Animal farm: “Equal justice under law”

Kor, James Samuel



ANIMAL FARM "Equal Justice Under Law” -Prisoner 13834 Thanks to a truly civilized society (Italy), that is properly vigilant over the quality of justice being done in its name, an American named Amanda Knox was afforded an appeal process free of bias, free of intentionally calculated unfairness, and she won justice. At virtually the same time, in our so—called "EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER lA&T' America, the indigent, ethnic minority, Troy Davis, got his dose of Hurricane Katrina, plantation justice. In stark contrast to the Knox case, his post-conviction challenge to the judgment against him was polluted with bias, publicized prejudice, and AEDPA statute-mandated pro—prosecution presumptions. Through that genuine example of a "high- tech lynching", he was killed. Troy Davis being murdered by the bloodstained hands of our seriously broken, in- creasingly Nazi-like justice system, came directly on the heels of our Supreme Court also having dictated that citizen John Thompson was not entitled to be paid the four- teen million dollars he had been awarded as compensation for the eighteen years he had wrongfully been forced to spend languishing in prison under sentence of death. That foul action by this most corrupt Supreme Court ever to disgrace America was a trivial- ization of the prosecution having illegally suppressed exculpatory evidence in Thomp- son's trial in order to win the almighty conviction, not justice. It was also a symbol- ic ”green light” encouraging further and widespread Constitutional rights violations in the criminal trials of America's new "niggers", the poor and politically disenfranch- ised. Moreover, the Court's cowardly decision also parallels Adolf Hitler's bestowal of legal non-accountability upon his Gestapo for their wrongdoing during the Holocaust. Though history has proved that such immunity has been a comon element of governments- gone-bad,those with the malignant hearts of tyrants in today's America do not care. -AIdbus;HuxleyI' For those who understand the validity of the adage, "Birds of a feather flock to- gether”, the following is also pointed out: The late Supreme Court Chief Justice Wil- liam Rehnquist made Justice Antonin Scaliar his protege. Hence, throughout Scaliar's tenure on the bench, he has rabidly adhered to the same ~‘;¢a¢;.;.t;.z; .-. , ~~.. j§bzi~jUStiCe“cUde“that*Rehnqui§t“adVafi8§dT“f”@peration Eagle ?” GOOGLE it or count yourself amongst the masses of ignorami, those hyper—opinionated yet embarrassingly ill- another fact most people have probably already forgotten; Antonin Scaliar has also been (1).. a long-time accomplice/confederate of the genuinely evil war profiteer and traitor (See the Valerie Plame case), Dick Cheney. Truly responsible and patriotic citizens should do the two plus two equals four social math and closely scrutinize what type of justice(?) is being meted out in to- day's America. Because the truth of the matter is that our Supreme Court is now overtly demonstrating that it deems some as being "more equal" than others. How about another safeguards, endorsed impotent oversight and, very visibly, took the teeth out of deter- rent sanctions. As such, the BP disaster was likgan inevitability that manifested itself almost immediately. So the families of the dead, the defenseless creat- ures in the sea, and all who lost and suffered can thank the Supreme Court. Like the sleaziest of whorehouses it now is, the Court threw open its doors for others making up that I ~ I ITIZENS UNITED (ALL THE DEMOCRACY YOU CAN BUY), ENRON's Jeffrey Skilling, media mogul Conrad Black, they could have their day in court, an entitlement the Court grants its friends automatically. Meanwhile, thousands of poor individuals As to that very biggest of all lies in the universe, etched in stone atop the facade of the Supreme Court, "EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW", for which all nine justices are guilty: This writing has pointed to such a criminal and the following is what he had to say about the Troy, BEFORE, the judicial process was completed. Yes, prejudice: "This Court has never held that the Constitution forbids the execution of a convicted defendant who had a full and fair trial but is later able to convince a habeas court that he's actually innocent.” That position of Scaliar's was based on the faulty premise that Troy Davis had "had a full and fair trial" in the first place. Decent, intelligent, civilized human beings recognize Scaliar's position as a ' which is referred to as "argumentum ad ignorantum." Not surprisingly, virtually all "presumptions” Scaliar and his crew ever make end up going against the poor and powerless and for the rich and establishment-connected, like EXXON. S Preemptively addressing probable skepticism and some people's powerful resistance (2) to believing the worst about their government the following comes directly from judges themselves. Wake up and smell the stench of festering injustice being done in your name. "The American legal system has been corrupted almost beyond recognition... What is morally right is routinely sacrificed to what is politically ex- pedient." -Federal Judge Edith Jones, (speaking to student members of the Federalist Society of Law at Harvard University) "The greatest crime of all in a civilized society is an unjust conviction. It is truly a scandal which reflects unfavorably on all participants in the criminal justice system." ‘—New York Judge John Collins-(1992) "Innocent people are convicted every day in this country. A civilized nation cannot say that it is, in fact, civilized or humane when it permits a system to exist that can result in the wrongful execution of innocent people." -Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Gerald Kogan (ret.) l§_CONTEPEUhQE COURT PRISONER 13834 U. S. SUPREME COURT CASE NO. 08-10588 Theeflxxmacibeiczfie hmxflxes a —' V is J . x addition to the poison, serious violeme _ . , asza =. , i.a-1s'nJve166In£Ujnenm*tiumninipflateinphifirrilntpyrfibk,Courflfiafiof flI3SO*IflJ£d Vfljjfl1in fixgcagg,jyocxher;xrgfle]an£oneflty'flme;Eydx>cafli1ned:u:asxmflJ_as aanngrmasufifianrg flxasyqjxns. 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Author: Kor, James Samuel

Author Location: California

Date: November 28, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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