter For APWA Abused again Yet again, within only one day of being questioned by a senior OSI PREA investigator, I have been subjected to sexual abuse, staff voyeurism, inflicted upon me in order to intimidate, humiliate, and degrade me. The excuse, again, was an outside trip for an OMH (psych) appointment. This was just a cover. This isn't the only retaliation I have suffered. On July 2, OSI PREA investigator Bossman questioned me about my PREA complaints, but only about old issues: CO Williams in Green Haven, the gay CO in Clinton, and the Albany Medical Centre Hospital rape. He didn't want to talk about any other incidents. Why? He also did something very disturbing: after questioning me, he wrote a statement and asked me to sign it. I am perfectly capable of writing my own statements, so why did he do that? Immediately after that, I was called out to the tier office and confronted by Captain Raczkowski, who somehow had copies of letters I had sent to Govenor Cuomo, and of essays I wrote for APWA. Why, when I write to the Governor about staff misconduct, does my letter end up in the hands of one of the people I complained about? Did my mail even go out, or is Cuomo himself part of the problem? I got called out to OMH a few weeks ago after a staff member claimed that I had "grandiose ideas and plans". What ideas and plans? The same exact ideas and plans that DOCCS and OMH have known about for years, that have been published online for years. Am I going to be strip searched, shackled, and sent on hour-long trips again and again? Apparently so. This is Superintendent Crowley's latest tactic. It's strange that after the first time it happened, I filed a PREA complaint with her, telling her that I felt intimidated, humiliated, and degraded by this blatant retaliation, but she didn't report or investigate it. What did she do? She claimed. yet again, that she had no idea what I was talking about. You might think that the numerous detailed letters I sent her would have informed her, but no. I even told her to read what I had posted on APWA. Her response to that was to have her staff lie to me, telling me that I'm not allowed to publish anything online. The Legal Aid Society even sent her a letter, citing both DOCCS directive and case law, telling her that she was breaking the law. She has no idea. She also said that she doesn't care if Einstein was insane. That is in itself insane! Einstein was not some random person, his insanity has infected the entire planet! Trillions of dollars and millions of lives wasted because of one man's inability to use facts and logic to arrive at rational conclusions. Several years ago, not many people cared about Trump's mental status, but you had better care now, with his finger on the nuclear trigger. To not care if Einstein was crazy is the most ignorant thing I have heard in years. So now Brian Austin came to question me about what's been going on here at Orleans, but again he writes the statement. What kind of statement is that? His words on paper in his handwriting written with his pen.... where's my statement? Why don't I get to decide which words are used? He could have written to me ahead of time, and I would have sent him a complete and detailed statement in my own handwriting. That's not how Cuomo's cops work. Will Cuomo ever enforce the law? Sure, he can name a bridge after his father, as if anyone cares. Not one person in a million ever called that bridge anything except "the Tappan Zee bridge", "T-Z bridge", or "T-Z", or ever will. Show me one state official, let alone prison official, whom he has fired for incompetence or misconduct. Sure, he sort of kind of asked the Attorney General to resign, but that's about it. Of course, Cuomo has little idea what crimes are committed in his name. Like all big-time politicos, he has an extensive staff dedicated to insulating and isolating him from all uncomfortable truths. Like Crowley, he has no idea what's going on, and says so publicly. His close associates, Sheldon, Silver, et al, go to prison, but Cuomo never even suspected anything! He personally inspected the Clinton "escape" site, but did anyone tell him that state employees cut the hole in the pipe? He has no idea. It wouldn't matter if he did, since corrupt, criminal officials can't be prosecuted in New York anyway. We have elected District Attorneys, and prisoners didn't vote, and the voters (you!) don't care what happens inside prisons. I recently saw an article about the very first time prison guards were ever prosecuted for beating a prisoner. Oh, I should have said "almost prosecuted" because they were allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanours in exchange for quitting their jobs voluntarily. Never mind that being convicted of felonies would have had the same effect! What ever happened to my PREA complaint from downstate SHU? On arrival, I was strip frisked, despite a written DOCCS policy that inmates will not be strip frisked after a SHU to SHU transfer. Even worse, at least five people watched me, including a female nurse, contrary to the rule that only the one officer conducting the frisk can be present. When I wrote this up, Sgt. Slepoy came to my cell and questioned me "on the gate", so that all of the other inmates could hear. I wrote that up too, and was questioned by Sgt. Johnson in a private room, but that's illegal too - a complaint about a sergeant can't be investigated by another sergeant. I also discovered that officers were reading my private mail. How could I report that? The Director of Special Housing wrote to me months later that he had received my PREA complaint before denying my appeal (of the ticket I was in SHU for). Did he report it, as required by law, investigate it, or fulfil mandatory PREA process for monitoring retaliation? No, he shamelessly ignored all of that, and I have the paperwork to prove it. There is no justice in New York state, never has, never will be. One federal prosecutor (Kim) was on the news, bragging about how he secured convictions against guards who brutally beat an inmate. Why isn't he investigating my complaints? One case, that's it? Austin wanted me to identify other inmates who witnessed the crimes here at Orleans. Nobody is willing to come forward because OSI never does anything to protect inmate witnesses. When an inmate was murdered at Clinton, the inmate who witnessed it was beaten within an inch of his life. Numerous inmates witnessed that, and every single one got the message: shut up or die. Less than one day after Austin questioned me, I was stripped naked and sent to OMH, not knowing if I'd wind up starving in a strip cell again, or brutally, mercilessly beaten, as Rufus Wood was on December 5, 2014. Not one person has investigated my numerous reports of that assault. Good job, Cuomo, I get your message, but I won't be silent. I will keep reporting these crimes. So, when someone is brutalised, violated, sexually abused, and psychologically tortured for years, and sees and hears about similar crimes every single day, for decades, what do you expect them him to do? Why do criminals get out of prison and commit new crimes? It's your fault, you, the reader, voter, juror, citizen. Don't cry to me when some maniac steals your car, rapes your daughter, or sells your son drugs (oh - he OD'd? Too bad!). You taught these prisoners that the law is a joke, that might makes right, that it's ok to steal, rape and kill. Now suffer the consequences. I'm leaving this shithole country, moving to Finland, Russia, Spain, Germany, or Iran - anywhere but here. America has become a giant prison, a land of selfish, greedy, ignorant, short-sighted morons. School shootings will become a daily event, pimped by the media. I'm out, I've had enough! I can't survive on the society you are creating.

Author: Richter, Robert

Author Location: New York

Date: July 22, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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