Animals to be slaughtered

Brownell, Charles A.



Animals to be Slaughtered P1 RD1 So many mistakenly think "It's not that bad," or "I don't remember it being that bad," when it comes to traumatic experiences. People incarcerated for more than 10 years all say, "It's not as bad as people make it out to be." All are absolutely correct because with Prison, especially in the State of Arkansas, it's worse! See the brain has a funny mechanism for down playing or "washing" the memories of trauma to make them either less than what they were or block them all together if it cannot alter them (Regress or Repress). The scary truth is for how bad it is, it could be worse. On July 7th, 2020 - Tuesday between approx 9 am and 11 am officers come and cuffed me in Isolation 1 Cell 1 and took me up front to the showers to speak with Mental Health (Well Path). The lady, a short older white female, greying hair asks me if I wrote a letter to the warden saying I wouldn't be his slave and threatening to kill myself. I told her, "No!" I was baffled and confused. She tells me Lt. Brown alerted Warden Gibson such letter existed. I told her I wrote no such letter, to ask my Cell Mate Harrold of whom could confirm all I've wrote was legal documents and a letter for my Mom. The Mental Health lady tells me that per Warden Gibson, the hand writing is a perfect match to mine... I said I want to see this letter and Gibson's Certification and credentials as a handwriting analysis expert. I also told her I want a polygraph for myself, Lt. Brown and Warden Gibson. She, the Mental Health lady, asked if I have split personality P2 disorder and then admitted she has seen no letter. She then conducted a quick Mental evaluation on me and said she would be back. The Mental Health lady come back after an hour and said, "Because Warden Gibson is demanding it, the doctor is putting you on "Behavioral Treatment" for 72 hours. She told me herself she sees no reason for this and would have sent me back to my cell but the Warden isn't going for that. No investigation and a complete refusal to do a polygraph... hmm, wonder why! Because it would reveal who is really behind this! I'm forced to remove my socks, shower shoes, and Boxers then am paraded into the "Day Room 1 Observation Cell" on the Low Cell number side of Isolation 1 naked, a PREA violation. In the Day Room, I'm given my CPAP and a paper gown. I'm lucky though because this time there's a bar of soap left behind by someone but no toilet paper and they refuse to give me any. Yep, I found myself in a cell again with nothing but my CPAP breathing machine, a paper gown for clothes, a toilet, and a sink denied all other basic necessities except food. Forced to sleep naked on the dirty concrete floor but something is different this time. On July 8th, 2020 - Wednesday an officer, identity unknown to me, slides a bed matt under the door at early morning hours and says, "I didn't give this to you," and he walks off... I've got a bed matt. I got to go take a shower albeit I had to be paraded to the shower naked but I got Animals to be Slaughtered P3 RD1 to take one... even if I had to stand barefoot on a semen coated floor. They would not call property to get my shower shoes. So many of the officers didn't really believe the crap. Officer Perkins ("Perk Dawg") told me it wouldn't be the first time Lt. Brown lied and about how Warden Gibson thinks he's the Don and is ADC and can do whatever he wants. That Gibson says someone has to make decisions for the inmates... as if inmates aren't people that can make choices for themselves. Officer "KD" doesn't believe it and feels it's call corrupt bull shit and I'm being targeted. He feels they should leave my CPAP power cord alone... not take it. Even mental health is noting that I'm calm and in good spirits which is greatly contradictory to Warden Gibson's report. Now I'm naked on a bed matt. Still no toilet paper or other stuff. July 9th, 2020 - Thursday much the same as the previous day only Mental Health gave the officers my replacement paper gown and they acted like they'd rather watch me naked then give me my gown... a paper gown. July 10th, 2020 - Friday I'm taken off the torturous "Behavioral Treatment" and am returned to Isolation 1 Cell 1 with my cell mate Harrold. Everyone is calling bull crap on me being placed on "Behavioral Treatment" even several of the Officers especially ones that deal with me and the mail. The letter was supposedly dated 7-5-2020... On July 6th, 2020, all I sent out was a Grievance, a disciplinary appeal, legal mail to my attorney-in-fact and that was it. The entire weekend I wrote a letter to my P4 mom and worked on State Tort complaints. Harrold can confirm this. On July 16th, 2020 - Thursday Captain Plummer, Officer Perkins ("Perk Dawg"), and Officer William Williams between 4 pm and 6 pm come and had my Cell Mate Harrold pack up his property and me pack up all of mine except 1 cup, 1 pair of boxers, a towel, and my CPAP. They took Harrold to Cell 6 and took all of my property saying specifically Warden Gibson wanted me put on "Behavior Control". Shit! Back to sleeping on the Concrete but this time at least with boxers and on a concrete block "bunk" and not a dirty floor. Now Medical and Mental Health and all Officers and staff are confused. No one has a reason why I am on "Behavior Control" and a lot more people, Officers included are calling bull shit on Warden Gibson. I was asked many times what happened and I told them, "you know as much as I do." Mental Health was very confused because they knew nothing. July 17th, 2020 - Friday Several officers and nurses talk to me about what is going on and they just shake their heads, one told me I need to file 1983 suits and/or get ACLU involved. I'd told them all that Warden Gibson is retaliating because I'd wrote a letter to ADC Central Office about what was going on and that I'd gotten some written statements from his officers. He's retaliating by calling me a pedophile with balls, a motherfucker, and by removing my Mom from my phone and visitation which is a Animals to be Slaughtered P5 RD1 violation of Arkansas Administrative Rule AR-225, AR-210, Arkansas AD-12-09, and Varner Unit Policy VU 18.3.0 for Americans with Disabilities Act in his retaliatory unprofessional conduct as well as violating the Whistle Blower Laws protecting me for reporting corruption of a Government entity... This also violates my 1st Amendment rights in saying something and my 5th, 6th, 8th, and 14th Amendment rights along with all correlating State Rights for lack of Due process, false imprisonment, failure to protect, and cruel and unusual punishment. July 18th, 2020 - Saturday Boring day but at about approx 6 pm to 7 pm Lt. Mary Loyd and Officer Higgins a Sergeant need to put men in Cell 6 and have no real idea or reason that I'm on Behavior Control and need to put Harrold Benett back in the Cell with me. They're confused also as to why I'm not in the day room. Lt Loyd just took me off the bogus Behavior Control and bring my Cell Mate Harrold Benett back in the Cell and bring me my property back. This is all clear and evident Discrimination, Retaliation, Abuse, Torture, and is sick. It's sad that the State allows ADC to operate and treat people like this... worse than Animals to be Slaughtered! If there was a "Letter" it is falsifying documents which is anyways on him putting me on "Behavioral Control" "Him" being Warden Gibson and remember how he on 6-25-2020 said "Game On Mother Fucker!" Only his game is illegal and there's all P6 kinds of video footage to prove my statements!

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: August 7, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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