An illusion to my reality: Extreme unrighteous sentence enhancements, and how they change your life

Potts, Tyrus C.



An Illusion To My Reality: Extreme Unrighteous Sentence Enhancements, And How They Change Your Life* By: Tyrus "Ty Bud" Potts* I have been gone so long, I am not even sure where I belong in society. I am a amateur poet, soon to be working on a poetry book. I wrote a self-help autobiography about myself, and one day your eyes may see it. I founded Palmtastic Creations, something small that I could be proud of. Before the wrath of Covid Nineteen - which is the name of my latest poem I wrote. I attended "Fathers Behind Bars," a variety of groups that cover all basis on gang awareness *victims Awareness *stress Management *Anger Management *Parenting, and *Job Preparation. I strive to achieve social justice with Initiate Justice Mentoring, A Touch From Above, and the Ella Baker Center. I am currently convicted of attempted Murder, 2nd Degree Robbery, Attempted Car Jacking, With a sentence of 32-to-life for shooting a human being while committing those crimes. The reason that I speak out against California's extreme sentencing enhancements is because without any grounds to stand on, and no violence in your background to rely on it's truly the only law created to give you a life sentence the first time you are charged and convicted of a violent crime discharging a gun that injures, harms or causes great bodily injury to a human being. I have associates that I have come across that was punished by the system and, it's unjust laws, for example one guy was convicted with three - life sentences under the Three Strikes law, for having a popular reputation in the streets and a gun with prison priors... Another guy received a life sentence for a murder, that was surely mistaken identity, but due to the fact that he had a prior attempted Murder on the same gang, he was the perfect candidate to be framed for the crime. Being a victim is nothing nice, I am talking from first hand experience. Before my incarceration due to my lifestyle in the streets and dealings with so many gangs, I was shot four times on two occasions. The second experience could have killed me, but it wasn't my time to go... I was also stabbed in a fight that I assumed would be fair knuckles only. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the man had a screwdriver, for little me! While incarcerated I was stabbed several times and have permanent scars to show for it. So my bottom line is no one wants to be a victim and even though I have an affidavit from my victim (Mr. David Makiri), saying that during the attempted Murder, he looked me in my eye and I lowered my gun sights and shot him in the lower leg. I now know I never should have been on that robbery and surely I never should have pulled that trigger twice harming another human being, when I know if I did not like being a victim. Why would anyone else want that brought onto them? So as I sit and write these words to whomever is reading this, I have reached out to Mr. Makiri, extending my utmost remorse and allowed me to have a solid, and nurturing line of communication with him. So I feel very blessed... I pray that I never harm anyone in life ever again* Until I am released from prison I plan to apply my patience, understanding, self-discipline, coping skills, self-respect, and all of the other tools that's been instilled in me toward bettering myself, my surroundings, and all that I can help in any kind of way* I deserve to be punished for shooting Mr. David Makiri, in the lower leg. I just don't deserve a life sentence, but these 19-years have been very productive. Realistic and valuable in every way. Thank you for your time, and consideration. If you, or anyone else feel that they know where I belong in todays society, please notify my and let me know so I can fight with your help to get there* I.D Potts

Author: Potts, Tyrus C.

Author Location: California

Date: July 21, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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