Amerikan puppet master

Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)



Cover Page Author: Levert Brookshire Title: Amerikan Puppetmaster Page count: 14 Word count: 13.5K (Legal disclaimer to APWA) I Levert Brookshire the sole author & owner of this essay, do hereby grant full legal consent and discretionary authority to editors @ APWA to make any/all necessary edits, corrections or sentence re-structuring to make said writings meet the standards set by APWA editors. Signature: Levert Brookshire Date: 8/26/17 On, more than a few occasions I’ve wanted to throw in my own personal commentary to weigh in on this whole theatrical, high-drama, ‘Trump’ election and political ‘puppet show.’ With all of the questions and speculation about ‘racially’ divisive, bigoted, political ‘campaigning.’ Politics being motivated and driven by hatred and intolerance. Given all the ‘rhetoric’ that’s been rattling through the country since the day of announcing his presidential candidacy. Until the very present. It’s taken everything inside me to withhold and refrain from reaching out for my pen to, APWA–about all of it. What has ammounted to an unfortunate ‘comedy’ and ‘tragedy’ theatrical puppeteer performance playing-out before our very eyes, for the entire world to see, on world’s stage of Amerika’s capital. Just from what we’ve seen so far by this ‘Trump’ cast. Over the past 220 day’s of their performances. Their shows, have proven quite ‘riviting’ each and everyday since taking the stage and being seated in the coveted ‘puppetmaster’s’ seat, of the White House. Having been cast as the ‘lead’ character, holding all of the ‘puppetstring’s.’ By the sounds of the crowd, not all of the audience is satisfied, with what they see, so far. Not all are cheering or applauding the way he has been manipulating the puppetstring’s, or getting the puppets to perform. In fact it’s been quite the opposite, that’s been happening all around the worlds audience. Particularly domestically here at home. Where majority of the U.S. populace–the large percentage of the audience here, has been expressing discontent, disapproval and outright rejection for the way the whole Trump show has been going so far. Many, who have been watching the theatrical ‘puppet show’ performance. Quite honestly, has said that they feel ‘duped,’ ‘cheated’ and ‘decieved.’ While personally watching all the many new’s source’s. What often stands out to me is all of the U.S. taxpayers who are deeply angered, who are continuously expressing outrage and deep anxiety, frustration, hysteria and alot of paranoia over where the future of their country is headed, having ‘Donald Trump’ heading as, the highest-level of puppetmaster control’s, one can ever reach its scary. Holding all of the perverbial puppetstrings at his fingertips. Millions have come out to express dissatifaction and complete opposition as to his ideas for the future of the country, his proposed policies, and visions. There has been, the spread of ‘loud,’ ‘disruptive’ protest’s, ‘noisy,’ ‘screaming’ marcher’s, organized public-rallies, even some ‘civil-rebellions,’ resistance and ‘rhetoric’ trying to ‘revolt’ against Trump administration. All of which has been televised and circulated abroad. Telling the rest of the world audience’s, who are watching. “There happens to be, a very large population here in Amerika who are repulsed by the idea of Trump’s leadership.” Given all of the steady mounting noise, loud, screaming disapproval, and persistent strain of social anxiety, anger and frustration. I can’t deny the fact that theres still a significantly large percentage of population out there in Amerika that have been supporting him and all that he stands for. Then, there’s even those who sit quietly in the comfort of there own homes. Trying to make sense of everything they are seeing unfold, with this whole ‘Trump’ reality T.V. show. While they wrestle with the fact some way, somehow. Their country allowed for a self-admitted, sex-offender, narcissistic-sociopath, egomaniac who’s proven himself undisciplined, politically-inept and unqualified for his position, yet has been clever enough to assume control over their great and prestigious country’s ‘puppet’ string’s, as they are attached to all of the most important and ‘key’ puppets, filling all of the ‘key’ casting roles of the U.S. executive branches puppet show. With, his ‘backup’ ‘puppeteer’ production and performance choreographer in the peripheral, Steve Bannon. Even the most accomplished and distinguished of political scholars career veteran politicians, with several well known political strategist’s and others, have weighed in, offering their well sought-after, well esteemed opinions and professional insights, regarding what they’ve seen happening with the Trump puppetstrings, so far. After listening to alot of what they’ve said. ‘Weighing-out,’ ‘rationalizing’ and ‘assessing’ many potential theory’s, all around. Alot of which has turned-out to be helpful and enlightening towards shaping my own personal conclusions and theory’s regarding this ‘Trump’ puppet show, 2016 til the present. Given, all the controversial questions surfacing about his Russian ties, campaign rigging, conflict of interest’s in ‘finance’ transactions, exploiting ‘racially’ motivated politic’s to advance his agenda. Major Dept. of Justice FBI probes and special council appointments. There seemingly is no-end to the weight of scandal being brought down onto Trump’s shoulder’s, or the mounting questions ‘swirling’ around his entire administration. After I’ve sat and listened to all the experts, analysts, and contributors insights and assessments to this puppetmaster’s mixed-up and criss-crossed, and tangled puppet-string’s. How they got this way and how to ‘unravel’ them. Those, like myself who have met the misfortune of having to be relegated to, an ‘alien,’ isolated co-existance with other ‘socially’ disposed, defective and useless puppets. Behind tall electrified fences, shackled to cold and graffiti-covered cellblock wall’s. Entombed inside 8x10 ft. cement enclosures. As celldweller’s we too have also been captivated, riveted by what we’ve been seeing play-out, since the night of the 2016 election results were revealed. This puppet show has captured the full attention of Amerika’s cellblock-society. As each and every celldweller sit’s waiting for the next ‘Trump’ political blunder to come out. I’ve given-it enough time. I feel like I’ve withheld my ‘ink pen’ long enough. Having done diligent enough and sufficient research to weigh- in on the issues I write about. At least I know that I’m properly informed, so that I don’t come across sounding like another person incredibly ignorant to the facts writing-out their own 'reactionary’ anger, casting their baseless theoretical opinions, viewpoints, and philosophical assertions, irresponsibly. Writing and making accusations which have no-ground for (statements) like this, to stand on. Especially when these (statements) are coming from a confined person. Where it becomes easy to attack the credibility of the (statements) origin of source. As a ‘celldweller’ confined here for 15 years now, chained-up behind fences under strict, controlled, structured environment. Even though, all sources of information is sanitized, filtered and heavily censored before it finally get’s to me. Either it comes through our small, personal ‘T.V. sets,’ which all channels have to be carefully scrutinized and pre-selected before we are allowed to see them. Alot of my research information has come from listening to my tiny hand held ‘radio,’ or even from reading ‘off,’ the pages of newspapers and magazines. Besides this, ‘information’ sources are limited. But, from everything I either read, heard or seen, so far. This entire ‘Trump’ administration theatrical ‘puppet show’ production. Has created so much high-drama’ rhetoric, differing opinion’s, controversial viewpoints. All of it being regurgitated over and over, and over again. Until I’ve concluded that I’ve done enough research, now it’s time, to reach out for my ‘inkpen’ and ‘paper’ to compose something fresh credible and thought ‘provoking’ that I feel is thought provoking, meaningful, with something to say. Writing ‘confidently’ knowing that what I’m saying will certifiably be able to stand on it’s on merit. Also knowing that I’m not wasting the resources and time. Over, at: Hamilton College; APWA program. Who, before meeting them and having their help. Writing this wouldn’t have been far fetched for me think. That nobody outside these cellblocks, or beyond the prison fences would even care enough to read what a confined person had to say about, whats going on. Let alone be interested to pause long enough to even read something that they know has originated from somewhere out of cellblock society. Most people I have experienced, assume that writing’s originating from here, are simply loaded with a bunch of pent up ‘babbling,’ angry rants about ‘injustices’ suffered. So alot of prison writing’s, get trivialized, dismissed and ‘underestimated’ before given a fair evaluation or at least, a serious assessment. Rather than saying oh-well “If it’s coming from some prisoner.” “More than likely we've probably, heard it all before.” For this reason I’m always aware of, how important it must be for us to remind ourselves about our obligation as prison writers to think about ‘credibility’ and ‘content’ to the ‘claims’ we are making in our writing’s. One who writes from the confines of these wall’s should embrace the responsibility that comes with it. Understanding that this ‘pen’ can poison as well as, appeal. It can be a service to those of us, are confined here, either as our weapon we use to ‘offend’ or ‘uplift.’ It can be used to ‘defend’ as well as ‘attack.’ We can also ‘build’ with it or ‘destroy.’ While, it is clearly a time for action’s to speak louder than words, the written word is still a powerful motivating force to ‘illustrate’ and ‘interpret’ a viewpoint with the point of an inkpen. But, learning the responsibility and way’s it can be wielded, is the real and true discipline all celldweller writer’s must work-for, and effectively study, how to do it as if it was a trade. Making sure we raise the standard, by always producing ‘works’ that have stimulative substance. Always articulate our philosophical theories, and opinions clear and concise to bring respect to the ‘cellblock’ writers 'philosophical’ perspective which indeed, is needed today, more so, than any other time. By now I’ve nurtured and honed my writing voice to uniquely articulate my philosophical perspective producing content and spirited discussion or debate over all that is happening these days in the ‘Trump’ days. I’ve made a very deliberate effort to write about all this using a-measure of seriousness. Knowing a significant degree of other peoples personal time, resources, and man/woman efforts will go into my writings to see them get their due exposure, and fair evaluation. I don’t release any writings to Professor Larson and his team of editors at APWA, unless I know that I’ve done my best. I like to believe that they are doing for us over there at Hamilton College, is important work. Therefore what would make me, want to ‘waste’ any of their resources, time or efforts? Their selfless efforts are what makes it possible for my writing’s to someday make a connection with someone half a world away or quite possibly right here in Amerika. Realistically I know that any notion or expectations I may be able to make a difference would prove fruitless. However, my only hope is that my writings can at least someday connect with, at least one person outside prison who can relate, to my perspectives. Thanks entirely to APWA’s help. My writings now have become like that proverbial tiny pebble that gets thrown into a large body of water. Sending ‘ripple’ effect’s of tiny waves all throughout the world’s population of reading audiences. Reaching the millions of socially and politically aware. Greatly increasing my chances of achieving my humble objective. After listening, watching, reading about all the noisy rhetoric cluttering up the news channels each and everyday. It’s virtually impossible to break through; through the congested and crowded airways to get your two cent’s heard or brought into the spirited discussion. Given, all that’s been said, criticized, complained about, accused of regarding the Trump administration malevolence and blatant injustices demonstrated over these past 7 months of his term. Writing about each and every one of the claims that has been raised against his administration, for one I wouldn’t know where to begin and two, trying to elaborate on all of it, would be an unrealistic undertaking. This essay would never get completed. Having said that I've decided to focus more, on a few of the mostly quiet yet very important issues. Not being spoke of or written about as much, as they deserve to be. Issues that never seem to get their due airtime. I’ve decided that I would dedicate this writing to the ambiguously constructed, subtle campaigns and nuances of well-organized, intended assaults underway, aimed directly as undoing our nations 1st black president’s legacy, erasing his accomplishments from the historical records. Also, the other issue, of significant importance to me is that of the engineering and execution of Trump’s ‘class-struggle’ plans. The ‘cultivation’ of racially-fueled politics to inflame tensions and resentment, down on the lower ‘social class’ structure. Intentionally fanning the flames, to ‘pit’ the poor and powerless (against each other). While employing ‘racial’ politics as their tool of deception. In order to keep us from seeing the real plots and schemes underway. As the Trump administration and Steve Bannon’s so-called ‘Alt-Right’ movement, orchestrate their own agenda. By cultivating more and more intolerance’s. Using ‘racial’ differences, ‘sexual orientation,’ ‘religious faith and ‘nationality’ as their tool of deception, misleading and manipulating their illiterate, unskilled, unemployed politically uneducated disciple’s and followers. Convincing them, of their being powerless, broke and stuck on the ‘lower rung’ or bottom step of the social ladder, because these other different cultures and groups, manipulating them into believing that their present socio-economic plight is due to those who are different than them. What’s fascinating to me, is how this message is effectively working. To see the way everyone turns to look at this message. Taking their attention off the actual, real politics. While using bigotry politics to ‘appease’ those who are willing to listen. The Trump administration is busy with their real agenda. My haphazard political education, along with, what deep understanding I have into the way’s, how ‘politics’ work. Something tells me, that it’s not as simplistic as they make it look. I know that it’s alway’s more to it, than how it appears to be, on the ‘superficial’ surface, I’ve often found. There’s alway’s something alot more deeper to the whole ‘political’ game plan. Trying to ‘get to it’ and uncover it, becomes the real challenge, for me. Trying to ‘interpret’ the true intentions behind the ‘puppeteer’s’ coordinated movements of all the ‘puppetstring’s,’ the meaning behind every move. How they manage to weave their deceptive ‘hypocrisy’ into this democracy. Like each and every administration that came to the White House before this one. Once personally figuring this out, politic’s became alot easier to interpret. Making it alot more easier for me to sit and articulate what I see happening with all things ‘Trump,’ objectively and non objectively. All I can hope for now is that my reading audience can also make the connections that I’ve made. Hopefully they can at least feel the ‘credibility,’ with all of the sincere passion behind my words. As they can know, I’m writing from a ‘place of conviction.’ Especially whenever I’m writing about serious socio-political issues such as this. Trump office issues which heated debates are being had over. Fighting and ‘rioting’ triggered, friendships lost, even war’s being threatened. Trump’s election win has ‘undoubtedly’ touched a very sensitive nerve inside the Amerikan population. Blacks, whites, Asians, Mexicans, Middle Easterners and many other minority groups as well. All of whom ‘dispise’ him. But, make no mistake about it. His bigoted, ‘racial identity’ message inspired alot of other Amerikans just as well. Many who believe in his message and support his vision too. Even while he’s proven himself to be an absolute ‘dismal,’ ‘downward’ spiraling, ‘embarrassment of a leader. Who’s perceived as an overly glorified White House staff member. Who knows nothing about ‘navigating’ political situations. Who’s shown sign’s of, ‘obsessive’ jealousy and preoccupation with his predecessor or the first black president. Starting with the whole boldly racist ‘Birther Movement’ campaign. Which, he himself cultivated and championed, that turned up ‘nothing’ in the end. Now obsessed with trying to ‘undo’ every impressive accomplishment and political milestone established by his predecessor, distinguishing his legacy. Trump is obsessed with trying to sieze each and every opportunity to try to ‘denigrate,’ ‘discount’ and ‘diminish’ what President Obama managed to accomplish during his terms in office. As if Donald J. Trump can’t seem to bear the thought of not measuring up to the extraordinary and uniquely distinguished mark left behind, by a black man. As he himself proves to be impotent and inept. In ‘comparison’ to President Obama, Donald Trump has shown himself to be intellectually inferior, immature, and lacking in the discipline it takes to maintain the-office, which they both have now occupied. Only to prove the age-old argument even more so. One’s skin-color, has nothing to do with one’s abilities, skillsets, or qualifications, all matter’s of importance. When, holding authority and power over our governments most coveted senior positions of political influence. Through the Trump administration the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ will plug in, their agenda. Deceiving the unaware pitting the poor and powerless lower ‘working-class’ against each other. By cleverly manipulating the poor and desperate, social-classess. To, fight it out over the last ‘scarce’ resources. Unsure if there’s gonna be any more to come. When a person or a society is lost, ignorant or blind to the reasons they are ‘deprived’ of resources, they look to find something, anything to ‘blame’ for their situation. When we lack any glimmer of comprehension or understanding into the concept of socio-political ‘class-warfare.’ We become vulnerable and subject to being reduced to mere puppets attached to the ‘puppetmaster’s’ string’s. Made to move however the puppetmaster may choose. Our livelihood, quality of life, standard of living, all becomes at the mercy of the puppetmaster. Anytime we choose to become so absorbed by ‘racial identity.’ So much so, it causes us to lose sight of, the ‘real’ challenges that we face, the real threats. That’s when we lose our own individual power. Most do not understand it’s not about ‘racial identity’ now. Today, it’s all about ‘social-class’ identity. It’s no longer about ‘racial identity’ struggle. Instead it’s about ‘social-class’ struggle. Being aware of one’s own-socio-political and economic status. Rather than being exclusively ‘focused’ on ones ‘racial’-status. ‘Racial’ awareness although it’s very necessary for all of us to have. It does nothing to help us to interpret or see through all of the sophisticated, cleverly engineered political and economic schemes being developed and even implemented all around us, used and influencing our behavior’s without our awareness. As we are to distracted with ‘racial’ difference to notice any ‘social-experiments’ being conducted on us. Social experiments, developed and designed by those who are looking to find newer ways to maintain the social-elites ‘status’ and power. Schemes which serve the interest’s and the agenda of the elite ‘social-class,’ ‘status quo’ which Donald Trump belongs. Experiments designed to slowly tighten the economic ligature around our throats. But, generate more and more, wealth for the elite social-class. While telling us to look over at the other powerless, broke, disenfranchised group of people. Telling us it is them to blame for our deprivation and poverty, the saga continues. The Celldweller

Author: Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: August 26, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 14 pages

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