Am I a reparation?

Weber, C. Walter



WEBER/am i a reparation- August 19, 2020 -AM I A REPARATION?- -My name is Charles "Walter" Weber Jr., Slave #772708, and I am the only person in the State Of Washington to be "Struck Out" in prison, and it was for a fist fight in prison, in which another prisoner came into my cell to engage in mutual combat at State Penitentiary on September 3, 2004, Case #04-1-00534-2 out of Walla Walla County, State v. Weber, 155 P.3d 947 (2007). Mama raised my younger brother and I on her own, while my locked up most of the years throughout our childhood, my memories of him are of visiting him at McNeil Corrections Center, and when he would be at home he would on Methamphetamines, Cocaine, or anything else he could is on, and was a hefty drinker, and lived his life as thief and a drug addict, and though he never had any convictions for violent offenses he would beet my Mama badly in front of us and yell, “Why are you guys crying, I'm not doing anything to you?" But the helplessness I'd feel at four and five years old was far worse, and the most traumatic scene from my childhood was my father coming home from prison and beating up a man Mama was invoived with, and running him off, before beating and raping Mama in front of my brother and I, high out of his mind. And remember my Mama never could push him away because she loved him since childhood, and would hide him from the police, and more than once the cops came and dragged my dad from his hiding places under the bed, or from behind the couch with the K-9 Unit. threatening my Mama that they'd take us away from her if she continued hiding him... I grew up in the Rainier Valley in the South End of Seattle, in the Westward Trailer Park on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South, anc as a white kid growing up in a nearly all black neighbourhood I was the minority and was in fights daily at school, and after the first year of getting into 8 fights and being chased by the blacks, who were part of the growing gang culture in Seattle in the late 80's and early 90's I learned early that I needed to join one of the gangs to have some back up against the Black, Samoan and Asian gangs. My father Charles Walter Weber Sr. was shot six times in his back and killed by a Santa Rosa Police Officer on September 15, 1990, Police Report #90-17515, which sent me into complete rebellion against authority, and I pulled a knife on another kid attempting to take his money in 1991 and my life became the System of the Department Of Corrections, and I was taken in by an outside neighbourhood Latino gang around the South West unincorporated areas of Seattle, which one of my uncles brought me into, and I found a place where I could be significant in life, not excelling in school or athletics, I excelled within my status in the Varrio Locos 13 Street Gang, and began to “Earn my Stripes". Gaining recognition as the Crazy White Boy, "Wedo Loco" I was incarcerated most of my childhood and into my adulthood for many differnet offenses, but no crimes against women, children, nor any of a sexual nature. Small time violence, and a lot of mischief and misdemeanor assaults, theft, tresspass, etc., and at the age of 19 during a three on three gang fight in Des Moines Washington, I pulled a knife and stabbed one of my rival combatants, and went off to serve a 29-month sentence from 1998- 2001, and came out knowing that the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, ‘wasn't about shit’ as long as a prisoner ain't a rapist or a snitch, and I knew that was where all of the ‘down ass homies’ were, and also knew that I'd be back. I had found my home... I returned to the streets in March of 2003 for a crime I did not commit for Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the First Degree, and Vucsa with Intent to Deliver Cocaine, and Assault in the First Degree was vacated under Double Jeopardy on August 8, 2003, but the prosecutor was not happy with the 290-months I was sentenced to for allegedly grazing a man's abdomen with a bullet, and through a big fit in the courtroom and appealed the decision to vacate the Attempted Murder, because the Assault in the Pirst 30 months more time than the Attempted Murder 2°... Meanwhile, I was transferred off to the washington State Penitentiary to begin serving my 290-month prison sentence. Thirteen months later I was in a fist fight with another prisoner, who came into my cell to engage in mutual combat and I broke his nose during the altercation and was charged, tried, and convicted of Assault in the Second Degree and sentenced to Life Without the Possibility of Parole under Washington State's "Three Strikes" law with the Attempted Murder used as my second predicate strike offense on April 15, 2005, and Fifty-Three days later the Attempted Murder was vacated in Division One and the initially vacated Assault in the First Degree was reinstated, bringing the "Three Strikes" Judgment and Sentence to become 'Facially Invalid', which remains to date. I have been down just over seventeen years for a shooting I did not commit, in which a man was ‘grazed’ with a bullet in his stomach, with no medical treatment required. I was “Struck out" in 2004 for a ‘Mildly Splintering Fracture’ in a two time child rapists nose who entered my cell to engage in mutual combat, and have been infraction free, not even a minor infraction in nine years on September 27, 2020, and I left my gang ties in and out of prison behind on June 23, 2012, and have never looked back, yet, the Department Of Corrections refuses to even remove the vacated Attempted Murder 2° conviction from my file, and have even went as far as placing this 'Attempt' as an actual "Murder 2°", and why? Because without it there I am no longer "Struck Out", and my Risk Level (RLC) which is currently "High Violent" (HV), will drop to "Moderate" (MOD). AM I A REPARATION?

Author: Weber, C. Walter

Author Location: Washington

Date: August 19, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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