Torres, Eduardo



Alchemy Alchemy brings up a set of insinuances like the fact its famous for turning metals into gold, and that now it is called chemistry. But I'm here to tell you its magical laws live on. From parenthood to personal wisdom and philosophy, alchemy lives on. It exists as the transference of energy. Alchemy is a term that brings people to edge, but it is relevant to life whether we recognize it or not. In our emotions, intelligence, and lifestyles alchemy exists as their mediator and the supreme commander that makes their processes possible. The fact that we can have kids and our kids emotions affect us on a concious and subconcious level is only one example of a energy transfer code. Another example is growing older slower or faster than others. The processes of life and their products of value, expense, and futility are all governed by how we interact with alchemy and its relation to ourselves. And although we dont dont always use alchemy it is more than likely we are used by it. Secrets that involve alchemy are closely guarded in todays age as much as in the old days. If one who knows of alchemy and does not speak of it, it's likely due to two main reasons. First because they use it in others expense. Secondly because they are scared to seem crazy. The secrets of alchemy are the most highly regarded secrets in time. Religion, sciences, and welfare revolve around alchemy. Whether you believe it or not the world has treasures that pertain to it and yet do not exist inside the world. Laws of physics is a great example of this. However the laws extend to non apparent applications such as that of Destiny. Chemistry is only its current frontier which is rather formidable none the less. Pay attention almost everything is between the lines. -ET

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: March 4, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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