Arkansas criminal justice system: The criminal factory

Brownell, Charles A.



Arkansas Criminal Justice System: The Criminal Factory RD1 P1 There are lots of forms of organized crime all over the United States. It comes in the form of gangs, mafia, groups and actual organizations. None are bigger than corrupt government. In the state of Arkansas, the “Criminal Justice System”, the Arkansas Division or Department of Correction (ADC), the Governor’s office, the police, the entire system is corrupt and the ADC is the heart of the largest Arkansas Crime Syndicate known to man kind. It’s so bad that Arkansas needs to change it’s slogan from “the Natural State” to the “The Slavery and Prison State.” The state government is no stranger to: embezzlement, rape, sex trafficking, pedophilia, human trafficking, drug and alcohol use, drug trafficking, money laundering, white slavery, lies, falsify documents, fraud, HIPAA violations, slander, perjury, defamation, discrimination, sexual harassment, gang affiliation, mafia affiliation, burglary, invasion, breaking and entering, sodomy, assassination, abuse, torture, terrorizing, terroristic threatening, conspiracy, acts of terror, assault, battery, mugging, bio-terrorism, chemical-terrorism, use of explosives, excessive force, prostitution, malpractice, bribery, adultery, evidence tampering, threatening witnesses, obstruction of justice, and especially murder. Every major and minor crime you can think of, they commit and ADC is the worst of the entire system. ADC regularly displays deliberate indifference. One only needs research lawsuits. All lawsuits filed against the Arkansas Board of Correction, The Arkansas Department of Correction, Correct Care Solutions, WellPath, Wendy Kelly, Marshal Dale Reed, Dale Reed, Warden, any officer that has been in ADC or any Director ever of ADFC. One could view what Johnny Depp, Paul Harvey, and many others have said about ADC. And the state supports and encourages this activity, just look at all the cases against state officials and offices! P2 As per the line spoken by fictional character Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter series, “If there’s something wrong with the bitch, there’ll be something wrong with the pups!” The “bitch” or state governing body is corrupt as is its money heart ADC and the Judicial system thus all under it are corrupt and encouraged to do evil as well. The Criminal Justice System which consists of police, the courts, and the jail/prison systems are supposed to be about catching real criminals and reforming/rehabilitating them to be productive members of society. By the corruption of this system and the industrialization of it, now today, technically everyone is a “criminal” the system just hasn’t gotten to you yet as now nearly everything is illegal. Funny how all studies prove all crimes have actually went down or not really increased or changed yet incarceration has exploded in growth... How does this make any sence? A corrupt Criminal Justice System. Here’s a real kicker... Why is there a prominently large amount of Black males and females in prison compared to anyone else? Why has this explosion in prison population happened? Unnecessary laws, corrupt Judicial Systems, corrupt jails/police departments, and a corrupt prison system that makes millions if not billions per year in profits for the State and pays them all. Money to put it short! The criminal justice system or (CJS) no longer, oop... it never rehabilitated and reformed because there is no such thing as a crime or criminal as right or wrong, good or bad are all opinion and society or social expectations of how a person’s supposed to act and be which is again “opinion.” Law was supposed to protect liberty and life. Today the law dictates life to use human nature against people to rob them of their liberty in the Criminal Justice System so the State can make extra money off the slavery, rape, abuse, torture, murder, and everything against Arkansas Criminal Justice System: The Criminal Factory! RD1 P3 the people. The CJS is all about retaliation and revenge not rehabilitation and reform. The CJS distributes retaliation and revenge or “punishment” not by only loss of liberty or segregation from society which are all law actually allow but by placing people in slavery death camps called prisons in ADC. Here the people are dehumanized and turned into only numbers and called “inmates” not people. Then all inmates are forced into jobs that make money for ADC. All “programs” are “jobs” per ADC and if one doesn’t go to work they're punished by losing class, good time, parole eligibility, commissary, contact with family and friends. In isolation there is no heat or air so the inmates are tortured with extreme heat or cold depending upon season and infestations of spiders, mosquitos, mice, and bugs. Cut off even from the News or outside entirely. Further torture of behavior control/treatment can be used to force the inmate to sleep naked on the dirty floor denied clothes, bedding, and basic necessities such as soap or toilet paper for hygiene for many days straight. Beatings and rape are not uncommon back here either! Inmates are forced to do GED programs, Vo-tech, drug programs, all kinds of programs that ADC is paid for each inmate taking. Inmates can be forced to work the plantation fields, mow, facility maintenance/repair, building/construction of facilities, crops tending, farming, extreme manual labor in extreme conditions, kitch duties cooking cleaning, etc, facility sanitization, laundry, everything so ADC doesn’t have to hire/pay staff! Even forced to work in production factories. In all of this ADC makes hundreds of millions while ADC is paid millions for housing inmates out of taxpayer’s money. This is illegal double dipping! In all of this ADC severely mentally damages all people P4 they house as inmates for longer than a few months as they create very hurt and damaged people with authority issues because inmates are also forced to deal drugs, perform sex acts and all kinds of illegal activities for ADC/Government staff and makes individuals hundreds of thousands to millions per year as well. The Arkansas CJS only damages and destroys people creating criminals out of generally good people. It’s no wonder these former inmates want to kill everyone involved in their incarceration. Anyone forced in their position will become the same way!

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: October 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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