Are you in charge?

Kuhn-Brown, Erin



Are You in Charge? By Erin Kuhn-Brown I almost wrote a kite of concern this morning to our AWD Oliver, and quickly had to remind myself how absolutely pointless that would be. I have found in the course of serving almost 20 years that if a topic matter is of concern, and brought to staffs attention, the focus is not on addressing the matter brought to staff, rather staffs concern is to tell as many of their peers, who pointed it out. (See attached letter - to be included in essay) Warden Oliver (AWD-FMWCC) Since you are over operations at this facility you need to be aware of the following. Your staff are pathetic! At breakfast a verbal situation between 3 inmates was allowed to escalate in culinary -one- and carry out into the hallway, and it was other inmates that had to direct your staff to step in and address the situation. Your staff were laughing & joking around up to that point. As the situation look as if it might turn physical, I stepped out of line to avoid being struck, and 5 c/o Douglas was more concerned and corrected me, and told me to get back in line. (In case they swing and I was not there to be hit - thats what I felt like he was saying. Its hard to know who to respect or look to for direction. Maybe I'll look to the inmates who directed the c/o's to step in. -two-

Author: Kuhn-Brown, Erin

Author Location: Nevada

Date: December 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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