An example of how Wisconsin prison officials mishandle Prison-Rape-Elimination-Act (P.R.E.A.) complaints and endanger prisoners who make such complaints

Lindell, Nate A.



An Example of How Wisconsin Prison Officials Mishandle Prison-Rape-Elimination-Act (P.R.E.A.) Complaints And Endanger Prisoners Who Make Such Complaints. by Nate A. Lindell, created 19 Aug. 2018 Nate A. Lindell W.S.P.F., P.O. Box 1000, Boscobel, WI 53805) In many prisons, cultural differences lead to racial self-segregation and divisions. But, here in WI's secure Program Facility (W.S.P.F.), I became friendly with a Black prisoner (I'm White), Mxxx Exxx. This offended another Black prisoner, Axxx Txxx, who in late April 2018, cussed another Mxxx ("Marco")* and me ("Horns")* out through the air vents connecting all of our cells. We've all been in segregation for several years (15 years in my case), and such cell-warrior antics are normal. After accusing Marco of wanting to join the Aryan Brotherhood by being friendly with me, Axxx Txxx ("Spade"-that's what he wishes to be called) was put in a rec. cage next to me on 29 April '18. Mxxx happened to be put in the rec. age on the other side of my cage. Mxxx Pittsley and Vxxxx Wxxx ("Awah") were put in rec. cages farther away from ours, but could see and hear what happened in my and Spade's rec. cages. Spade is about 5'10", dark skinned, weighs about 260 pounds, has a protruding lower jaw + lip and a just plain ugly mug. He prowled his cage like a grumpy ogre. Then he began to cuss me out. I was 6'3" and 175 pounds, White, wearing glasses, silently pacing my cage, ignoring Spade. *I put our nicknames in parentheses. Spade grew louder, more aggressive, began shouting about how, while in Ohio's prison system he'd raped White prisoners, justifying it by saying, "Why not?! You raped our women!" "I've never raped anyone," I calmly replied, continuing to pace. Spade's aggression increased as he told us how he'd fondled white juvenile prisoners in Lincoln Hills, a WI juvenile prison, then masturbated while thinking about one such prisoner and his sister. That was blowing my mind, as Spade's a G.D. and Gangster Disciples don't tolerate homosexual conduct in the federal prison system, where I'd been from 2013 through 2015. Spade was bragging about homo-thug antics in front of multiple witnesses. This wasn't news. Spade had previously, several years ago, yelled at and threatened to rape a Puerto Rican inmate, Axxx Mxxx (or Melendez), then snitched on Axxx when Axxx threw piss on Spade in response. When I got too close to Spade's cage, he spat at me, getting spit on my neck. As the spit was already on me, I left it there, went to the corner of my cage farthest from Spade and eyed him, calmly. Spade began rubbing his dick, saying he was gonna rape me, "Kiss [me] like a woman" and vividly describe a gay porn fantasy involving me. At no time during my 20+ years in prison had I heard such insulting, degrading, disgusting antics. Then Spade boasted about raping a White woman and getting away with it. I shook my head, told Spade, "You need to be dead," which he smiled at. About a week later, I wrote a psychologist here, Stacey Hoem, explaining that I was making a PREA complaint and that the recordings from the cameras that monitor rec. cages would confirm my complaining, as they would show Spade rubbing his dick, spitting at me and shouting at me. Several days passed, and then Hoem happened by, after seeing another prisoner, I called to her and she assured me that she'd soon see me about my PREA complaint. Two weeks passed. Dr. Hoem did not see me. The video recordings are recorded over after several weeks. I filed Inmate Complaining (I.C.) #WSPF-2018-11840 about Dr. Hoem not seeing me about my PREA complaint. WSPF's Warden, Gary Boughton, dismissed the I.C. less than a week after I filed it. But-almost a month after I wrote Dr. Hoem-a PREA investigation was "initiated." There definition of "initiated" isn't mine. Nobody saw me about it until around 12 July, when Cpt. Flannery stopped by my cell and asked me in front of my cellie (the guy in a cell that shared a vestibule with my cell) about the incident. "Is he still bothering you?" Flannery asked. That put me out there as a "snitch", so I'd face retaliation. The thing is, I'm not a wimp. I've stabbed, slashed and beat multiple prisoners, assaulted staff too. Being violent isn't something I want to do but have been forced to do (or be hurt); and softer White inmates are in danger from Spade's homo-thugery. For those reasons, I filed a PREA complaint. On 26 July 2018, a memo dated 13 July was slid in my cell's door, stating that my PREA complaint was deemed "unsubstantiated", with the ironic assurance that "Wisconson DOC has zero-tolerance for any retaliation towards you by any person resulting from involvement in this case. Report any retaliatory that they can be investigated." That's ironic, because the first investigation never happened and a notice was given to Spade that a PREA investigation had been done on him but was deemed... So, of course Spade deduced it was I who filed the PREA complaint. I filed I.C. #WSPF-2018-17178 about staff senselessly notifying Spade about a dismissed PREA investigation being a sham. As with the earlier I.C. and I.C.'s in general, I expected those two I.C.s not be fairly considered or resolved. In fact, I.C. #WSPF-2018-16690 was dismissed, based on W.S.P.F.'s Security Director, Mark Kartman, claiming "there is no appeal process following a PREA investigation." (Then why was Spade notified, you should ask.) Prior to the PREA investigation, Spade was in a Mindfulness group with me (we're handcuffed to tables, apart from each other). He was removed from the group after I wrote Dr. Hoem. But, when the investigation was terminated, he was put back in the group. Last Thursday, 16 Aug., Spade walked in the group, and, of course, accused me of snitching on him, boasted of spitting on me, shocking the citizens who run the group, but ignored by the guards escorting us. Apparently I should've just went with my instincts, bided my time, stabbed Spade to death. It's not too late. WI staff have no respect for the PREA.

Author: Lindell, Nate A.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: August 19, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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