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Aramark Inside the GA. DOC... By: "King" Coe March 21, 2017 We did not know where to begin almost 1 year ago, to write our complaint and indignation of ARAMARK FOOD SERVICE; (from here on refered to as AFG) that caters to the Hayes State Prison located in Trion, GA. This faction is overseen by Ms. Rebecca Taylor/Boyd and an African migrate named Mr. Obasi. The former is 1st in command; the latter is second. These two individuals supervise the daily operations as far as cooking, serving, and sanitation, supply and warehouse. There's also Mrs. Chambers who began in the summer of 2016 who facilitates the warehouse full time. Head AFS Supervisor Ms. Boyd, whose worked for the company longer than I've any knowledge of this enterprise; But from Feb. 2016 to Aug. 2016, I'm, sure she can attest to these infractions I will outline within this letter of indignation under oath of law. Or can she do so willingly? This woman mans the main desk, computer and telephone. No one else can log into this mainframe but Mr. Obasi, who rarely does. His hours are more occupied by monitoring theft and engaging in the sexual activities of both male and female. Both staff and prisoner... Aramark calculates the shipments, rations, and diets by the daily, weekly and monthly numbers used in the prison population of 1,100 plus inmates. These numbers are cut so short that the requirements be met to a T. But in fact, they never are and the documents have to be fabricated. At least in my own opinion. But that's my own opinion. Feel me? The issue at hand is the quality of service and product and production that AFS are exploiting from the DOC in Ga. all from the private sector. Not that I'm familiar with the operations within Phiilips State Prison, in Buford, Ga, but AFS is contracted there also. Mr. Obasi is a transfer from this prison also. Comrade BLAQman Seer and I wondered how we could expose this set-up? The problem wasn't what, but how? We knew the portions were scant, the menu was repetitive and the ground beef was hardly if ever cooked thoroughly. It was always corn bread. Sometimes even for breakfast in the place of muffins or coffee cake. Yellow cake for 3 months. Then chocolate cake for 3 months. No coffee. Sour Milk. No garden fruits, only canned fruits. AFS sends down projected numbers' from central office for Hayes to cook 975 pieces of meat, but the prison holds 1,100 plus. One steward once said, "Well, Aramark says that I'm to cook 925 sausages time 2. And that's all I'm cooking!" Now, what dimwit would carry out this order? Correctional Supervisors even questioned this tactic. Still; on the other hand, it's a prejudice place. (Note: prejudice in Webster's New World Dictionary 2005 means many things, but #1.) to harm or injure, as by some judgement. So, no matter your race, you're condemned there for being incarcerated in the first place. Doesn't matter if you're black or white... The Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) oversee every meal and are vividly aware of the small rations, raw & undercooked meats, and molded breads but refuse to intervene. These men are oppressors in every since of the word, but I speak about them in my piece titled: Deathtrap @ TRION... Those people know AFS infractions in totality but refuse to help correct them. It tickles them to see prisoners' starve. Mr. Obasi; who is 2nd in command of this foodship, spends his days attempting to be a correctional officer. He's the only food service worker with a walkie-talkie and keys to every door within the radius of food. Not even head FSW Boyd possess a walkie-talkie. This man literally chases prisoners around all day long, 5 days a week and tell homosexual jokes. He then becomes enraged and upset when the food runs out while serving a meal. But remember: AFS projections are about 125 prisoners short of feeding the compound, unless the true convicts take responsibility "illegally" to cook extra without consent. So, every meal we're scrambling and shuffling to have enough to meet the population of prisoner's that report to feed off. The kitchen also has a rat infestation unlike any I've ever seen in more than 13 prisons in Georgia since 2002. These are cats, not rats!! The drainage system is all shot to hell!The tray room stays flooded with food debris that do not go down the drains. It was like that the entire 6 months I slaved in that disgraceful place. The sanitation is decent, though. I've seen worse and far better, but AFS Supervisor Boyd does demand cleanliness or you're out of there. It still doesn't negate the problems of raw meats and scantily served portions being served. As for the vegan menu... shaking my head? Crazy! It's a repeat of branflakes, canned fruits, grits, oatmeal and beans. Oh, did I mention the branflakes and beans? The vegans I heard about from other prisons sound like Golden Coral vs. a mom & pop's corner store. At Hayes, I lost weight on a regular. I wrote nearly 10 (check my file in medical) sick calls about my stomach. Every time I leaned forward or bent over at the waist, it felt like a lava lamp in my gut. I stopped eating the ground beef meals which included; spaghetti, beef-macoroni, cheesy-macoroni, beef stew, biscuits and gravy aka shank, sheppard's pie, chili and rice, burrito wraps, Spanish rice, chilo con crane, and creamy beef poultry. As you can see; this counts for 11 of 30 meals and several are put out twice a month. The doctor that finally saw me attributed my issue to being a stomach breather and prescribed me tums and pepcid. Since I relocated my problem has evaporated. Some days when we had leftover breads it was stored inside the bakery room where I happed to be assigned to without covering. Meaning: A bread rack containing 1 or however many sheet pans would be pushed up against a wall with the main door locked until the next meal. Per AFS Supervisors Boyd and Obasi. This is where the mice and mold come into play, but Seer and I would refridgerate it or trash it. Unofficially, of course... AFS exploits free labor out of prisoners. Point. Blank. Period... They are more concerned with the employment of their staff, than the health and safety of the ones who eat their product. Hayes still imports its milk and canned goods from Roger's State Prison, in Reidsville, Ga. to lighten the payload to AFS. These milks are spoiled almost everyday and at times there is no milk at all. There's never any coffee served. The homosexual African gives these to the ones who indulge in his game of hide and seek. Seer and I NEVER received any of that bonus. He claims to be a man of the cloth. Says he's a visionary. A seer. A man of infinite wisdom. But, when I sought spiritual guidance and showed to him that I had a righteous spirit like Ezekiel and Daniel; he shunned me. He called me a theif, though he had never caught me in the act of stealing. He told me to; ''be careful. I'm watching you." I would have my count as projected and when we came up short, he'd say I stole the food. I mean; what could I do with 125 pieces of cornbread? How the hell could I transport that across the compound un-noticed?? Geez! At the time when a lot of infractions were occurring, we didn't know where to address our issues through the numerous of organizations that aid in our struggle against exploitation, oppression, injustice, extortion, and prison slavery. I talked this over with my main Brother of the struggle several times, but I was relocated and before we could work up an adequate avenue to expose this madness. Also, because of other projects that we were involved with, my comrade is currently in SMU at Hayes and I'm here were the atmosphere is more lax. Thanks to Mr. Ratcliff's Feb. 2017 issue of BoyView, our prayer's were answered. So, here I am wholeheartedly seeking some attention to AFS @ Hayes State Prison in Trion, Ga. To shed light on the "free labor" being manipulated through AFS and Ga. DOC and also bring some more fulfilling, healthy and nutritious foods to the prisoners' housed in that facility. If there is anyone out there to feel these brothers' pain, whose voices are being concealed through intimidation and retaliation... Please help me, help them... because I've been there and suffered their degradation and mistreatment in more ways than one. To ALL of my souljas throughout the DOC's of AmeriKKKa, in my Boosie Badazz voice; "I'm With Ya."... Peace, Respect, and Encouragement to the struggle for now and all times... In Love & Service, King Coe The Great!!

Author: King Coe tha Great

Author Location: Georgia

Date: March 21, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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