Alternative corrections

Brownell, Charles A.



Alternative Corrections Alternative Corrections is all about giving back to Society rather than just ripping people contributing to society out of it and putting the cost of housing and care of that person on the entire nation and that person's family as a punishment that actually punishes the offender and the offender's family. People are always going to make "Mistakes" and do something wrong in the eyes of someone else because Right and Wrong are opinions of other people. What's right or wrong to one person may not be wrong or right to others. It's normal and natural and is just part of life and learning. The true difference is in the reason that rests behind the cause or drive of the mistake called the intent and the effect it has. When a person makes a bad or erroneous choice and makes a mistake or mistakes, determination of "Criminality" is key to the means of real corrections and/or treatment because very few people that make mistakes and break laws are criminal but many do have mental health issues. Simple truth of the matter is everyone breaks the law all the time and sometimes unknowingly, but simply breaking a law is not "criminal"...though the mindset behind the action potentially could be. It has been proven as a fact that ripping people out of society into the corrupted prison systems today is a horrible failure has only made things worse and negatively impacts society and the people. We as a society and the controlling people of the government of the United States as our preamble suggests, "For the people, by the people", need to stand up and force a reform our "corrections" or criminal justice system into actual corrective and stop giving people retaliatory, bury you and forget you, wasteful needless sentences and instead start Educating and Reforming our errant though Rehabilitation programs and empower our offenders to give back and provide to society as involved and functional citizens rather than making our people Prison Factory Slaves, in modern slavery, for state profit in a system that so truly, sadly, and knowingly physically and mentally destroys the people making them institutionalized dependents for life. Laws are rules based on "opinions" of other individuals of what is right or wrong or what people should and/or shouldn't do. Laws are "opinions" because the opinions change and then so do the laws around that opinion. Best example today is the push and movement to make tobacco illegal and fully legalize marijuana, a psychotropic cannabinoid. This implies and does in fact mean that no law is a real thing but is imposed where law enforcement chooses and not equally upon the people and this pick and choose enforcement is destroying families and lives of the people in a society then places the burden of expense upon that society based upon an opinion and truthfully most of those opinions are based on false information, childish reasoning, and/or political agendas. "Criminal Justice" in Law is fake because you can have two males, two females and two children all commit the exact same crime at the same time. The two children will most likely get only fines that actually punishes their parents. Of the two women, one might get a small two year prison sentence but will most likely get probation. The two men...the one that is favored will get 5 years prison time or ten years probation, the unfavored male will get 25 years. It's a pick and choose system that gender, race, a(nd) wealth effects the decision of criminality as well as your sentence. If your friends with the prosecution or judge, your crime may not have even happened. It's not equal and is very biased. The legal system is a false system to begin with so why would people even think the legal system would do what is right to help the society and correct instead of using law to exploit the people of society? Our entire "Criminal Justice" system, our legal system is all about money and power and if it had no profit, no money, it would have neither money nor power and the Judicial Court system and Prison corrections system would not exist. We as people in our society would go back to publicly policing ourselves and community. Today's prison systems all are posers of false pretense of "Offender Corrections" and are actually human traffic systems, turning people's loved ones into a money train and many of them also turn our people into slaves despite our abolishment of slavery and this too is to turn people into money. The system proves time and time again that it doesn't care about its people. All of this is illegal and unconstitutional as our law only permits removal from society and loss of liberty as the only true "punishments." Many prisons, especially Arkansas prison contract out their prisoners and sometimes in a sex traffic trade to well paying customers as has been the case a few times in womens and mens units. The prisons are paid by the federal government for housing and care of each person that is paid out of "tax" money and for education courses or programs. Unfortunately, Arkansas falsely imposes or stipulates classes as false "corrections" forcing people to do classes the state gets paid for inmates that go through it or, if the inmate refuses the course, Arkansas forces the incarcerated person (Inmate) to go flat doing all their time by punishment for not doing the stipulated class of which is not supposed to have any effect on their considerations for parole eligibility. Arkansas doesn't follow the laws or guidelines nor the states own rules. It's a Myth that the prison system confines people to rehabilitate and reform them. Our prison systems have been an atrocious morbid "Criminal Justice" correction system and it is all dissolute. We the people, as a Nation, as a Country, as a Society, and as a Whole must come together and push for a complete abolishment of our current prison corrections system that has become a reactive retaliation based punishment system to give an excuse to hurt, murder and/or destroy a person that went against the "opinions" of those that interpret and enforce the law only as a "job" and break them as well themselves. We must stop putting burden of those that made mistakes on the entire nation and stop forcing punishments of people in barbaric physical and atrocious mental ways and also punishing their families with this errant offender. We as a Nation, through the prison system, are only making the people and situation worse...much worse by the mental damages, creating of criminals, and/or flat out murder of people as we also make them mentally incompetent and dependent in a disorder called institutionalization, all because the system "justifies" it as criminal corrections when the system is the actual criminal that turns people into a profitable hundreds of millions per year cash train. We must STOP (Systematic Treatment Offender Penitent) and quit making the First Corrective Action incarceration in the so very destructive prisons or STOP to Alternative Corrections. The first step of Alternative Corrections is an assessment of Criminal Intent: 1. Actual Severity of Crime 2. Actual Impact of Crime 3. Actual Intent of Crime 4. Offender's Mental State 5. Offender's and Victim's Roles 6. Offender's Criminal History This assessment will determine the actual "Criminality" of an offender and their offense and where best to treat the person. This is the first and most important change of view because right now, we see them as criminals, monsters, a menace to society but not people but in this new view we see them, the offenders, the errant as people in need of help which is what they really are. We can now look at the people as patients in treatment and not as criminal prisoners in punishment. Sadly we must also accept the truth Not All people can be treated and helped and unfortunately some will choose to not be helped...some because of mental illness cannot be helped. This means there will always be "Lifers" and perhaps we can create closed off "Lifer" prison communities that can give them as close to a "normal" life as these "Lifers" can have with their own [con] and operated small businesses for their little communities. Even this allows them to work, buy freeworld things with sensible restrictions and they still pay taxes. They are not segregated but on a last chance to death penalty or life in prison or mental asylum. It is fact though that 95% of all people can be helped, treated and be productive members of our open or "free" society. Defining a criminal is easy...True criminals are people who kill with no remorse or regard to the impact of the persons they assault for their own joy with lack of control as they are predators, and career criminals whom refuse of conscious choice or cannot be helped and have proven so by multiple attempts that will always offend against others as a true menace to society. These are true criminals, not petty thieves, addicts of all kinds, mentally ill, or sexually curious... There is a very huge difference from a one off mistake to a predatory hunter. A person that makes a mistake, then later a different mistake, and later again yet another is no more a criminal than a child that does the same thing...and addiction is never a "criminal" issue but a mental and/or physical defect. We label to many non-criminal people as criminals or monsters for actual minor or truly accidental misdeeds. We even want to punish our people in our current system for having thoughts of doing wrongful or misdeed without having actually done anything at all. This is punishment for very normal natural thoughts everyone has and punishment for what we "Might do" not what we actually did do. This is not punishment of criminality but rather punishment in oppression for the sake of punishment and control. What if we can control by observation, education, and treatment or therapy? What if we could reduce recidivism and crime exponentially? What if we simply start by what we consider criminal? Mistakes are not criminal, addictions are not criminal, action with no care of harm or with direct intent of harm or damages is criminal. This means many laws and punishments must change to be appropriate and abandon the current retaliation system of locking the people away in torture and throwing away the key. We create an Alternative Corrections System that actually does offer help and treatment based on the results of assessment If the offender suffers from mental illness and their offense is in result of their mental illness and dependent upon offense severity, the offender may be sentenced to In patient or Out patient mental health care with appropriate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) instructor led courses/classes and support group sessions. Additional educational programs and options may also be offered such as VoTech and/or Trade School classes and/or Community College degrees. A G.E.D. program for those without a high school diploma or G.E.D. In patient should only be used of serious misdeeds of moderate impact or if a reoffense risk is actually present or high in which the offender must work to build up weekend passes and work release until they have completed the program. Criminal infraction may cause a loss of weekend passes, day passes, and work release. Out patient will be for less severe infractions where the offender may still live and fully work in their normal life but must make and complete classes and group sessions. Addicts will go into a special program for addicts of each type of addiction and to see and hear the stories of other addictions and victims to see the effects they are having on others. A program will exist for each offender type and other (CBT) courses and additional programs always available to those truly wanting to better themselves. Again for more severe offenses there may be a need for tighter controls or restrictions with a drive to get a held person back in the society, on a trust system and for less severe to not need the tighter controls. The goal is to keep our people in society, to keep them integrated and productive and even more involved in their community and people. These can all be handled similar to the above mental health model. Unfortunately the "truly" criminal will still have the harsher locked down restrictions with all possibility of having to go to the Prison Facilities and hopefully will finally accept help there. This will also be true of those whom choose to not care and repeatedly offend and hurt others and refuse the help of Alternative Corrections. Programs for offenders in Alternative Corrections such as Community Events in which the offenders host events for the community and become actively engaged as participants and the Offenders lead and teach Community Courses to educate our people and give motivational talks with our people and our youth to help keep them out of trouble and to allow the community to see and engage an offender or offenders in a very positive and constructive way. Crews of Offenders to go out and do Community care are clean ups of roads and public areas such as parks where our offenders can engage the public in a positive light of making changes and being the difference. All engagements of community involvement is and should always be positive for the community and offenders. Entrepreneur Programs and Career Programs or Job Fests to teach a trade, how to start a business, or give a "temp" experience in a trade and then setting up Job Fests to allow businesses and corporations to view offenders as potential assets for hire and not monsters to fear will help drive the offenders forward in a positive path of self betterment and support. This is a change that will not be instantaneous but it is one that will be Greatly Rewarding and not destructive because through education and social involvement and continued integration, this all accelerates a person's treatment by realization of value in society and by societies realization in value of the offender, the person. This is Alternative Corrections that Correct...

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: April 7, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 9 pages

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