Articles of propaganda

Belcher, Isaiah T.



Articles of Propaganda These are the articles of propaganda if we cock hammers they blam us lock Gods inside slammers block knowledge then damn us rather choose fear than understand us see, I don't understand this I see so many highly intelligent beings poisoned by the words they choosin politics just noise to cause confusion they say we should think outside the box but inside this box I'm thinkin more they systematically seekin to capture and rattle me not knowin they increasin the chances of another casualty an I ain't talkin bout casually killin mines I'm casually talkin bout killin minds an destroyin the articles of propaganda fuck being confined to a box in the slammer just cause they don't want to stop and understand a young black man from a place on top of your map where nine outta ten got hammers my city cold so I keep heat so the streets don't slam us See, I keep Marcus Garvey in my soul cause there's much we hardly know and much more we can't control like, they killin dreams on the compound tellin us calm down don't make me drop a bomb down lay face first on the ground don't make me grab arms and beare down These are the articles of propaganda where is my life without liberty in my pursuit of happiness they limit me block my peace of mind deliberately take these morals and these values and deliver these but these are the poisons infringin on my liberties every leader I was given they been killin these they seek to silence us steada settin colloquial precedence See, they will never tear my soul asunder or blind me with the lies that make some wonder sometimes when I'm down and this weather I feel under I look up at the these stars and wonder why my medulla amygdala so similar to my father how I grew up way over here but ended up way over yonder I sojourn for the truth thank Alex Haley for The Roots Huey P new bout the proof for Kings Dream I'm a shoot cause X marked the spot that by any means necessary I'm a plot for till I'm not blocked by a locked door an even then I'm still goin plot more cause I done seen a lot but missed a lot more I got a lot of homies now who a thought though 'member we were kids plottin on the top floor now I'm standin on the grass lookin at they plot though thinkin bout my future this shit gotta stop though seen too many televised lies truth despise a liar humbled by what I see in my sons eyes either I'm Hells Angel or Heavens Demon baptized in eternal fire Since his heart beats first beep I been tryin to raise a man though fuck stickin to they plan though kickin door commando choppa Talibando tryin to get them bandz though I'm a set the record straight show him what they'll never take mind strong Gorilla tape been a long road still feel the hate though grew up off the land with a full plate though had to take a breather tell'em wait break slow had to take a breather tell him wait break slow Here is a copy of one I wrote 2 years ago when I first got to this prison. Keep this copy I have plenty and the original. Isaiah T. Belcher

Author: Belcher, Isaiah T.

Author Location: Florida

Date: 2019

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 3 pages

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