An aristocratic view of the e=penitensiary bëast

Fields, Hanson, Jr. (E.C. V.K.A. SELM72DUICE)



An aristocratic view of the e=penitensiary beast An Essay, Hanson Eugene Cunningham Fields Jr. 2014 8/13/14 Referred By: Mr. Brookshire- A writer from inside here My goal is to give my account of prison life from a first-hand, first-time, first-experience point of view as an high-born individual, who've been wrongly convicted and sent to prison to experience a totally adverse way of life for a African descent male coming from a considerably "free" region of the country of the U.S. to a "race ridden" part of the U.S. nolins-volins. (legalese) The facts about my first-hand experience are many. Solutions are rare, few and far in between. This essay is to those Prisoners situated in the Northeastern part of the U.S. As well as the Midwestern region. IN, MI, OH. Prison in the Southwest (i.e. AZ) is very awkward for the out of town new comer in general, but, for me it has been Hell, educational, vocationable, a teacher, an eye opener and of the many things and most important a place of stillness. Though, the toilets I've encountered are like geriatrics with the i-phone 4's. They look hip to the times but are really rooted in the year 1914 when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The infestations of roaches are amazing. The roaches I've approached and that approached me themselves; I had no choice but to believe in reincarnation, as after slaughtering (8) roaches and grand roach appeared on my wall; that must have been one of the smaller roaches that had deceased, proamita magna, and held up a sign that read "I believe in the law of love,"! Lord, if that's not a quote from Clarence Darrow, made in 1925, who was born in 1857-1938) I'm not Black! True story. At least I experienced it. Politics have been formed to be against the interest of the "Brothers" in ADC. If you argue or offend a officer, that officer notify the speaker of your race, to due you harm or harm will be done to the speaker. Brothers get their food last, leave last, form a line last, and speak last as well as considered last for all things. I made a challenging change. I began receiving my meals with mexican nationals and routinely working out with them also. Of course, it created a riff among the Brothers but, hey they could not blame me for moving up in the racial caste system, that's racially divided to display unity among others in prison. The protective custody population out number the general population 3tol. For every complex there's 3 out of 5 (PC) units. Now general population prisoners are forced to house around (PC) prisoners at the cost of their (GP) image as "solid" prisoners, in the eyes of their comrades elsewhere. Some are just situational offenders. Prison officials and correctional officers taper their conduct to those of us who are actually in prison. When they should keep in mind that they are here to protect us inmates and see to it we get what we have coming as far as basic necessities and human dignity. Now 5 1/2 years into prison I discovered who I am and what my name means and what path I'm headed down in life. And prison have been my 'training grounds' in preparing me to be successful on that path, which is: Political Leadership. The name Hanson means: Swedish statesman. A statesman is a political leader. Eugene means: well-born; of a noble race. I'm the grandson of Thelmon Cunningham who served in WWI & WWII. I am a product of genetic engineering: Eugenics. Nobles are Aristocratic. Aristo' means: to be the best qualified to rule. So I'm what many refer to as a blueblood. Of a nobility. Or oligarchy-democracys' oldest foe. The negro race I reside among in prison in my eyes are in need of a fearless ruler who can and was genetically bred to rule humans social politically. Be it as it may, we call this many names but democracy is not one. Prison in the (SW) has libraries that prisoners fail to use to educate themselves on who they are. In turn, leaves them to follow the education of other people and races. Many prisoners from every race cannot read or write. Period. Those prisoners are labeled as 'expendables'. Prisoners mail (legal) are routinely opened and read outside of the prisoners presence. And we accept it due to the lack of knowledge of the law. Or their lack of diligence to seek such knowledge. A correctional officer sexually assaulted me in Feb, 2013. I file a grievance civil suit to no avail. And yes, it had merit. The public see prisoners in the (SW) as unfit to be in society, after life in prison. Technically, the public is correct. Prisoners become quickly accustomed to prison life. Most grew up in the prison system, from teenagers, and commit crimes to come back. We are to correct ourselves in prison. William Penn; Pennsylvania designed prison for this sole purpose. I've spoke with many prisoners whom on the fact that, they've been in and out of prison 5 and 6 times or for life, try to use words to sound educated and was using the wrong word. Example: One man vented to me about his plight with correctional officers stating he's tired of "impartial ass" police. I said that did you mean to use that word? He says yeah, I been doing this for 29 years you think I don't know what I'm talking about? I said "okay, impartial means: fair and Just. You mean partial. A judge have to be impartial," then gave him a dictionary to show him. Most brothers have the mentality that if its not 'white its not right', if a white person did tell them, the brother is wrong. Prison have allowed me to be still. To be allay and allow brilliant ideas, songs, building plans and economical strategies to arise in my mind to give a greater life that can and will benefit humanity as well as myself, even more so. Property issues exist as inmates and officers will give res aliena to another. (legalese). I began to realize that people in my position, not as an aristocrat, but as an inmate deserve to be in prison. I heard that God correct those it loves. I'm in the Department of Corrections! It's not enough to shake individuals out here to wake up from their self-made delusions and illusions they've created for themselves. Discipline is a choice for some; others its mandatory. But, however, prison works for me and many others who understand. If not for prison, I'd never know my true purpose to populate other desolate planets. If not for prison, I would not know people reincarnate as roaches. If not for prison, I would not know who I am, what my name means or what's in my blood. If not for prison, I would not have found out the many 'secrets' of world history. If not for prison, I'd never knew the true power of vulnerability. If not for prison, I'd never discovered the power of the 'moment,' now.' If not for prison, I'd never created the mathematical equation to solve for God. If not for prison, I'd never knew the name of the largest number recorded: vigitillion-63 zero's. If not for prison, I'd never discovered the power of my imagination and thoughts. I personally fought my case (Pro Se) to keep my rights. I did not know that until I explored constitutional and federal case law. This is reality in prison. Society fail to realize some people like my self are thankful for the lessons prison has to teach. Some lessons are psychological. Some are physical, but, the fact is, is that it is a: lesson to be learned in prison. Racism, I've worked recently as a porter for 15c an hr. for one month. Signed 3 state pays and did not receive a dime. And on top of that, was moved from that unit into SuperMax so if I want to cry about it no one can hear me! See how that works? Since being in prison I've learned that grace follows adversity and every cloud has a silver lining. Whenever, I'm about to receive what my heart desired at any one given moment, I'd experience adversity and when I become allay and think, shortly thereafter, I'll get my blessing from being patient and understanding that, there's a test before every reward. My wife left me to live like a spartan in here after 2 years into my sentence. I swear to god, I'm so glad that polygamy is only granted to nobles. The justice system have fail me miserably. But, guess what? To my avail. I can just picture blue and white collar workers wishing that they had the mortgage free, property tax free, economic downturn free, recession free, bill free time that I'd been wrongly granted. They oughta' envy me. The Baby Boomer population in prison is shaky. I mean some, if not, most are mistreated, but, cared for by other inmates voluntarily. Which is always a beautiful site to see. Hell, my grandfather out lived my father by two years! I know, I'm speechless to. Most complaints are made by those who are miserable and or post release, All the time. But, in special cases like I said earlier some have good reason and just can't figure out how to ask for help or identify their problems or able to articulate clearly to a person who may be able to help. That is the saddest fact about prison, that I've experienced. My heart goes out to those who similar conditions. This is where 'I' as an aristocrat born with the intellectual ability to communicate on behalf of the lame, and unlearned. This is my birthright and purpose to do such, in the world. "Time is the most luxurious asset in life; we must savor every second." Time is a gift from God. Think not? Then name one person who don't wish for more time on this earth. In the course of 5 1/2 years, I've come up with the very idea that can and will in itself save all humanity from the destruction of themselves. The rest of that story is for my first actual book. If the right things or opportunity comes by way of this essay I have it penciled or penned in 3 days tops! How? Because I have: Time. My ego has deteriorated by way of knowledge of the truth. So, if you ask me, penitentiary is 'tense' but necessary. The demonic lust for destruction is creative. Therefore, progress, therein prison, is the devil's bargain not God'S. For evil was permitted for the sake of a greater good. The justice system destroyed my life. Only to have me rebuild it in 'prison', strange but true as true is stranger than fiction, often times. So, I also learned in "prison" that I have the right to be left alone. (wife) In closing, Dissenting opinion by Supreme Court Justice Brandeis. "They (founders of the Constitution) conferred, as against the government, the right to be let alone the most comprehensive of rights most valued by civilized man." Olmstead v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438, 478 (1928). "Rejecting the Supreme Courts "black and white characterization of the liberty status of convicted criminals," holding that a persons "constitutional rights follow him into prison". Watson v. Whyte, 162 W. Va. 26, 245 S.E. 2d 916, 919 (W. Va. 1978). Beast.

Author: Fields, Hanson, Jr. (E.C. V.K.A. SELM72DUICE)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: August 13, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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