AM song, unheard before, you wrote during sleep?

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



(Ch. "Am Song, unheard before, you wrote; during sleep?" From [Whide?]....) "A federal prison, like this Supermax, is the bootcamp! When prisons (State and, Federal) are free; not open, to scrutiny, crimes are rampant! Those crimes, inside (of a closed-off supermax) are, orchestrated; by the interior hacks, not the durance (as most would imagine)! Those (who are unaware) get their point of view, from the guardians; or generally known: as the gov't! 'Who will guard, the guards; themselves? ([Juorenal)?]) Isa 45:1? That's a monopoly, in all languages! Biblically, 'Justus' (Isa 10:2, Habakkuk 1:4, Acts 1:23, Col 4:11) transformed! How? 'Control the narrative,' ARA! Sell, the, only; Products & Supervise these?! Like ('out there') 'in here', durance have mufflers; on sounds! Easier (in here) then, 'out there'; but same result! How does the guardian keep, their, powers? By being ruthless! As the Bible ('...all my townspeople know you to be a worthy woman' Ruth 3:11) says, guardians are not/less 'like Ruth'; at all! So, Shakespeare, said: 'the government I cast upon my brother'! The rich know, govt seeks: wealth! 'Chasing, their tails!' If y'all need something (from a store), then: they go shopping! Unless, its location is to far away; or, it's closed! But, 'in here' (out there) some locations are: in the wrong neighborhood! Or, 'to costly'! And/or, 'not worth effort'!!! To seek truth is, 'to costly'; 'in or out there'! So most, stay away; look at someplace, else! Or, accept some other; 'something'! Even, stand in line; [whtily?] it is, their turn! 'In here,' that, 'something else' is 'follow-the-leader'! 'In here,' leaders are: "those, who have 'the power'! And, guardians loan (power) too, the gullible; who'll shop-for-anything-sold-by-guardians' (like: 'out there')! Now, imagine: 'out there', you shop (in a different neighborhood)? Then, your DNA gets you: arrested; with your family? Of course; family members are separated (from each-other)! Unfortunately, the children (durance) don't visit, family! And, children don't speak (English); what the 'cashiers' speak! They lack, funds; so are labelled: thieves! Whom are treated, like, 'less than humans'! After a repetitive use (of these tactics), garners thousands; upon thousands (of 'shoppers', so labelled) 'strategem' becomes: official policy! And, The News--slowly--stops reports; like, job market! Now, the two (other) Branches (of govt), see results: 'that they can live with', and, do all they can, to support (the other branch)! Hence, a monopoly emerges! Where 'discretion' be the: 'Shield' and, the 'Sword'; 'Constitutions' be damned! While the children grow-up, durance because they tried/did purchase; things (devoid of proper permission)! But, 'the inner-circle' knows: just so many--can stay, 'out there'/'in here'--allowed; before 'the jig is up'! So, 'the pyramid scheme' takes effect! Where 'National Debt's Used,' to create: panic! Which, rotates until affects; jobs! Then, rotates until it affects prices; then, infra-structure (neighborhoods, hit by Mother Nature; farms, likewise; jobs sent, beyond our borders settlements won agin Corporations, subsumed by Debt--who'll know, 'monopoly'--and; the 'hate attacks writ (from the Bible) so they seem, foretold,' ominous! And, 'forecasters' (weather stocks; pollsters; preachers; talk show hosts; prosecutors--betting on arrests & plea deals or convictions--SAT scores; sports draftees; et cetera) 'jump on the bandwagon'; in stride! Then, the appetite (public census) becomes: whatever 'guardians' push; 'as drug of choice'! Like, 'Zantac' (NDMA) causes 'Cancer'; or, 'E-cigs' can kill! After the monopoly gets its cut, losses (corpocracy) added; to 'Nat-Debt'! 'They know, where the body's buried'! 'In ADX Max,' the 'wind determines': ' if durance gets rec'! What and when, we eat! 'If Ebon (strong ones)' get (visits; mail; phone privilege; potable water; enough--undisturbed sleep--eatable food; money--no mail/calls, no ducats--medical care; clean laundry; warmth in cells; and, circa 'Trump', if 'First Step Act of 2018' will be applied-to them 'Nat Turner's')? So, 'money is used' (to build Wall); 'keep, in or out' (or, both)? In the 'circus,' the 'trainer gets into the cage (of the Lions)'; then, makes them: 'jump thru hoops'! 'Russia' (trainer)...? ARA 5pp ADX Max 9-17-19 "If 'G-d' is, in, The Collective-Unconscious?" 9/17/19 ADX MAX plantation (CO) The Episode (Aunt Bee, Andy Griffith, use: becomes, 'Stand Your Ground' law in Florida, Texas, etc.); The Movie (Dirty Harry, Eastwood, use: becomes, 'Make My Day' law in Colorado, etc.; and, The Show (Apprentice, D.J. Trump, use: becomes, 'You're Fired' selected by Electoral College (MAGA)? "If 'G-d's In' (collective unconscious) then, 'it stands too reason' a 'satan's'; also, there? 'I 'witness'-'who stands beyond,' as: (1) friendly, or, (2) unfriendly? 'Knowledge is,' 'wit'-to be or become aware of; learn-To Know (p. 1975, The Amer Herit Dict, A.D. 2006)! Once embraced, repetitiously supervised; you, then, get: to see! 'Soul,' the immaterial (break from: collective-unconscious) does not lead; as 'Jung' suggests! 'Soul,' is 'True Faith From G-d,' only! One's-Soul may be, plugged in? Or, may be hacked via 'one' self doubt; becoming: 'unfriendly'! Rule applies, to every endeavour! 'Those friendly (to G-d) receive, those, 'unfriendly'; get hacked (by satan)! Define words: enthusiasm and atheism? In Judaism, dybbuk--takes it further--enters (a Soul)! If true, 'collective-unconscious' hasn't choice! There'd be no: preference! Nor, chance-to-choose; No Will, therefore; No Law! I suggest, no order, hence: no structure! It would be, no: past, because no present-no witness (supra); and, no link, no future! No existence! Death wouldn't exist, for no creation! And, there'd be no: procreation, Before; Prior to; Earlier (No past)! If, you seek (to know: The Truth), then; you shall find that which you sought (present will meet, past and future)? If, you follow someone, not: equalling, seeking; then, your loss? And, unconscious--no meaning, no feeling--is, not: having, conscience/conscious (not aware, do not know)! A 'collective-unconscious,' may (If G-d Wills), mean: racial DNA; color; but, not (collectively) predestined, thoughts? And, present is based: on past, as are future! Too believe is, individual-awareness: learned thoughts, to memorize! None may (if G-d Wills), learn-to-apply anything: if unconscious! And, to cut off is: like: sleepwalking through Life! Like the three (3), supra, they follow: a perverted unconscious! An automaton who follows: a collective race; anywhere, because, they're a robot-being hacked (satan)! When someone mourns, dead people, they're unconscious; and, hacked! Sleepwalkers in a tower-of-babel? Latter are, truly, those who've had reverse psychology; hacked into their unconscious! And, they're unaware! Like: stand your ground; make my day; you're fired; and, make america great-again! "And hold fast, all together, by the rope 1/ which G-d (stretches out for you) and be not divided 2/ among yourselves; and remember with gratitude G-d's Favor on you...Thus doth G-d make His Signs clear to you; that ye may be guided." (ch. 3, verse 103) "You shall indeed hear but not understand, you shall indeed look but never see...." (Mt. 13:14); "...Listen carefully, but do not understand!" (Isa 6:9)" 9/17/19 ADX MAX Notes: "1/'If rope is The Truth,' then; it has (past, present, future): if not, we don't exist (hologram)?" "2/'If collectively-unconscious,' (as 'Jung' theorized), then: there's but, a predestined outcome (racially divided, not for humanity); instead of choice?" 9/17/19 ADX MAX (CO)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: September 17, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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