All I can think to write about is what it is like to be illiterate

Soren, Jade



January 7, 2019 APWA, All I can think to write about is what its like to be illiterate most of my life, to be abandoned by public defenders and to face a wrongful conviction on only hearsay when real evidence was not allowed. I can't imagine anyone interested in what it took to learn to read and write, the hell I lived through since December [redacted], 1990. Lets be honest, people are always too willing to believe the worst. I suppose it helps shape the world in their eyes. I still do not believe that the outcry exception, hearsay was even designed or intended to supplant real evidence that was disallowed so the jury never heard it. I heard from a woman in Denver who was not afraid of the truth and she told me that when she checked the inmate location it showed I was given many years on each conviction, all of them credited to the same day, same fine, same alleged violation. So ask yourself a question. What if a person is truly innocent. Why is it so popular for politicians to say all are innocent until proven guilty. When in fact people are presumed guilty until proven innocent. Last thought. Why did my polygraph examiner get so worked up and say "you must be guilty of something" at least my days on this world are about up. Take care [signature]

Author: Soren, Jade

Author Location: Colorado

Date: January 7, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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