Argument for “Death stations: Addendum to Run! Revelations 13:15-17”

Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.



Send your science Dept. a copy "You may publish this too. This is for your geo-physicist and astro-physicist nay-sayers and science department. Make sure they read it. Invite them to contact me. "For real." I'm recruiting!! Felton J. Matthews Jr. P.O. Box 1989-3A42-ESP Ely, NV. 89301 Date: 8-23-2020 198 College Hill Rd NY, NY. 13323-4218 "Re: Death Stations Addendum" Is it going up? Dear Editors or Individuals responding. Did the Addendum scare you guys, or did you even get it? If you have not gotten it, don’t trip. I got my research notes. Argument for "Death Stations: Addendum to Run: Revelations 13:15-17 The meteorite that impacted the Earth triggering the Ice Age and dinosaur extinction could have very well did two things: 1.) Put the serpent on its belly (retro-evolution) as alleged in Genesis and 2.) Froze the planet and cooled off the caulderas defacto “freezing” them. This could have condensed water, separated sulfur, and created silicates (soil). Enoch 66:1-15 did state the alleged “Lake of Fire" was frozen. Freezing a cauldera is not like freezing simple water. That would place Enoch just after the planet started to thaw out allowing for mammalian life and man to start repopulating the Earth. But, there had to be one “rescue mission” prior to Pg 1 of 3 *(Remember, the myth about man discovering fire? I think we got a little help from Yaweh or the Annunaki after this event. Wink! Wink!) the Impact.* If not, a “cubby hole” for Homo Erectus or Homo Archivelius where we had to scavenge eating dead dino meat and bundle the hell up! Not barring hybridization. Sediment and ice cooled the "Lake of Fire” and now that we have global warming and other issues, the Earth is heating up for a third Armageddon event: Extinction by Fire. The Earth is not just heating up. So-are-we (Nuclear War) . The Middle East warmed up the fastest making the landing of the Annunaki (Nephilim and Noephilim) idea for the Sinai Peninsula where we were “stepped on" and "lied to." (I rest my case) Vegetation, fruits, and vegetables could have been planeted there by our E.T. friends (really cousins) hence the “real” Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden had two purposes: 1). Food and 2). CO2 scrubbers so our invaders could breath and walk freely on the land and or Mountain. (Note! To bring life back on Mars "legally” we have to do the same thing but with a series of ice comets / planetoids to start a new carbon and hydrogen cycle. Duh.) This is a Cold War invasion of a dying / extinct E.T. species probably from Mars. Closing Arguments I am starting a grass roots movement “if” I get released. It will be called: "The Magi Rebellion". For millenias, learned men have given science and enlightenment to the kings and dictators of the Pg 2 of 3 world only to consolidate and gather power, (theirs!), terrorize the people into submission and slavery, and, of course, “Kill each other in war.” Look at the weaponization of Covid-19 or bat spit"! (I rest my case). They will not find the vector/emitter.) “Fuck” all the Trumps, Putins, Jong Il's, and all the Monarchy (secular or religious) of the world! I discovered something, while sitting in prison. I dare not give them nor can they take! These men of the New World Order will die in their respective “Lakes of Fire." There is at least one on every major continent and volcanic island chain. (Oh, Yaweh is practical and extremely efficient. There will be no escape, at least for “them”.) 1). Theorhetical proto-type in 5-10 years of my release. More than likely "5" *2). I am recruiting other “Magi '' for the rebellion. We will give the governments Armies, Soyuz, NASA “Not-a-gotdamned-thing” Fuck Area 51. I'm about to kick their doors in and I won't even set foot on the property! They will not turn science into war, witchcraft, and oppression “no more”. 3). They “will not” board the ship, especially with money, weapons, and false religions, and crazy ass laws! So help me Yaweh. *I have also solved the Mithraic Mysteries and the philosopher's stone blasphemes It's not what you think -- at all. I'm 250-500 years ahead of them! P.S. Einstein will have his revenge. So will Tesla! Felton L. Matthews Jr. Author-Father of the Magi Rebellion Pg. 3 of 3

Author: Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.

Author Location: Nevada

Date: August 23, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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