Alone with nobody

Balmer, Christopher



ALONE WOTH NOBODY For many that are incarcerated, being alone hurts more often than any other pain we may experience. Having no one to share the ideas, thoughts and passions we have, slowly but surely destroys a person behind bars. Loneliness turns to self—destruction, forcing individuals to engage in behaviors one would be appalled by. My message to those incarcerated is for all of us to start seeking p0Sil'iV€ interactions with people out in the communities. Instead of focusing on how much money you think you can get out of someone, focus on building a true, productive friendship or relationship with someone outside of prison. In order for individuals out in society to understand the many pains associated with prison, a prisoner must at all times fully express, without his ego getting in the way, how he really feels. A vast majority of people in society are ignorant to the realities of prison life. When corresponding with someone, showing them by and through your words, how prison hurts you allows that person to become connected with you. He or she will live the emotions you live. If that person truly cares about you, he or she will understand that you need their support more so emotionally than anything else. No matter how much a man tries to deny it, as men we all need to feel loved, appreciated and cared for. Men are still humans and all humans need the nourishment of love. No matter what, someone who is cared for stays alive emotionally due to the love and guidance they received. When you’re a prisoner, you rarely come across a person in the community that is totally understanding of your situation. Educate them with the truth. Never lie to them or attempt to scam them. This only destroys your credibility and takes a person’s help away. Never in a million years do you want to bite a hand that feeds you. Respectfully, Christopher Balmer ©April 2013 Christopher is a 25-year-old, currently incarcerated at SCI Greene. He is a prisoner rights advocate, against the death penalty, an advocate against solitary confinement and a young man who seeks to educate others regarding the harsh realities of living in prison. Alone With Nobody A Poem

Author: Balmer, Christopher

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: April 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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