#All of us: Pandemic

Brownell, Charles A.



# All of Us: Pandemic The U.S. over 40,000 dead, 720,000+ infected, and 2 million infected world wide and increasing. Arkansas has 1700+ infected, 38 deaths and counting as COVID-19 begins to run rampid in Arkansas prisons. ADC and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson proven foolish in thinking they'ld be barely or lightly affected both not adhering to distancing and shutdown orders. The Arkansas Division of Correction (ADC) continues to herd "New Intake Inmates" in working hard to bring COVID-19 into the prisons intentionally whilst telling lies in claims on T.V. that they're "protecting" the inmates. Families are voicing concerns and blasting ADC's lies. ADC continues to not release parole eligible inmates intentionally while deliberately placing them in unnecessary danger! In spite of the Case Law ruled in the cases of Holt v. Sarver in the late 60's, Finney v. Arkansas Board of Correction in the late 70's, Smith v. Norris and Smith v. Arkansas Board of Correction, ADC continues to build and operate illegal and unconstitutional "open barracks" prisons deemed unsafe and dangerous as a lack of security and safety for the inmates by the federal government. ADC also operates continuously understaffed and prisons overcrowded in violation of these very same cases. ADC shows continued deliberate disregard for federal rulings and guidelines, law, state and federal constitution, and human rights in deliberate indifference as per case Farmer v. Brennan. In the beginning assault of the coronavirus strain COVID-19, ADC accelerates into its greatest blunter as an unsettling and horrifying worst case scenario for their unconstitutional open barracks and packing people in to close to eachother now truly unfolds. It's bad enough inmates attack and rob other inmates and bully them all the time in these open barracks. In some attacks the inmate will be murdered... but most often they're beaten or severely injured. When dealing with a contagion, the population of a prison's open barracks are decimated due to lack of protective barriers. It'll be faster than the cruise ships, military ships, or anything else seen in the world outside of prison. This is caused by the fact that in an open barracks there's not a single wall or barrier and everyone is so close that a single sneeze from one infected person can infect an entire barracks in a few seconds. Welcome to the start of the COVID-19 murders of the Arkansas inmates at the careless hands of the Arkansas Division of Correction (ADC) under Governor Asa Hutchinson. Senator Director of ADC Wendy Kelly, Director Dexter Payne, and Deputy Director M.D. Reed. 8 days before April 10th, 2020, Instructor Wright of ADC's Riverside VoTech comments that per Doctor Allen, head of the VoTech East Arkansas Regional Unit in Brickeys, Arkansas has COVID-19 and a couple of deaths COVID related. Approximatly 8 days before April 10th, 2020, Varner Unit in Grady, Arkansas converts 1 and 2 barracks into "quarantine" barracks to bring in "new intake inmates" from the outside county jails then fill 2 barracks with new inmates on 2 week quarantine. For 8 days straight before April 10th, 2020, and continued thereafter, Varner Unit staff violates "quarantine" of "new intake inmates" by bringing the inmates from 2 barracks down the hall to 9 and 10 barracks where the "main pill window" is placing all inmates and staff at greater risk and danger than just bringing the new intake inmates in. This enrages staff and inmates. 5 days before April 10th, 2020, Nurse Scott lets it slip that an infected inmate in the Varner Supermax Unit in isolation is on a failing ventilator. April 10th, 2020, I write 3 emergency grievances about how ADC is bringing new inmates into the prison. The prisoners of ADC live in unconstitutional barracks forced to be in such close proximity making this environment a death trap COVID-19 incubator. Majority of the inmates do not have "life" nor "death" sentences yet ADC is trying to force a COVID-19 death sentence upon all of them. Inmates have no safety, no protection, and no security in open barracks and the officers abandon their posts very regularly. Majority of Officers on doors here at Varner are female and are often occupied by groups of male inmates or a single inmate for various "reasons" and leaving no one watching the barracks. This is just a few days after ADC's Wendy Kelly was on the news standing at the Arkansas State Capitol telling lies about how ADC is doing everything to "protect" the inmates. We're still packed into the barracks and chow halls like sardines. Nothing's being done. April 11th, 2020, COVID-19 white cloth masks are passed out to the inmate population. Failure to wear the mask carries penalty of a major disciplinary, loss of class, loss of "good time," restrictions, and being placed in "the Hole." Restrictions include no commissary and zero contact with family and loved ones, which is unconstitutional. This is crazy and harsh given each inmate has a single mask and no way to sanitize this single mask because it "must" be worn thus cannot be sent out to laundry defeating the purpose of this mask. This is also harsh considering inmates cannot get out to go "contract" the virus and it is ADC staff and the "new intake inmates" that are bringing COVID-19 into the prison... just like the drugs and contraband considering in-person visitation was stopped a month ago!!! Suspicious that drugs and contraband are still coming in. April 12th, 2020, ABC News channel 7 announces 1st inmate infected at Cummins Unit in Grady, Arkansas just a few days after an officer at Cummins Unit was confirmed infected. ADC claims the officer had no contact with inmates. April 13th, 2020, 43 of 48 inmates in a single barracks at Cummins Unit now infected just 1 day after 1st inmate infected announced. 13 officers of Cummins Unit also infected. Inmates also found at Forrest City Federal Unit to be infected. Early morning hours, Varner Unit brings in approximatly 23 "New Intake Inmates" from the county jail to mix with other "quarantine" inmates in 1 barracks. April 14th, 2020, 1 day after inmate infection outbreak announced Governor Asa Hutchinson announces an executive order protecting health care workers from malpractice suits handling COVID-19 instantly protecting ADC's 3rd party medical care provider, Well Path, formerly Correct Care Solutions from malpractice suits in inmate deaths due to neglect setting up COVID-19 silent and protected murders by ADC and their equally dissolute medical care provider Well Path. April 15th, 2020, inmates infected at North Central Unit in Calico Rock, Arkansas. Well Path now brings medication to the barracks for those who take medication. Chow is now run a single barracks at a time. VoTech, school, and all meaningful programs shutdown with religious services until further notice. April 15th, 2020, over 300 inmates are infected with COVID-19 at Cummins Unit and ADC's action for the outbreak and deaths is to send 10% of the inmate population home that is because only 10% meet the criterial demands of "non-violent" offense and non-sex offenders. Because Arkansas labels nearly all crimes "violent" that aren't and Arkansas, like most states discriminates against sex offenders, 90% are sentenced to be forced at the hands of Arkansas to contract and most likely die of COVID-19 due to poor or no medical care, which is not part of their sentence and worst of all suffer the fear and terror of anticipation of this death that do not have "life" nor "death" sentences but will be forced by ADC to it because ADC feels they are gods of whom can determine who's life is more valuable than another. Given the false conviction rate and corruption of the Arkansas System, a system that regularly violates law and constitution for the sake of money is calling shots on who should have a chance to "live" on the outside or die in an incubator/COVID-19 death camp that ADC calls prisons. Funny how only after it hits the news about inmate infections does ADC actually take small actions to do something and even that is half assed. This is after Wendy Kelly told her lies of "protection." Mrs. Kelly even started her spill of lies with, "family members have been contacting ADC about their loved ones, we've been doing all we can to protect the inmates and there haven't been any complaints." Liars, why would families be calling in complaining and what about your records that shows inmate grievances, your records on moving and bringing in inmates and your own "video" footages? All of ADC's actions and lies paint a clear picture of carelessness, negligence, and deliberate indifference. How many people is acceptable for Arkansas to murder? Stop calling them "inmates" or "monsters" to degrade people to less than yourselves to justify inhumane abuse, torture, and murder! How many incarcerated "people" must die before everyone before anyone stops it? How many "people" with the same rights as anyone else and that matter too must die at the hands of the ADC and Well Path before everyone sees the corruption of the cost of everything wrong with the industrialized "mass incarceration"? It's fact that greed is overrunning sound judgment and the care of people. ADC is still giving out parole denials when ADC could be letting all eligible for parole, are past their parole date, are on parole violations, and within 5 years of their parole on flat date go home which would eliminate more than half the inmate population to allow distancing inside the already overcrowded prisons. We're not all in this together as ADC doesn't care about the people in their care and have shown for years a complete disregard for human life. Incarcerated people are people and their lives matter. #AllofUs pandemic, send our people home and stop torturing, exploiting, and killing them for money!

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: May 1, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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