Another day in Calipatria

Convict, John Q.



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 16 March 2019 
 Another Day In Calipatria 
 Life in this California Prison is a test of patience, and control. That is not to say that this writer has much of either, as a Trial Judge once concisely stated. This writer has a temper that's out of control. I do not deny the fact in that what makes my blood boil is the stupidity of petty want to be power inebriates who should know better but instead go out of their way to harass a prisoner who knows how to put his thoughts to paper when necessary. This writer wears a Hernia Belt due to the fact that the Surgery done in one of California's infamous prisons in which a mesh was inserted to stop the bulge that was the intestines that could cause serious medical issues for this writer. At its height, the bulge was almost the size of a Grapefruit, and it was very painful up until the Surgery was done. However that Surgery in 2011 has subsequently been deteriorating, as at times this writer can feel the Hernia trying to reassert itself. To control the Hernia, keeping it from fully reasserting itself this writer wears a Don Joy Hernia Belt that has two small metal clasps on the waist strap which tends to set off the Building Metal Detector every day, which the Floor Officers are quite aware. However every morning when this writer goes through the Metal Detector, the Clasp sets off the beep and the lights on the Detector lights up in the area that it detects the metal. The thing basically detects Ferris Metals due to their magnetic attraction properties, but it's not likely that many of the Staff realize how it works. I also wear orthopedic shoes which I stop wearing to the dining hall because, if I wear them I will have to remove them to clear the metal detector since there is one Correctional Officer that makes it a point to harrass me each time I go through the metal detector irrespective of the fact that I am never-the-less subjected to a Clothed Body Search [Pat Down]. Daily I endure the pat down, but what gets me is the fact that irrespective of the fact that I will be searched, this staff member will still insist that I go back through the Metal Detector in a redundant fashion. This fact tends to cause me to not go outside for yard on my days off from work because of the harassment. Yet, sometimes one has to go outside to discuss legal matters with other prisoners that may seek my assistance, at which times one simply endures the harassment. Yet, even though one automatically submits to the Clothed Body Search thats demanded by the petty power inebriate, such is rarely enough, as that Correctional Employee still seeks ways to cause this writer some sort of discomfort with petty comments. For the most part this writer ignores the Female Officer, but sometimes the same will just irk the hell out of me and I do not bite my tongue when it appears to me that the said is purposely harassing me. Or encouraging other Correctional Employees to harass me out of their ignorance of my Medical Issues. This problem has at times resulted in this writer being subjected to "Unclothed Body Searches" and it gets to be angering and this writer as stated, will voice his ire. Interestingly enough, the Regulations authorize Correctional Staff to review the files of the Prisoners under their supervision. But not many Correctional Employees do that, resulting in their failure to recognize what may set a person off. The practice alone of not learning the people that Correctional employees have to deal with on a daily basis, is one of the reasons why some Correctional Staff end up being hurt in a environment that Prisoners do not want to be in, but endure only because they do not have any choice in the matter until they are released from prison. The simple fact is historically set in stone, that when say you antagonize any wild animal enough that animal will react in most cases violently. That used to be a fair description of my response. Although over the years I learned all the regulations and procedures that affect me while I serve this term, and know how to address most issues Administratively, or even in the Judicial Arena when of if it becomes necessary, but I will still express my views. This writer for the most part has exercised the adage that "if one does not have anything good to say to anyone, he does not say anything to them!" but that only works when others recognize that one does not have anything to say to them, or they know but will seek to provoke a reaction for pure amusement which could go very bad for those who do not realize the issues that one may have that may kick in under stressful situations automatically. This writer has noted that some Correctional Employees will purposely harass a prisoner in an attempt to get harmed so that they can take advantage of the time off with pay that the Department of Corrections benefits provide. I guess I am a bad guy because I do not view anyone as any better than I am, their circumstances may be better but the individual is not any better no matter what their ethnic or professed gender description, since it matters not to me. I for the most part see all people as people no matter what their station in life may be. That does not mean that I subscribe to the oddities that one may see from time to time. I say live and let live, but if you try to harm me, there is no telling what course of action I may deng to pursue, which will be spontaneous most of the time that one may catch me off guard. Though it's rarely violent unless of course it's in response to a violent act being perpetrated against me! This is what another day in Calipatria State Prison is like, and to be frank "Music" does soothe the savage beast in me. Ah for the privilege of hearing Paul Hardcastles "Lost in Space" Regards Mr. John Q. Convict

Author: Convict, John Q.

Author Location: California

Date: March 17, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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