Analyze spiritual self from within

Raws, Sin



Analyze Spiritual Self From Within By Prime Ambassador of Major Change Sin Raws (c) 2020 Greetings to you all! Major change is here and now! Lets exercise the realness of life and examine the authenticness of ourselves that's formed from the billion cells that blots into what we call 'the brain.' Religiously, we are taught that one must believe in God first before becoming 'a believer.' However, ask yourself " is this a logical? " When we make a decision we must process it in our brains then consult with the heart that communicates back to the brain and relates it approval or disapproval. As a Sunni muslim saying this, ignorant muslims may call me a borderline kafir (disbeliever), but I'm going to convey to all that's reading this the truth, inwhich in all religions states to tell the truth right? Not our opinionated truth, but the undisputable truth, and this is what I'm doing. So listen carefully and clearly. If you're hearing my words from me or through one of our major change oratators, noone can consider themselves a believer in anything outside themselves unless they believe within themselves first! Do you believe my statement? Well where does belief formulates? You can only teach what you been taught. We was taught that belief starts outside ourselves. However, we shy away from the truth that lies within and only is release once the assertiveness, certainly and acceptence is decided by the brain and heart. This creates a true believer that believes with the heart and mind inwhich produces a dominated soul thats pure and foresure about the belief system it stored in the body. This is where the true adage: 'Body, Mind, and Soul' stems from. Major Change is the vessel, the tunnel to this truth we all seek, we all want the inner and outer peace but what are we willing to sacrifice to obtain it? As I initially stated, we must examine the realness of what we say we believe in, because to say you believe in anything before believing in yourself first is like saying 'a fish swims up in the sky and a bird fly under water', its not logically nor the order of nature's created beings to do such. Just like believing in something else first before yourself. Let's make a Major Change and analyze our spiritual self from within to gain greatful success of loving and finding peace. Sin Raws

Author: Raws, Sin

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: February 5, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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