American prisoner-x

Hoslett, Raymond James



American Prisoner - X It is said that if you want to see the scum of the earth, then just watch the changing of the guard, at any max. security Federal Prison, i.e., United States Penitentiary (Federal Bureau of Prisons). I ask you then, who will guard...the guards?? I was 21-yrs. old when I landed in the Calif. Dept. of Corrections/CA. state Prison System. For me, it was "finishing school". At that point I had no G.E.D., never paid into social security, filed for income tax or voted. Also, I wasn't married and didn't have any children. My reading, writing and math skill-sets were poor at best, yet I scored 142 on my intelligence quotient. As far back as I can remember, there has always been a storm brewing inside of me, plus I have a Type-A personality trait. After 2-yrs. up state, I was paroled to my Federal Detainer. My life would never be the same, unfortunately I have 30-yrs. experience as an inmate within the Fed. Prison system. Most of my time, was spent on max. security/level 4 and 5-yards, i.e., max. custody and security. I was also warehoused for 5-yrs. in, the super max. prison at Florence, CO. Prior to that I was at, the old super max prison in Marion, IL for a few months. Plus I spent 24-months in, the S.H.U. program at U.S.P. Lewisburg, Pa. When I first went to Fed. Prison I told myself, that I would never let myself become like everyone else in there. What did I mean by this statement? That I wouldn't get involved in drugs, gangs or violence, etc. However, within a year or so I would break that promise to myself. At first I got involved in "prison-politics" then came heroin abuse followed by extreme violence, for at that point I knew deep down inside that I had "the mark of Cain" upon my person. Plus I have what's known as the thousand-mile stare and I was the quiet type. Next, I became a skin head (gang member) however this was only a stepping stone, a prerequisite to becoming an associate of the Aryan Brotherhood, ultimately I would become a full member of said group/a life time commitment. There would be no turning back. The Mando requirement is, murder to get in...coupled with your own death, as an exit out. I was already quite prone to violence, so it didn't bother me one bit, besides at the prisons I was forced to live within, there was no fist fights period, for everything was settled by the knife-you lived or died by the sword of Damascus, for you will kill, or be killed. To be quite frank, there is nothing good about prison and/or the so called criminal justice system, they hand down these Draconian sentences by judges whom obviously have a, God's Complex (too much power over the disenfranchised). It's impossible in this country, if you happen to be poor, to get a fair and impartial jury of your "so called peers." The Public Defenders or "Public-Pretenders" that represent you, are a joke! for they are bought and paid for by the District Attorney's Office, therefore the criminal justice system is - totally flawed, i.e., reform is needed. If every defendant were to demand a fast and speedy trial, then it would bring the justice system down upon it's knees - they would submit and change things then. Part of being in prison is being accepted by your fellow convicts. Thus, getting tattooed or "tacked-back" is part of that process, so is working-out (training) or exercising, in fact working-out is mando, strong mind, body and spirit! Prisons are full of, different types of gangs and even terrorists, in fact it's a breeding ground for recruitments. Prison is a school of crime, a school of hard knocks if you will. Plus you'll learn hate and discontent during your indoctrination period, you will go along with the program and routines or won't make the cut. At first I didn't notice the change for it was subtle, however in the prison setting over time (years) it eventually happens to every man, you become institutionalized. Also, the upper echelon of admin. prison staff utilize the divide and conquer tactic, right out of the book/ The Art of War, for they truly love division among the ranks of inmates, such as race separation, as a prime example. They also use misinformation and incorporate spies within said ranks, these tactics are all a form of control by staff members. The guards are another matter (correctional officers), trust me they have their own cliques. Some guards are good and yet others a bad, and when they're bad, they're rotten to the core and have no business working in a prison period. It takes a people-person to be a guard. Every prison has a small handful of drag-queens running around within them (tranvestities). I call them assassins, i.e., the silent killers, for they spread HIV/AIDS to anyone who falls weak to their trap. The admin. staff knows what their doing when they insert them into the inmate general population, for all fags are HIV-Positive in prison and thats no B.S. either. Prison is a serious breeding ground to a host of virulent diseases, such as hepatitis-C and B, MRSA, TB, STD's, and Staph, said diseases are running rapid [rampant?] up in here. Better hope you never need an X-ray via the Prison Hosp./Medical Dept. Know why? Because they can and will, over-expose you to radiation. Also, they have a bad habit of re-using needles for blood-draws. Medical, dental and psychology services are all substandard when it comes to it's treatment of inmates, and that's a very well known fact of prison life, for I know first hand. Prison has its share of psychiatric inmates (5150s) and/or psychotics, insane prisoners. To me, psychologists are a joke, for all they do is place labels upon people, profile inmates and attempt to figure out how to defuse them, if need be. The problem with placing a label upon someone is, they tend to live up to said label - after all, we are...what we think, right? A label has been placed upon me more than once, they claim I'm a text book psychopath, however the only thing I suffer from is a T.B.I. and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The problem with psychologists is, they're opinionated. Well, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. In the max. security and S.H.U. Programs, the suicide rates are quite high, for it's a common occurrence. Want to murder someone and get away with it in prison? Then just place them in a "submissive-choke-hold" then put a hangman's noose around their neck, hang them - why? Its the most common suicide method within the prison setting. I was housed in a prison that average one homicide a month, that's 12-murders per year. Most inmates are killed by a knife and/or or blunt force trauma. Almost all stabbings result in death, deep penetrating wounds, we're not talking about slash wounds or drive-bys as I call them. You got 29-minutes to live, I call it the golden-1/2 hr, if you don't get emergency medical treatment within that 29-min. time frame, then you will die. I promise you that. However, if they land the life flight helicopter within your 29-min. then most likely you live-if your still alive when they get on board. About every 4 or 5-yrs a guard will be murdered by an inmate/or inmates, with that being said, I can assure that guards do not get killed for no reason-think about the why factor? Max. prisons are notorious for poor quality drinking water (bad water treatment) barely potable, drink it long enough and you will start having major health issues. Food, some prisons feed well while others do not, for most prisons utilize poor quality foods and feed you stuff that's not good for you period, "they" do not want you to be strong/healthy. Every prison has its share of what I call crooked guards or staff, this can be good and bad. In most prisons, inmates make home made wine or moonshine. Well, there is no such thing as a happy drunk in jail or prison, I call it beer-balls. Needless to say, drinking home made booze in prison, always leads to violence, period. I truly hate drunks! Just think of a drunk driver inside prison. Super max prisons and being on no human contact status/solitary confinement, coupled with no visitation, etc., etc. I spent 5+yrs. of my life in this type of setting. I'm here to tell you that is's barbaric in nature. I call it the warehouse effect. A cell, within a cell, it's like a tomb on the inside. One you spend 5-yrs. in a super max. prison, you will never forget it/plus you'll never be the same. It left me feeling numb all over. I feel that all super max prisons should be closed down, they don't work. Prison medical departments are in the habit of letting inmates die due to neglect, etc., etc. Besides, what kind of doctor(s) would want to work in a prison? I had a street heroin habit in prison, believe it or not there is just as many drugs in prison, as there is on the streets, no B.S. All prisons have lots of contraband within, some of it comes through visitation, some of it comes through guards and staff members, yet some of it comes through other means. It's all about supply and demand, but mostly it's about money/profits. I made a lot of money selling drugs in prison. Gambling and loan sharking, pro-sports booking operations, in prison there's not a lot to do, so everyone gambles on all sporting events. A lot of money in it, believe it or not. Also, we have card tables for gambling as well, Tex. hold'em, Omaha and poker. That's where the money is, in cards. In prison, postage stamps and commissary items are currency in here. When they banned smoking in here, all it did was create a nice black-market of cigarettes, that's highly profitable. And cell phones are a very hot item as well. Smut books and photos are a hot commodity to i.e., porno magazines and 35mm pictures, in most prisons are outlawed, however everyone has them. In prison you either a wolf or a sheep, there is no sheep dogs here! I'm an alpha-male apex predator, top of the food chain. Women guards in max. security male prisons, most not all, will fuck someone sooner, or later believe me. If you think it doesn't happen then you're mistaken. Convicted child-molesters, I truly hate them all. In here, it's a target rich environment (open season) on them. We call it the, eradictation program. Once it's been confirmed via court documents, newspaper articles, etc., etc. (Thank God for Google searches) then we get suited and booted, grab the hardware, i.e., gloves and home made knives, steel-toed boots. We take our time with them, and make them suffer as much as possible for their afflictions. They all deny it and lie. In the end, as a last ditch effort, in a failed attempt to save their life, they tell the truth, thinking we'll stop. However they are doomed and die a horrible death, for there is no cure for the child-molester! It's poetic-justice at its finest. It's one of our ways of giving something back to the community at large. In general speaking, I am prison. In fact, someone once asked me, who are you really? To be quite frank, I could not give them an answer. Although I managed to obtain a real college education in prison, and learned well how to use a computer, I do not have any employment or credit histories. In fact, I was totally lost in society when I was released in 2015. All of my family had passed away while I was gone to prison. No one would give me a job or rent a house to me. I was totally shocked when I got out. No one would help me. So yes, prison needs to be totally reformed. Now-a-days, rehabilitation in prisons and/or jails are a thing of the past. Nothing could prepare me for the real world, after spending 32-yrs. of my life behind bars. I'm an outcast and a former gang member. Plus I'm almost 56-yrs. old. What will I be remembered by when I pass away? I can't answer that. Most likely, it will not end well for me. It's not just us!

Author: Hoslett, Raymond James

Author Location: California

Date: July 31, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 15 pages

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