Alone, man cannot change: merely, amends

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



Ch. 15. "Alone, 'man' cannot 'change': merely, 'amends'." ARA (c) 9/3/19 ADX (one generation departs and another generation comes, but the world forever stays; Eccle. 1:4) "As durance, ADX max lends nothing different (to his-tory); than Tocqueville's book - in 1835! So, I must explain, that, truth's sprung; from 'all the weeds left us'! The word (plagiary) roots, in: kidnapper; net; fluke (etc)! If you imagine, where a prison seeks 'changing' (its structure; behavior; or, durance); then, 'you're bound to never change your thinking'? Hence, 'nothing (I write) will make a dent'! Be that as it may be true, "read on"; please? "Empedocles" (GR. 5th cen. B.C.) said: "all change is caused by attraction and repulsion"! You know what the bible says, Ecclesiastes! But, "Juvenal"-(Roman 60-140 AD) wrote a, particular poem; about govt ("bread and circus") that, cost him, to the grave (of infamy)! Because 'he' spoke, 'the truth'! They credit 'Chaucer' with first using 'circus' (English, 1380); and, 'that's a half-truth'! 'Juvenal' - (in Latin) was 'first'! 'Slick'! Anyway, 'mutatis mutandis' gives support; to how I use 'change'! Confused? Well, I hope so; then y'all may check out, 'What's true'? As 'Einstein' said, 'the world cannot be changed, without changing our thinking'! Wow, forgive the long walk, but; I needed that! Maybe, 'change' (from: exchange - Latin: cambire, late latin) will; 'light upon y'all'? The govt has y'all, in prison! It uses 'bread and circuses'! Some, y'all be: unwilling, durance--I'm there--majority be--most 'out there', willing (base)! But, remember: latin, major/majority, ain't greater? Government knows, the, Root (Almagest; Hermes Trismegistus; 'Mahat'-'I am Mahat' see, Ex. 3:14)! 'Don't be spooked'! 'However, them--that--follows, mayn't lead'; ever! Now, here (ADX Max, plantation), I see the End (of): potable drinking water; safe showers safe meals--before tampering--medical; mail; games--Inmate Trust looted, 'wall'--phone calls; and, more so 'Oversight' (cause: 'who will guard, the guards; themselves? Juvenal)! 'Don't be dismayed,' the scale swings: 'out there,' too! 'Rich get richer, and the poor get poorer'; 'durance are the first wave'! 'It' is a fact, 'where one wave comes in then it must go back out-again'! 'Y'all, are the retreating waves who are blind (to your fate)'! Even except for 'APWA' (et cetera), 'nature', 'flags' y'all, 'but, who is free' ('out there')? Really, your, 'perspectives' (Media, molds, daily) are: curtailed; by Rich (lackies); and race (Wan & Spanish, majority) 'pollutes' people ('the waters')! So, seeing ('the writing on the wall', Dan. 5:7 and 5:17) is for, only, the few ('many are called but few are chosen' Mt. 22:14)! 'Seeing is, believing in a near sighted World; filled with: me; me; me-give-me'! Wow!' (Essays on File) (Democratic-Rep Party 2019) ARA ADX (c)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: September 3, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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