Aramark food corporation scandal

Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.



7/5/18 Aramark Food Corporation Scandal On May 29, 2018, I sent the Aramark Food Corporation a five (5) page notarized affidavit regarding a possible malfeasance (wrong-doing) regarding their services within the MDOC (Michigan Department of Corrections). Between 2009 and 2015, I grieved and sued the Aramark Corporation regarding my kosher diet and the inappropriate preparing of that diet, however, I never complained about the food, quality of the food or taste, only the repetitiveness and temperature (kosher only). The lawsuit went through Federal Court and unfortunately, I did not prevail. Therefore, if I hold any animosity it would certainly be against Aramark, however, revenge has nothing to do with this. When the announcement came that Aramark was taking over the MDOC food service, MDOC employees solicited the assistance of prisoners which would benefit them in two (2) ways. First, they would prove that Aramark was not capable of running a prison chowhall; and second, that Aramark was irresponsible. First, MDOC employees, especially the most disgruntled one, told inmates that they did not care about Aramark. Steal from them, go after their women, get contraband. Second, after giving prisoners this okay, that they knew prisoners would fall for, the same agency (the MDOC), reported the incidents. Certainly, Aramark did not report themselves. Ironically, before Aramark, the MDOC women were having sex, the food was not all that great, contraband was brought into the prison, and rodents, maggots and all sorts of crap was found to be a problem with the food and employees. But you rarely heard anything about that, afterall, the MDOC was not going to report the MDOC. Today, the MDOC is taking back over. The MDOC terminated Aramark's contract, hired a new food service (Trinity) and now have terminated there contract for some of the same reasons. Hypothetically, if these companies were not capable of running a prison chowhall and/or had a track record of prison failures, why didn't the MDOC, state of Michigan and/or taxpayers do them like they do prisoners? Keep them and waste the money. Instead, looking out for the best interest of the prisoners, "We the MDOC want there (prisoners') food to be right," We will have it no other way". "We are spending tens of thousands of dollars for some of these prisoners to sit in here day after day and we want there $1.00 a day meals to be satisfying. Afterall, we have to eat them too". Am I a disgruntled prisoner? Of course I am. I had severe brain damage, been once left for dead, underwent brain surgery, been shot up, severely mentally ill, heavy substance abuser, and was repeatedly raped as a child. Damn right I'm disgruntled. Moreover, I am sitting in here idol, watching the MDOC be socially acceptable "legal" criminals. The "immoral" babysitting the "immoral". In my opinion, both Aramark and Trinity should do some homework and investigating, especially those who fell victim to the MDOC, even some prisoners. Maybe a conspiracy exists. Maybe somebody had to be sacrificed. Who knows? However, what I do know is that we (prisoners) were given a "green light" to work against Aramark, and some did it. The plan was crafted "almost perfectly", however, it still worked and once again the MDOC is victorious and back at the helm. Is society catching on yet? If not... "I've got a large 5 bedroom igloo in southern California for sale. It has a large kitchen, 3 1/2 baths, living room, dining room, cozy den with a fireplace, indoor pool and finished basement. Asking price $232,854.00. "Its a steal". Apply now and you can have it for $132,854.00. You better hurry.

Author: Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: July 5, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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